I desire to love deeply in a way I've never loved before.

And in the spring, the clouds darken. The times of old emerge

out of deep waters. The fires burn up out of long forgotten basins. The people stand dumfounded. All was washed again. 

If you refuse to cup your hand how can you drink from the well of wisdom?   

No vision is engraved in hard stone ...  no prophecy of what will be.

The way has the soft focus of a child.  In the mirror of man I have  the hard lines.  I cannot see my eyes in the mirror, but I find my soul in the water.

My worst destruction of the world tree is my own disrespect to myself, even though I strive not to.

I have no answer.  May a new way be found.

I see where need meets laziness and I don't like how that makes me look.  The World Tree doesn't take it personally.  I don't get that.  It has more grace and understanding than I can comprehend.

Responsibility = response.

Conscious Choices.

If you choose to be frozen in the wells of Hell ... it’s no one else's business ... those days are over.  You choose .  It is no one’s responsibility but your own, if you choose to live or die or recreate.

The wisdom that love is all there is, is spreading like a virus across the planet.  Soon we will all be made of infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence and infinite manifestation.  The 100th monkey has arrived and he is WISE.

The darkness of the well is a savage fire beast who warms the world, destroys the earth, alters the course of life and leaves a barren world.

I weep for the earth and tend to be paralyzed by my grief.  I do what I can knowing that it's not always enough.  But that will not stop me from continuing to feed the world tree and even weep for the world.

Get to WORK!  Do your work.  Be happy doing your work.  Be quiet, love yourself, it will be.

The ... Ice and Fire patterns dancing in balance, fire to ice, ice to fire to fire to fire ... too much fire balance. semen ...

Who will show me the way out.  I gnawed at the roots all my life ...know no other way.  Who will show me the way?

There's some good things in life, to life, fine things to life.  I'm not saying you have to go all P work E unless you sweat for it, you enjoy it cause if you got gifts you can't just sit on em, wont do no good.  Your alright heart’s in right place, get up and stand up.

Do you accept your place as a co-created or not   What does it mean?  It's not just the word, it's the ... and pleasure.  What are the privileges?  No more than the rest have had. Do you embrace this or not?

I own the piece of me that is destroyer.  I do not accept excuses.  I would rather bleed on the open edges of grief than to accept the lie.  I always have a choice.  Choice opens possibility to change.

I allow myself to release the pain of my father's death tho not feeling sad sometimes makes me feel guilty.

We buy the comfortable lies  We know we have choice but ignore it every day  No need to chew the roots of the World Tree   We do not need to destroy our bodies and souls when we look deep within self.  We see choices world is hiding from us.

Understand the costs of what you choose and then follow your heart.

I saw myself as the snakes, as a destroyer, not a creator.

I saw myself not nibbling, but taking big, big gulps.

I saw myself as a user.

I saw myself as one who consumes, one who eats.

I saw myself as a destroyer.

The well has been saying to me:  They say the inside of a tree is dead, but that's not true.  That's where the life is.  That's where the animals (?) live.  The people live, and each new layer of people becomes it's now bark.  We are the heart of the tree.

Find the place in the middle   Don't forget hell, don't forget growth.  Strength is in the middle.

There are always options.  That is not the way I feel.  I am strong.  I can make decisions.  You can't tell me that

I saw 3 fires in a triangle ... bonfires ... one goes up ... 3 dolphins leaping above the Atlantic Ocean ... one gets separated, it's navigational system destroyed by military radar testing.  I saw a baby burst into light against a black sky.

It's all in the priorities, it's all in the choices.  What is placed higher is valued than what ...  Mind what you value.  Pay attention to every choice.  Try harder

We are ashamed to eat the red Fruits of the tree.  Every root is bitter and tastes the same so we will not stop.

I saw myself in a tree ... it was in my dream last night.  At the top of the well at the top of the tree.  I find myself procrastinating; go to the bottom.

All healing begins in patience and love.

When I saw my image reflected in Hel, the voice echoing in my head wanted to reassure me "I'm doing all I can".  The illusion of that lie fell away.  I kill children every day by the choices I make.  I stone families and burn out their homes by making ignorant choices.  Every time I drive my car. I support war.  I'm not so different from


I need to just look into the depths of my eyes to see the stars in the wells.

Get another coat rack.

We will never see ourselves whilst we live our lives out of fear.

More for me and less for them, but less is more

I have an ugly face and I don't know how to be comfortable with that.  The Well of Wisdom is linked to the Well of Hel.

I always see pictures ... It's like a dark door.  An opening I can’t see into ... There's a slice of light in front of a bar of darkness and then a bright brilliant golden light to the left.  I can't tell if the light is coming out of the darkness or if it's going into the darkness.  But, it has to do with choice.  I see hope in the future with my son.  I can teach him the mistakes I made ... how he can make right what I did ...

There can be light coming through from my heart, from my voice, from my head. There can be such joy radiating outward from my entire being.  It is there I should make the choice. And it would seem that the choice would be easy but it still takes courage.

Primeval forests, search for food, honey, meat, fruit, family, protection ... green fast waterfalls, white skys. Peace.

Why are there always 2 sides?  Is it OK to ignore what is counter to your dreams if it causes you doubt and keeps you from you goal?  I sometimes want to say "Oh, please shut up!"

How can you come to wisdom without first seeing the pain?  Such wisdom will not amount to much.

I have been weak and remain ignorant for convenience.  I want to walk strong and tall.  Able to look at my reflection without flinching and I want to open my awareness.  My head, my heart, hands head heart feet can walk in harmony.  I ask for my mind to open and I want to stand courageously in this world.

I have looked into the wells for each of these voices is mine.

I have the ability and the willingness to change.

You must move your own shadow to see deeper.

I saw a window in the well of wisdom ... life ... my own strength to build them.

Climbing a crystal mountain, bright shining crystal.  Prisms of rainbow slights reflecting every where.  Climbing the sharp edges of the crystal mountain.  Leaving drops of blood-red blood.  Deep dark red blood drop as a trail up the mountain.  At the top, a crystal light of ecstasy

Well of Wisdom ... I've seen light, shining light, that does not extinguish!  It burns no matter what.  It's a light of hope, a light of love.  A promise that won't go out.

The Norns said "Love the self you have been.  Love the self that you are.  And love the self you will become.”

Your eyes look dark, tired, but are deeply connected to this well. 

They have the same depth as when you 1st saw the well.  The pool is teaming with life that you never saw before.  Take responsibility now that you know that your eyes hold the Well of Wisdom.

(I saw myself in the Well of Destruction.  I was comfortable there.  It was familiar.  It was normal.  I don't really believe it can be any other way.)

Sigh.  The wisdom grows like crystal, like the ice does.  Reaching up, out, into the cold.

I look in the mirror, but is the face I see me? Or only what I've been told?  I want to say I'm not a creator or a destroyer, but that's sneaking out.  Every action can create or destroy whether I choose or not.  So I guess I better choose.

In the between I feel as if my choices make a difference.

Wisdom is simply a reversal of inertia.

I see a nation whose springs are still sacred.  I see the forests in an unbroken expanse.  Running from pole to pole.  I see a people who trust the power of fire.  A world where our children breath and sing in praise and love.  I see possibility!  I saw a woman who is leaving fear behind.  I have power that I have been afraid to use and acknowledge.  But I saw a powerful woman in the well who can manifest in midgard, who can grow and create, a woman who can change and claim her power.

I saw an office. A corp. office ordinary in all ways except the polices, the tools the processes were formed by magic, by a desire to meet the best interests of all impacted.

I do not need the fear

I do not want the fear

I can let for of the fear

I will let go of the fear

=There is no fear

I saw myself as my TRUE self, a healer, the caretaker of not only my self ... but of the MOTHER OF THE EARTH.  All I need to do is walk in her Love.  If I do walk, then anything is POSSIBLE.

The earth is melting.  We sit on the edges and that's what will go first.

I see what I can teach my son.  I see that I can pass on the wisdom of my mistakes and that there still might be hope.

We are dealt the hands that we are dealt, but what game do we play?

Can we play games where my wealth does not diminish if it becomes your wealth?

Resources we need for life ...

Power games used to privilege same ...


I saw the horns on the wild one ... The world as it was.  And as it will be again.  Wild!

In the Well of Wisdom I saw myself as one of many humans, disconnected from knowing my impact and our impact.  How we fit, what our lives are about.  Then I saw me doing astrology as my way to tell a story about who I am, who I can be, and I saw my job as being one bringing that possibility to others.  On of the great pains that I

feel is that disconnection.

Water needs to be remembered as sacred, it connects us and it runs through us.  ... We need to remember not to wash our hands of each other.  We are responsible for each other.  We need to remember that tears are sacred. That they are water running through our bodies to connect.  See the lessons of  the water, lakes, oceans.

In the well I saw that my dream is NOT an impossibility.  I can change the world with love.  I can do it with each person I meet.  I can do it with each person I touch and massage. I can do it with each piece of work I create with love.  And also knowing that I am not doing this work alone.

I have a stronger desire to live at peace with Mother Earth than to live easily.

Everything ends.  Without endings we cannot make compost or change. 

Everything ends and everything begins anew from those endings.

I do not need this fear.  I do not need to destroy myself from the inside.  I do not need this fear.

I am disappointed by those who believe the opposite of what they see.

I have seen a great war unlike any other.  Not to be fought with spears or arrows or knives or guns but to be fought with hearts and minds of our very beings.  There are 6 billion battles but first I must fight my own.

I only have so many hours(?) to sow.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

I chew the roots of the world tree by making unhealthy decisions for myself because I am the world tree.

Everything I do makes the planet worse for my son.  And it makes me hope he does not make kids of his own.

First one must buy their premises in order for these thoughts to work.

A seed of despair is a powerful motivator.  Using a seed of joy takes more skill.

Light refracts through everything.  We are all prisms.  The quality of light changes by mood, intent, love and hate.  Only by recognizing all parts of us can we refract true pure light.

I am willing to take responsibility for my distractions and creations.  My choices are conscious.  I joyfully live my life.  I have some dark choices ahead.

It's not either-or, it's if-and.  The waters aren't separate.  They're part of the waters of the world.  I am not so different and I have a choice.  And some of those choices are hard, and  some of them I will make well, and others not.  And I accept responsibility for both my good choices and my bad choices.  I will not be paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice.  I will continue to love the Earth as best I can.

The Nornir working at the base of Yggdrasil