The Household Blessing Beads were developed by Larry and Brita as a way to connect all who name themselves part of the Earth Conclave. This format is designed not only to connect us heart to heart, but hearth to hearth. The Household Blessing Beads were envisioned as sacred connectors to be hung on the doorways of our homes to be noticed and blessed as we go about our day to day lives.

    Larry and Brita set up our Household Blessing Beads in the following way. The silver bead connects directly to the line ‘Our dreams bring the Mother Houses into Manifestation.’ in Segment 3, Section 3 of the Earth Conclave Prayer Beads. The next eight beads then declare eight different aspects of our Earth Temple Homes (Mother Houses) that are of central importance to the group.

    This prayer bead style is based on what we are calling DNA magic. That is, each prayer bead set has at least a certain number of similar beads (see prayer above), each holding it’s own prayer line, threaded in the same order. Therefore, each bead set connects directly to all of the others in at least these distinct points of connection. It is good to remember though, that one can add other beads besides the first set of beads, to hold specific prayers/spells/wishes for one’s own home and/or for one’s group. For instance, some Earth Conclave folks have added other prayer beads to the metal ring at the top of their bead sets. I suspect that this is certainly enriching the magic as a whole.

    I encourage you to try this particular type of prayer bead magic with your groups; family, clan, feres, friends, etc. I would love to hear how Household Blessing Beads work for you and yours.

The Household Blessing Beads:

Connecters to the Earth Conclave

Spirit Meeting Place

(One for Each Household)

Larry Savides & Brita Braunshausen

April 16 - 19

In the First Year of President Obama

(Silver Bead)

    We declare this house connected to the network of Earth Temple Homes, creating an affiliation of Depth and Beauty!


    May this house be a safe haven for all who dwell inside!


(Carnelian Disk)

    May this household blend the physical and the spiritual into a seamless whole!

(Blue Turquoise)

    May this household sustain and blend the wild and the domestic!

(Opalite Glass)

    May this house and those who dwell here heal and be healed!

(Green Turquoise)

    Let what we love be what we do!


    This household honors and embraces the power of intention!

(Landscape Jasper)

    We honor our Allies of Spirit and invite them to share our home!


    May this household skillfully decide who we are and who we are not!