The Three Queer Brothers


The Moon of Queer Lust and Love

    All three brothers share these sacred titles; Butt Fucker, Cock Sucker, Tit Biter, Deep Kisser. Each of these queer brothers are also deeply committed to the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

The Three Queer Brothers:

Queer God, Fairie God & Faggot God

Queer God

Purple God / He Who Transforms / Uncle Blacky

        Queer God is one of the Original Progenitors, one of the First Primal Beings. Queer God is a great-great-grand-uncle of all queer folk. He sits in the Mysterious Ones’ Sacred Council Circle of Elders. Uncle Blacky is the oldest of the Three Queer Brothers.

        Two of Purple God’s primary jobs are to help maintain balance and beauty throughout the multiverse and to cultivate and nurture Places of Queer Power. Uncle Blacky is also a Protector and a Lover of all queer folk. He is a Keeper of the Mysteries of  Pleasure and Sexual Delight and loves the Realms of the North beyond all reason. He remember many of the oldest of queer magics: the Kiss of Death and Transformation,

        Purple God will come to anyone who open heartedly calls one of His names. He Who Transforms is devoted to queer people in all realms and realities. His very touch transforms whoever He touches. He is one of the great masters of Sexual Healing Touch. Purple God holds all queer folk as sacred and powerful beings. He Who Transforms recognizes that all queer folk are a source of blessing and are essential to the well being of the whole multiverse.

        Queer God often appears in dark colors. Uncle Blacky holds the colors black, purple, indigo, white, blood red and deep pink as particularly sacred and markers of His presence and power. He is quite fond of black leather made from the skin of a wide variety of beings. His stones are black onyx, gray granite, pearls, garnets, jet, purple amethyst and any fossil bearing stone. Blacky delights in silver, platinum, pale gold and steel. Queer God still deeply enjoys driving His old 1978 International Scout, but He is having a damn good time in His new 2008 Thunderbird. Uncle Blacky is devoted to Uncle Ing, but He never turns down a chance to hold a new man in His arms while warming a strange bed.

Queer God holds a special place in His heart for:

The Ever Changing and Growing Multiverse

The Mysteries of Life, Death and Rebirth

Abundance and Plenty for All

A life dedicated to compassion, justice and pleasure

Folks who dare to live their authentic lives openly and joyfully

The Full Moon

The Deep Snows of Winter


Brilliant Minds

Back Country Retreats with dear feres

Queer Bars in the Heart of a thriving city

Saunas, hot tubs, and well designed showers that hold more than three people

Dancing from dusk to dawn

Large beds that can sleep six fully grown men

A feast of the well prepared flesh of the beings whose skins He now wears

Pie, particularly gooseberry, rhubarb and cherry

A deep kiss given by sweet eager lips followed by a long night of hot sex adventures

Well designed and beautiful objects of all kinds

Deeply moving symphonies and operas


Artists and Musicians


Art museums and galleries

Old theaters of all kinds

A good Champaign

Dark beers, ales and meads

A small pipe at the end of long day

Clean flannel sheets on a cold subzero winter night

The Love between Queers

Purple God is a Friend of the following clans:

The Black Tulip Clan

The Clan of the White Pine

Fairie God

Green God/He of the Green LIving Blood

The Clan of the Cherry

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008

The Morel Mushroom Clan

    Fairie God is a Queer Mysterious One of the Botanical Realms. He was one of the first to Dream the Green and to sing the Songs of Photosynthesis.  It is said that the Green God was the first to bring a bisexual blossom into manifestation. He holds all soft, feminine queer boys and all queer third gender folks of whatever age as His own. He of the Green Living Blood is the second born of the Three Queer Brothers.

    One of the Fairie God’s primary jobs is being a Go Between, an Emissary between the Green Bloods of Midgard and all other realms and realities. He is also deeply concerned with the survival of all green species everywhere. Another of the Green God’s beloved jobs is to continually watch over freshly sprouted young third gender folks and queer feminine boys.

    The queer Green God is often confused with His Green Cousins who also go by the name of Green God. He is sometimes not fully recognized for who He is until strange new desires begin to arise in the loins for a person’s own body/gender/sex type. The Fairie God finds this particularly amusing. His gentle laugh can often be heard at many different garden shows, horticultural expositions and forestry conventions. I have heard Him laugh out loud in my old college’s greenhouses when strange erotic tensions began to fill the hot humid air. Keep an ear open for the Green God at any environmental gathering. He will most likely be there.

    Fairie God delights in all vibrant colors: living greens, yellows, blues, reds, etc., everything from fresh pastels to deep rich palettes. The Green God is often seen fully dressed in iridescent fabrics or blue jeans and a work shirt,  but it is not uncommon for Him to show up completely naked. A few of Fairie God’s favorite stones are marble, pearls, amber, coal, diamonds, jade and geodes. Some of His favorite metals are copper, gold and bronze. He rarely rides in vehicles. Green God prefers to either walk, run or fly under his own power. Green God is devoted to His boyfriends: Fee Fee, Ganymede, Purple Wolf, and Uncle Ing.

Fairie God holds a special place in His heart for:


All of the Green Bloods throughout the multiverse

All wild untamed rivers and lands


Nature Preserves, Wilderness Parks, Horticultural Gardens, Arboretums, Greenhouses and Nurseries

Outdoor sexual adventures

Gourmet vegan feasts

Picnics in all weathers with his feres


Pure spring water

Primal music

Dancing around a bonfire to the skillful beats of master drummers

Natural History Museums



Exquisite High Drag

Nude sunbathing

Relentlessly facing injustice with compassionate solutions

Ceaselessly and patiently nurturing positive change

Tricksters and Fools

The Fairie God is a Friend of the following clans:

The Orchid Clan

The Upland Forest Clan

The Lily Clan

The Clan of the Mississippi River

Faggot God

Golden God/God of Red Living Blood/God of the Golden Grain

    Faggot God is the youngest of the three brothers. It is said that The Golden God burst forth as the rays of the Sun gently stroked the thighs of His beloved Gaia. This lovely one was soon earned the names, God of the Red Living Blood and God of the Golden Grain. Faggot god became a famous highly skilled healer and an extremely talented gardener. The Golden God claims all faggots as His lovers. God of the Red Living Blood shamelessly flirts with all handsome men who cross His path. Golden God’s skills of seduction are multiversally famous.

    Faggot God works tirelessly for justice and fair play. He is know for never backing down when naming the truths surrounding the disenfranchised, damaged, shunned or hungry. Golden God is a Holder of the Mysteries that the whole is greater than the sum of its part and that living in abundance and beauty is not based on how much stuff a person has accumulated. Faggot God works part-time at the Multiversal Libraries. He was one of the very first of the Mysterious Ones to become a devotee of the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

    God of Golden Grain deeply enjoys dressing in velvets and silks. He always keep a four buttoned tux on hand just in case. Faggot God obviously loves golden colors. His brilliance often rivals that of the Sun itself. But, Golden God also enjoys wearing rugged well made work clothes. After all, He spends much of His time working in His fields and gardens. It is also not an unusual thing to see Faggot God walking in the sunlight or dancing in moonshine fully naked. Some of Golden God’s favorite stones are amber, pearls, slate, limestone, topaz, ruby, garnet and moonstone. He delights in all polished metals. God of Red Living Blood most often drives his old 1947 Chevy pickup truck. But He also loves to walk and fly on His own. Faggot God is devoted to His lovers; Singing Bear and Dionysus.

Faggot God holds a special place in His heart for:

Ethics built upon justice and fair play

All those who choose to live life fully awake, aware and co-creatively

An orderly home

Pleasure and Beauty of all kinds

Singing to the Sun as it rises and sets

Well tended gardens and fields


Horticultural Gardens, Agricultural Universities, Garden Centers, Farm Supply, Hardware Stores and State Fairs

Bowling and wrestling

Dancing wildly around bonfires with sensual naked men whose eyes are filled with the promise of late night sexual adventures

Cooking and baking

Feeding His feres on the food and drink that He has prepared with His own hands



Stepping into the Unknown

The fine arts of healing

Kisses on the nap of His neck

The Faggot God is a Friend of the following clans:

The Burr Oak Clan

The Fire Clan

The Honey Bee Clan

I honor the Three Queer Brothers;

I honor the Queer God,

    The Purple One of Power.

I honor the Fairie God,

    The Green One of Gladness.

I honor the Faggot God,

    The Golden One Greatness.

The Pie Clan

The Pie Clan

The Pie Clan