The Reports Back:

The Walking Ritual to the Bear Mounds

& The Trance Work in the Main Hall

From the notes of Teri, Jennifer & Donald

The Communal Hearth Earth Conclave

October 1, 2011

The shared intention for both workings:

We go to seek deeper information on growing and nurturing our own Community/Communal Hearths.


I kept hearing in my head the Ancestor song we sang last night:

Listen more often to things than to beings.

Listen more often to things than to beings.

‘Tis the ancestors’ breath when the fire’s voice is heard.

‘Tis the ancestors’ breath in the voice of the waters.

Standing on the conical burial mound, I am filled with gratefulness for the Ancestor Spirits. I hear them in the rustle of the leaves. An Ancestral Voice jokes. “We are all second hand people here!” The Ancestors find this hysterically funny. We are all made up of the atoms that have made up everything that has come before us. We are all made from second hand goods.

Personal signs appeared from my beloveds, Monarch Butterflies ...


I hear the song “Second Hand Rose’ being sung softly.


Grandmother Bear is a bear being. She is not human in any way. She does not speak to me in English or with any other human language. But rather in bear languages of the paw, eye, ear, nose and tongue. This is the best English translation that I can offer at this current moment.

We are living in the Eye of the Storm; the Living, the Dead, the Mysterious Ones.

All life will not survive the next storm front. Storm after Storm is coming. In the midst of each will be an Eye of Calm. The Storms will flow through, wave after wave, until all rivers run free and clean once again.

You know what to do; grow your hearths and gardens. Prepare. Prepare while remaining fully grounded in the now. Do not be swept up into an imaginary future of despair. Make choices and choose to stand firm in the Thunder and Raging Storm, in Hypnotic Breezes and Crystal Blue Air, in Life, Death and Rebirth.

Keep your pantry well stocked. Having enough food for your hearth-hold to last six months would be a very good thing.

Sing while you cook.

Make mad love to the ragging rhythms of the improvisational jazz that permeates the whole of the Multiverse. Live your lives joyfully, sexually, sensually in all public places. Affirm your inherent right to ecstasy wherever you may find yourselves.

Reclaim the Commons!

Always have a pair of sensible beautiful shoes at hand.

Practice walking fully awake, aware and alive in a sacred manner at least once a day.

Do not forget the sweetness of existence.

Eat More Pie!

Build Deeply.

Remember to mark Spirals on the Door Steps of Power.

Grow Deeply.

Be in relationships that feed and nurture not only yourselves, but all of the Good Green Earth.

Remember the Bees! Remember their industriousness. See the honey-comb of community? See the glowing red honey cell that is the Earth Conclave embedded in the middle of the comb?

Remember the Wolves! Remember how they run together.

Remember the Horse! Remember how they face the Storm.

Remember the Dragons! Remember how they sing while flying into the unknown.

Remember the Fruit Trees: Apple, Cherry, Pear and Persimmon. All have gifts for you and your people.

Remember Iduna’s gifts. Remember the healing powers of Apples and Pears.

Remember Fee Fee’s ‘to do list’.

Dare to love the Storms as they sweep the Good Green Earth clean, restoring through pain and death, dissolution and rot, disintegration and flame.

Go Dancing!

Eat Honey!

Stay Healthy!

Dare to fall in love anew with yourself and all of your Beloveds.

Sleep well.

Rest well. Rest Deeply.

Know when enough is enough.

Know when to much is too much. Know when ‘more is more’ brings only rot and rust into your over crowed closets.

(A Greek Chorus composed of many types of voices sings)

Rest and Prepare.

Rest and Prepare.

Rest and Prepare.

Grandmother Bear continues over the chorus:

The Waxing Moon continues to blossom tonight.

This is not the time to back down.

This in not the time to be silent.

It is past time to live in shameless joy!

Rest and Prepare.

Rest and Prepare.

Rest and Prepare.


My dead husband and other beloveds whose ashes are now fully integrated into this sacred site, made themselves very present at the Bear Mounds this visit. Through the lips of my living husband they said, ‘We all love you very much.’ I cried in pain and joy, hope and broken heartedness, relief, exhaustion and revitalization.

A bitter-sweet gift in the Eye of the Storm.


I felt the darkness and I felt lovely things.

I laid with the skin of my belly on the earth.

It is not about harmony. It is about balance. We live in a tense world. Define the Balances, things that pull against each other, the dualities; love and hate, good and bad. Can there be one without the other? But know that there are always other ways, other options. There are always more than two ways. Find the other options.

Live in intention.

Work to find the balances.

Understand the cyclical nature of the dark times.

Our time is short.

I talked with the spiders, who also are feeling the deep pain and joy.


Are there other words for pain other than darkness?


I experienced deep grief.

Grandmother Spider was there as well as the Bears. Death was there. The Ancestors were there. Family Ancestors were there. Ancestors that I did not know were there.

I remembered what happened in my garden.

You need to look after the Earth for it to take care of you.

Exchange information. Study to learn about the soil.

The Communal Hearth is deeply rooted and always spacious. We know when to come together and when to be apart.

It is time to get ready, to teach skills. Especially to the youth. It is time to train my daughter to be ready in an intentional way: to make pie, to build gardens, to grow intentional communities.

It is time to prepare in a structured intentional manner.


Everyone has something to teach.

Cable ... connection cable ... go deeper to understand ...

Diffuse light, ashes everywhere, I couldn’t see through the ash. I turned on a light. I saw connections with other people as they turned on their lights. We could see through the ash. We began to sweep and clean up what turned out to became a large room with a gigantic hearth (the hearth looked like a huge ancient artifact). We realized that the Hearth could be restored to burn with a flame hot enough to forge tools.

Go back.

Make Connections.


Go back to what has been and pull it forward.

The Eye of the Storm has been dormant/hibernating for several centuries at the Bear Mounds. It wanted to awaken. It sounded and felt like rumbling/grumbling.

Places of Magical Energy need conduits for the magic to manifest. We can be those conduits.

Going to the Bear Mounds was like going to the Borderlands to the Earth Conclave Astral Clan-House.


The same Bears from the Astral Clan-House and the Ancestors are nudging us to find that spot, that sweet spot. They are traveling companions (feres?) to us all.

I usually feel lonely on walks outside without my dogs. I didn’t feel that. The Bear that was with me at the Clan-House joined me on my walk to the Bear Mounds. I saw/sensed Spirits all around us. I sensed the Bears walking with us to the Bear Mounds.

Spirit Folks, Earth Spirits and Ancestors, wanted us to eat our food offerings. They wanted to taste things through us, with our lips and tongues. They were so joyous with the sense of taste. They delighted in tasting apples that they have never tasted before (we were offering old and new apple varieties: Lura Red, Elstar and Sweet Tango). We were told that when we share our food with the Spirits and Ancestors, we can taste the food more richly, we can acknowledge the love that is in the food we eat, we can recognize the living food that is now living through us.

Love and light goes into everything we eat.

Share meals with your beloveds.

Eat Together!


Along the way was a tree that was split by lightning three ways. This site spoke to me of the many communities in our lives.

Always find at least three paths.

Create balance in the meals you share with the people you love. Create balance between all of the people who share the table together.


In a hallow tree stump, I found ‘The Cauldron’. It was filled with life and decomposition in one blossoming mess, all feeding one another.

Black Walnuts covered the road, but when I looked up, large segments of the tree were dead and brittle. The tree was dying.

A vision came to me. A deer had been wounded by something. It was being chased down by two groups, a pack of wolves and a pack of humans. Both packs came upon the dying deer at the same time. Neither group would back down. Eventually both group turned away and left the deer to itself. The deer was consumed by a mound of mushrooms.

New ideas coming from children will be implemented by the wisdom and experience of the elders.


New ways of being are fermenting in ‘The Cauldron’ to be shared with one and all.


I saw deer tracks, tracks for a huge buck and many does.


I noticed many mushrooms and fungi. A symbol for the coming Transformation of the Communities? Fungi are Lords of Transformation.

Grandmother Bear said, ‘When I bite your head off, it is for your own good. It goes back on easily.’

The color orange seemed of great significance. Was it because of it’s absence? Or was it because it was soon to cover the landscape?


Your daily practice makes you a flame. Flame sustains the Hearth. The most important thing to remember is the flame of personal practice.

Break free from isolation. This is one of the hardest patterns to break.

The Hearth is not yours, but it is for you.

Come and eat, rest, work. If you feel alone, you are being selfish.

It does not matter if the hearth flame dies out. You are still not alone. You are never alone. Working is okay if fed by fire. If work is just a burden, it is not okay. If your work makes you feel alone it is not good.


I ended up between two snakes. I received information from the Snake People.

(They whispered, ‘Death has another name, it is Abundance.’)

I asked, ‘What do I need to know to build community hearth?’

I see pictures. The Snakes answered.

‘You need to shed your skin twice. You need to go through two changes together. Fear - Truth, shed these skins to be more authentic, more serpentine.

There are two paths, one serpentine, one straight. Sometimes the curvy path is faster that the straight.

Sometimes you have to warm yourself.

Sometimes you hate to stay up late.

Always stay connected to the Earth.

The fastest way to the communal hearth is through water (emotion, great compassion, grief and deep life threatening need)

Once you have a structure/procedure/pattern for hearth, the new ideas can come quickly.

(I see a snake swallowing it’s food whole.)

If you are going to take this on (growing communal hearths), you will have to swallow the whole thing, not bite by bite. Do not do this work in stages.’


Death and Joy are connected.


The external world was hard to let go of while walking. Suddenly I heard a crack in the crown chakra and then all of the vegetation/trees looked more three dimensional and full.

Two holes appear in the underbrush. I heard an invitation to crawl up and look into the holes. Moving the spider webs aside, I looked into each of them, seeing under the surface of the Earth. In one hole, the Bears were piercing the Webs Between the Worlds with their claws. I looked into the other hole and saw chaos everywhere, underlaid with order. The chaotic surface was covered with colors and blossoms, underneath was a universal brown, yet all were interwoven. I was looking at the structures of things.

It came to me that it is a good thing to look from different perspectives than just your own. Don’t look only at the surface.


I saw wunjo (in the shadow of branches on the ground?) - cosmic joy, pleasure, delight


I looked at things from a chipmunks perspective. Store food-stuff. Prepare to hibernate for a time with your clan.


I found a butterfly laying down so still. It was weak. I coaxed it onto a leaf off of the path. I then saw a big caterpillar crossing the path. I protected it as it made it’s way across the path.


I was struck by the abundance of life. Colors everywhere!

I saw a deer going up a hill.


I went to the thunderbirds, but sense it was overgrown with plants, I sat down in front of a tree. My first visitor was a hawk, then a daddy long legs sat on my shoulder. I noticed a spider web connecting the grass to the tree. All so beautiful! Such abundance. We are all connected.


While meditating at the lodge, I asked, ‘What can we do to connect? How do we invite the Spirit Folk into the Communal Hearth?’

They said, ‘Just invite us in. It would be good for you to go outside to be in the wind. Listen to the winds. Tell stories to the winds and that will connect you to the Spirits of the Land. They will hear all that you have to share.


Two years ago I was in pain and deep loneliness. I was disconnected from humans. I had a profound experience on the Mounds today, I felt fulfillment and joy in terms of being more connected. I am now happy with connections in my life.

I wonder if we are in deep pain and grief if deep mystical experiences are now easier to access? The Channel may be easier to cross when we are in grief.

Strong emotion can open up the chakras.


I was sent to my room to rest. I was feeling poorly. When I had laid down and began to drift off, I felt as if someone had touched my face. I heard the warm, silky voice of Death. He said,

‘Live close to the Earth. Cultivate diversity. In diversity lies abundance. It is good to rest.’


The sky filled with open circles (like the open circles in the spirit mapping system symbolizing the Ancestors). Circles we everywhere. We are/were being observed. The Ancestors liked that we were at Wyalusing in Sacred Space.


The Spirit Folks say, ‘Please keep coming back (to Wyalusing). We are happy to have you here. You are welcomed here.’

The Wind asks us to spend more time outside so that it can experience us while we are in our round circles of discussion. The Land asks us to spend more time outside so that it can share with us more directly.


The Mounds overlap with the Earth Conclave Astral Clan-House.


There are more than one ‘Death’. There are many flavors of death, many ways to die.

Anubis says, ‘This Death who calls itself ‘Abundance’ may be a cousin of mine. We have many branches in this family. You hear our voices in the winds, the waters, the flames and in the empty voids. We live in the ashes of your hearths and hearts. We thrive in the depths of your compost heaps. We abide in your every dying cell. We have been with you sense you began and will be with you throughout this never ending glorious adventure you call existence. Our kisses are bitter as well as sweet. Our pain is real, striking deep into the bone beyond bone. We teach you the manners of decay, the courtesies of rot, the practices and protocols of dissolution. We dare to open the gate, escorting your Beloved Dead to your death bed, be that bed covered with the well known cotton sheets of your own beloved home or the sudden excruciating explosion ripping your heart from your flesh spewing it out into the heat of the sun in screaming streams of liquid death.

No Hearth-Hold thrives without our presence and blessing. We too are essential co-creators of the multiverse.

By the way, do you assume that this ‘Death’ is male?’