Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

Walking In Beauty


May Abundance and Joy

Flow Through Our Lives

Like a Wild Untamed River.


w b g N o N g b w

    I am, among other things, an artist, gardener and Heathen Witch. I have been consciously involved with the Mysteries and the Spirit Peoples for over thirty five years. My roots spring from the balance between the wild and the domestic, art, gardening, Queer Spirit, Hedge Witchery, runes, hiking, deep dreaming, spirit visioning, cooking, clan-hold magics and the exploration of the sacred realms of sex and pleasure. I am committed to the growing and nurturance of the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. I suspect that it is high time that we choose to take on the continual acts of shaping-with (co-creation) needed to manifest these sustainable ways of life. I know in my bones and blood, that we all have the power to bring these emerging cultures into our daily lives. I also know that we are all shapers-with (co-creators) of the Multiverse. I am no longer willing to wait for some nebulous future revolution or revelation to begin to live a life fully awake, aware and rooted in the Earth, embracing pleasure, love and wonder.

    I begin each day with this prayer;

“I dare to dwell in beauty, balance and delight.

I dare to see with clear eyes and an open heart.”

    I then make my bed as a devotional act to life, recognizing that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

    It brings me great pleasure to encourage folks to dare to embrace their own authentic-selves, remembering that they are their own authorities and that no matter what situation we may find ourselves in, we can always choose to experience the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. I suspect that when a community of authentic selves come together with clear intent and purpose, that that community then truly enters the Realms of All Possibility and their dreams become flesh and bone, earth and stone, fully manifested in Midgard. I also suspect that that community will actively begin to free itself from the toxic addiction we call rugged individualism, claiming our heritage rooted in healthy family, clan and tribe.

    I have taught sustainable witchy ways which strengthen and stimulate the Emerging Cultures for over thirty years, rooted in a living blend of Queer Spirit, Witchcraft, Heathenry, and other primal magics. I have taught in my local communities, at Earth Conclave gatherings, Reclaiming Witch Camps, and Radical Faerie, Queer Spirit, Pagan and men’s gatherings throughout North America and Great Britain. My hearth-clan is the is centered and grounded in each other, human and otherwise. I am an initiate of the Reclaiming Witch Tradition, the Queer Mysteries, the Cult of the Bear and other visionary/hedge-rider paths. I am a vitki and an ergi seidmadr who practices the ever evolving forms of contemporary seidr and galdr work. I have been studying and working with the Ancestors intensively for over twenty years. I also practice such standard Witch priestess work as officiating at marriages, funerals, baptisms, wiccanings and house blessings. I have been declared an elder by many of my Witch and Queer Spirit communities and am continually learning about and exploring what this joyful obligation entails.   

    I am a mystic that is in continual conversation with the Mysteries; listening, analyzing and recording the information and discussions I am privy to. I practice the ways of the Pagan Prophet and Seer. Another way of saying that, is that I not only pass on what the Mysterious Ones have been talking about and the visions that They present to me. I also name possible and/or probable results/outcomes/likelihoods based upon the information coming from the Mysteries, leaving the final choices/interpretations of all materials up to the human folks I am working with.

    Some of the Mysterious Ones that are part of my day to day life are Grandmother Bear, Ing, Hera, The Red Dragon, Freya, Bridget, Inanna, Idunna, Kwan Yin and the Three Queer Brothers: Purple God, Green God, Golden God and Singing Bear. One of my current understandings around the Mysterious Ones, is that some of Them are members of my hearth-hold/family and hearth-clan. Others are dear friends, feres and allies, others are mentors from other clans and/or tribes who come to teach me special lessons. My relationships with the Mysterious Ones become richer and more complicated the older I get, not unlike my relationships with the human beings whom I regularly interact with here on our Good Green Earth. I am coming to understand this as yet one more expression of

‘As above, so below.

As below, so above’.

    I must say though, after all of these years of spirit work, I only know that these two things are essential to an integrated sustainable life here in Midgard, or I suspect, anywhere else;

Change is the only constant in the multiverse.

Love and compassion are central to everything.

    I have lived my whole life in my beloved Prairies. My husband Mark, and our current home and gardens (it names itself Hector) is in Paganistan (the Twin Cities), Minnesota, North America, nestled in the arms of the Upper Mississippi Valley.

May we all dare to dwell in Beauty, Balance and Delight.

Bless the Bees.

Bless the Bears.

Bless the Cherry Trees.


    By the way folks, you are welcomed to use my content as long as you remember to credit me for the work.

    Thank you.

w b N O N b w