Two Honey Dreams

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2006

A Hospital Visitation

February 9, 2006

    While waiting to fully come back to Midgard after my gallbladder operation, Bridget came to me as The Bridgit of the Bees. She appeared to me beside my hospital bed as bee keeper dressed in a pale ivory long cotton dress, wide brimmed ivory hat and floor length white veil. The dress and veil were covered with hand embroidered golden flowers and honey bees. On her right hand's middle finger shown a beautiful golden ring set with a perfect one carrot garnet sparkling with it's own internal fire. Bridget hummed to me for what seemed hours and then went back to tend the winter's sleeping bees. (It is still very much winter here in Minnesota, don't ya know.)

The Sweetness of Life

February 10, 2006

    Bridget of the Bees returned to me during this afternoon’s nap. She again hummed softly into my ear sweet healing songs. Then Bridget whispered, ‘Ask them to bring sunflowers that they have raised as beloved children.’ Suddenly the air in my bedroom filled with honey bees who proceeded to kiss all of my fears away.

    I then noticed that there was a large clear crystal bowl of beads laying on my night table. On a slip of white paper at the bowl’s base was written in red ink the single word, ‘Vermont’. Next to the bowl was a clear hand blown jar filled with an amazingly golden/red honey.

    I awoke thinking of the honey spell that we did at the November 2005 Reclaiming Witch Camp Council meeting. I suddenly knew that it was time to remind folks that the sweetness of life is always ours.