The Red Dragon


We honor the Red Dragon,

You who cherish all red living blood,

You who run like a healing river

Through our blood,

Through our families,

Through our lives.

A Red Dragon Prayer

Miss Bee


You who dance in our

living red blood,

You who love the mouth

and the food

and the shit

and the asshole,

You who eat and are eaten,

You whose wings sparkle

with ten thousand suns,


Come into me,

Enter my flesh,

Run in my blood,

Work in my hands,

Dance in my soul,

Live in me.

I honor the Red Dragon,

Great Healer,

You who honor the living red blood,

You who delight in thriving life.

All Hail the Red Dragon!

All Hail Our Red Living Blood!

    It is said that the Red Dragon and It’s Siblings were born on the ancient ices of the Far-North under a new born sun. It is not clear to me if that is the Far-North of planet Earth and our sun Sunna, or the Far-North of another realm under an unknown star. The Dragon Family is huge, composed of hundreds if not thousands of individuals who dwell in every realm and reality of the multiverse. They have all been engaged with nurturing life in its many forms throughout the multiverse for eon after eon. The dragons seem to be paying special attention to the Emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

    The Red Dragon’s siblings that I know best are the Black Dragon, the Great Guardian and Protector, the Green Dragon, the Big Hearted One, the White Dragon, the Keeper of All Possibilities, and the Golden Dragon (Odr, Freya’s beloved husband), the Wealthy and Generous One. Each of these dragons have played pivotal roles in my life.

    The Red Dragon first made Herself know to myself and my home community, the Earth Conclave, in the mid 1990s while the Mosquito Spell, a spell to heal AIDS, was taking shape. The Red Dragon came to give us certain portions of the Blood Mysteries that are necessary to the finding of a healing for AIDS. He came to us to let us know that there is a cure for AIDS already here on planet earth, all we had to do was to recognize it.

    The Red Dragon often comes to me with a fierce compassion that not only inspires, but forcefully urges me to take active action, to literally step beyond possibility into a tangible living breathing reality of healing. His love is so intense, that its flames burn through all of my habits of victimhood. In the laser light of Her compassion, I have made a conscious, crystal clear choice to not only stay alive, but to thrive. He has lead me to understand that to live fully was what I now needed to do to finish the work I had taken on eons ago. The Red Dragon has told me that when the tears from our eyes intermingle, streaming together into a loving river of healing, they feed the cauldrons of healing that the Red Dragon tends deep within Its dwelling place.

    The Red Dragon is essential to the cures for all blood disorders. It holds our living red blood sacred. She delights in the pure clean flow of healthy blood. The Red Dragon celebrates all aspects of Life as He swims throughout our vessels and veins. It celebrates the sprouting, the blossoming, the fruiting, and the rotting; the never ending spiral of life.

    A basic tool given to us to share with all who are interested, is the Red Dragon Dinner. This is a feast in celebration of our living red blood. It is a time to sing the praises of our lives, to wonder aloud about the mysteries of existence, to embrace the goodness of Life. There are many  ways in which this dinner works. One is that it brings the cure closer to a usable human reality each time it occurs, for it reminds us that the cure is already on Earth and that Life is sweet indeed. Another way that it works is that it empowers the Red Dragon to do what She needs to do. And for some reason, it also empowers the Ancestors engaged in this work on many different levels.

All Hail the Red Dragon!

All Hail our Red Living Blood!

An Invocation of the Red Dragon

Aurora Joy Kristen, 1997

            Hail Red Dragon, we feast in your name,

            Hail the Mighty who’ve passed from this plane,

            Hail our bodies who carry Her flame,

            All hail the red living blood!

            She who flows freely, yet never will die,

            Her promises wounded, yet ever She flies,

            She who we summon each time we cry:

            All hail the red living blood!

            Blood that is weakened, we honour your strength,

            Life that is shortened we honour your length,

            Courage and healing and power and strength,

            All hail the red living blood!

            Blood of the healthy, sustain us somehow,

            Blood of our passions ... you carry the vow,

            Blood of our bodies, we honour you now:

            All hail our red living blood!

            Hail Red Dragon, we feast in your name,

            Hail Sweet Sister, we bask in your flame,

            Hail the Mighty who’ve passed from this plane,

            All hail our red living blood!

The Red Dragon holds a special place in Its heart for:

    The Living Red Blood

    Healers and all who hold them in high regard

    The tools of healing

    Healing herbs

    Well tended gardens of contemplation

    Saunas and hot springs

    Deep caves and high mountains

    Dancing to drums

    The song of waves in a storm

    Lush ripe perfect fruit

    Honey and honeybees


    Wild fires


    Folks who choose to live life fully

    Folks who joyfully embrace their clannic obligations

    Folks who dare to touch the eternal fires of existence with courage and desire

    Pancakes and sausages

    Hot passionate sex under the noon day sun

The Red Dragon is a Friend of the follow clans:

Clan of the Caduceus

Clan of the Echinacea

The Strawberry Clan

The Poppy Clan

The Rose Clan

Clan of the Human Beings

The Snake Clan

Clan of the Lupin

The Milkweed Clan

The Honeybee Clan

The Pie Clan