What is Ritual?

A Word Gift from the Committee of Mystery

Earth Conclave

October 31, 2008

Closing eyes,

Breathing deep,

Discarding distractions,

We ground and open.


Drop disbelief,

Charge the air,

Pay attention.

We feel connected to all participants,

The seen and unseen.


Mysterious Ones,


Grandmother ...

Hear My Soul!

Senses are heightened,

Not worried,

Not selfish.

Light to the dark,

Dark to the light,

Heartbeats throb together in harmony,





Energy peaks,

We smile,

We bless,

We protect

We create joy.

Notice the stillness, 

Take a deep breath.

We all seem as one.

Seal the work!

Appreciating the seen and unseen,

We bless each other,

We ground,

We strengthen our community

And carry it back to the World.

Let these words of power bless the food,

The Earth Conclave and the whole of the multiverse.

They sang to us in the golden Autumn sunshine.