The Earth Conclave’s

Past Events

    Here is a list of most of the events that Conclave has put on going all the way back to 1991. So many blessings and adventures have come our way. We have truly grown into one of the Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

A Family Reunion: An Enclave

April 3 - 6, 2014

Just what is an Enclave?

It is a time for us to get together to look at where we, the Earth Conclave, have gone over the years and where we would like to go in the years to come. It is a time for us to look at the changes now occurring in the structure of Earth Conclave. It is a time for us to simply enjoy each others company.


The 2014 Spring Earth Conclave was cancelled.  The Wyalusing group camp was not available because of frozen water pipes.  Also, at the time that we found out about the frozen pipes, there were still not have enough registrations to make the spring gathering viable.

Sojourn Through the Sky:

An Astrological Earth Conclave   

October 24 - 27, 2013

This Conclave’s Intention:

We embrace the Mysteries of the Cosmos,

deepening our relationship to the night sky and our planetary allies.

Dear Family, Friends and Feres,

    We invite you to join us this October 24th through 27th as we gather to explore astrology at the 2013 Autumn Conclave.

    This conclave will offer you the opportunity to discover and/or deepen your personal relationships with the planets, and how you may apply this knowing in your daily practice.  Through movement, trance, story telling, and ritual, we will engage the planetary mysteries, both above and within.

    No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary—although any experience you bring with you is most welcome. Every participant will receive a copy of their natal chart (a symbolic map of the heavens at the time of birth) and there will be time for straightforward interpretation during the weekend. Basic information on Astrology will be made available upon registration if you wish to do some reading in advance.

    Special activities at this conclave will include a walking ritual to the Bear Mounds/or concurrent trance work at the lodge, a Feast for the Planets—come as or in honor of  a planetary mystery, and a ritual exploring the current “front page story” of the heavens—the Pluto/Uranus square.

Please provide your birth information. We will be creating charts for everyone at the Conclave.

    We need: Your name, Date of birth, Place of birth, and Time of birth (It is good to consult a record like a birth certificate if this is your first birth chart.) If you do not know the time of birth,  let us know that. We will work around it.  If you find it before Conclave happens, send the birth time to the registrar. 

    As always, there will be time for making art, conversation, and relaxation. We hope you will join us!

    The Autumn 2013 Planning Committee: Heather, Marie, Michael, Teri, and Donald

The Sacred Arts

The Spring Earth Conclave


April 4 - 7, 2013

This Conclave’s Intention:

We Celebrate The Sacred Arts:

Those everyday and extraordinary actions from which

we Grow our lives of Beauty, Balance and delight.

March 1, 2013

Dear Earth Conclave Folk,

    It is with deep regret that I have to announce the cancellation of the Spring 2013 Earth Conclave. Thus far we have received 5 registrations for the event, which is far short of our break even point. In the past, Conclave has been held with just a few members attending and it took us several years to recover from the financial loss. We are choosing not to put Earth Conclave into such a precarious financial position again.

Mark Reese


Conclave Board Member

The Bears

The Autumn Earth Conclave

October 12 - 15, 2012

This Conclave’s Intention:

We come together to Joyfully honor and celebrate the Bears.

Dear Family, Friends and Feres,

    Please come join us to joyfully honor and celebrate some of the very first Mysterious Ones to declare the folks of Earth Conclave their beloveds. It was Grandmother Bear and her hearth-clan who first called us to the sacred grounds at the Effigy Bear Mounds way back in the early 1990’s. It was she and her folk who called to us not long before we did the Mosquito Spell for a cure for A.I.D.S. in the mid 1990’s, the same ritual in which so many of our allies first came to us: Red Dragon, Oak, Bee and many others. It was Grandmother Bear that gave us the charge “Eat more pie, so that when you die, You will be all that much more the sweeter!” Our beloved Grandmother Bear and her people have been with us every step of the way as we have continued to dance the Dances of Life, Death and Rebirth.

    Molly, Marta, Mark, Jennifer, Saga, Diana Bee and Donald

Come, let us joyfully dance with the Bear!

The Dragon Salon

The Spring Earth Conclave
April 5 - 8, 2012 CE

    The Dragon Folks made themselves very present last Autumnal Earth Conclave. So we are formally inviting them, and you, to a Dragon Salon:  an exploration of Dragon connections, conducted in Art and Conversation in beautiful Southwest Wisconsin.

The Community Hearth

Autumn Earth Conclave

September 29 - October 2, 2011 CE

Our Intention:

    We embrace the Communal Hearth; the magical cauldron that is fed by and feeds each member's flames, the vessel which holds the heart and well being of all thriving families, clans and/or communities.

Healing The Earth, Healing Ourselves:

Let the Healing Waters of Spring Flow Renewing Us All

Spring Earth Conclave

April 7 - 10, 2011

    We will focus on what is healing for us as individuals as well as how we may encourage healing for our communities and the Earth as a whole.

Magick: A Thousand Flavors of Engagement

Autumn Earth Conclave 2010

October 15 - 18, 2010

This Conclave’s Intention:

    Our intention is to explore a thousand flavors of magickal engagement, spicing up and deepening our never ending dance with the multiverse.

The Wild, The Domestic and the Spaces In-Between

Spring Earth Conclave

April 8 - 11, 2010

This Conclave’s Intention:

    Our intention is to explore and to embrace the Wild, the Domestic and the Spaces In-Between, learning to more gracefully and respectfully walk between these worlds, as we celebrate our lives of wonder and fear.

    We would like to cordially invite you to join us this Spring for an Earth Conclave focusing on the Wild, the Domestic and the Spaces In-Between, April 8 - 11, 2010. During this long weekend, using all of our Witchy senses, we will explore our experiences, our understandings and our hopes and fears around these elusive Mysteries.

Celebrating Organization

Autumn Earth Conclave 2009

October 29 - November 1, 2009

This Gathering’s Intention:

    With nature as our inspiration and enlisting time as an ally, we create order to nourish our passions.

Clan: Kith and Kin

Spring Earth Conclave 2009

April 16- 19, 2009

The Gathering’s Intention:

We dare to explore the wonders and obligations, the joys and pains, the delights and disappointments of living in a sustainable clan of thriving kith and kin.


Autumn Earth Conclave 2008

October 30 - November 2, 2008

This Conclaveʼs Intention:

    We come together to explore the powers, arts and wonders of ritual as we celebrate and honor each other; the Living, the Ancestors, the Mysterious Ones and other Spirit Allies.

    You are cordially invited to join us for a long Samhain weekend exploring Between the Worlds, seeking to understand more deeply the arts, powers and wonders of ritual and our places in the multiverse. We will again be visiting the Conclave Committee of Spirit and working with the Earth Conclave Prayer Beads. We will be traveling to the Roadhouse of the Dead to celebrate with our Ancestors and the Mysterious Ones. There will also be an opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to the Bear Mounds seeking the magick that is specifically waiting for us there. We will have two great celebratory feasts; one in honor of our Ancestors and one in honor of the Red, the Green and other Dragons. We will all have opportunities to give and to receive rune and/or tarot readings, to create a set of our own ancestral prayer beads and to prepare offerings/gifts for our Beloved Dead to be placed in a sacred Halloween fire. We will also have an opportunity to synthesize the information that we will gather on our spirit journeys into the Saturday co-created community evening ritual.

Putting the Earth Back into The Earth Conclave

Spring Earth Conclave 2008

Thursday, April 10 - Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Conclave’s Intention:

    I Thank the Earth for Feeding my Body

    I Thank the Sun for Warming my Bones

    I Thank the Trees for the Air I Breath

    I Thank the Water for Nourishing my Soul

Autumn Earth Conclave 2007

Trance, Meditation, Contemplation;

Exploring Ways of Perceiving the Multiverse

Spring Earth Conclave 2007

April 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2007

This gathering’s intention;

    We gather to enrich ourselves and our communities by exploring and practicing trance, meditation and contemplation skills.

    Come join us as we again name ourselves people of power, recognizing that each of us are essential members of this community of power we call Earth Conclave. Let us explore the tools of trance, meditation, and contemplation. How are these tools similar? How are they different? How can they take us deeper into the realms of beauty, balance and delight?  How do we use them to inform and empower our magic?

Rites of Passage

Autumn Earth Conclave 2006

My So-Called Sacred Life

Integrating the Spiritual into the Everyday;

Weaving the Aspects of Our Lives Together.

Spring Earth Conclave

April 21-April 24, 2006, Friday through Monday.

    Together, we will explore bringing our spirituality into all aspects of our lives, focusing on personal practice. Join us as we explore taking comfort in our physical reality; the pleasures of the senses; the gift of living; having a connection to the Earth; and an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us.

Witches co-create Their Worlds:

Mark and Donald’s Handfasting

Autumn Earth Conclave

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

October 28 - 31, 2005

    We will have a one-day event at a local church in the Twin Cities on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday we'll have loosely organized trips to local museums and various other Halloween events. On Monday, Halloween, we'll celebrate the handfasting of Donald L. Engstrom and Mark J. Reese.  Donald has been coming to Earth Conclave events for many years, and Mark just starting attending in the last couple of years, and many of us know one or both of them.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try a different kind of event - one that will help our community interact with a wider one.  We're really excited about this event.

Building Culture

Spring Earth Conclave

Thursday April 21st '05 - Sunday April 24th '05

    We are delighted that you will be joining us for this spring’s Earth Conclave: Building Culture. We are excited about the discussions and projects we will be engaging in together. We fully expect this to be a time that we not only look at who we were, but who we are and what we are choosing to become. Let us dare to embrace the wonders and pleasures of consciously building together a Culture of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

Nurture: Space for Nurture and Sustenance

Autumn Earth Conclave

Thursday Nov 14th - Sunday Nov 17th '04.   

    If you were invited to a beautiful lodge in the lush hills of Wisconsin to bask in the warmth of a stone hearth, to share lovingly prepared meals, and to experience the mysteries of nurture and sustenance with other earth-minded spiritual people, would you consider coming? This Conclave included workshops on sacred food preparation, listening skillfully, teaching massage technique, bread making and baking, how to build a fire, and The Mystery of Stone Soup. We also spent time sharing what nurtures and sustains us, including books that nurtured us (especially as children), our self-nurturing 'rituals', art and poetry, and foods that make us feel nurtured. Saturday night featured a ritual restating our commitment to the health of the Earth.

TRANCE: There and Back Again

Spring Earth Conclave

Thursday April 22nd - Sunday April 25th '04.

    Exploring the depth and variety of many kinds of trance work, including breath and body work, rhythmic work, guided meditation, trance dance, walking trance, trance dreaming, and improvisational ritual trance.


Spring Earth Conclave


    This spring’s Earth Conclave is dedicated to beauty in all it’s many aspects. We will challenge each other to dare to truly embrace the beauty without and within. It will be a time to celebrate these gifts that we suspect are essential to living a life beyond mere survival, allowing us to move joyfully into the mysteries and wonders of being fully alive and aware.

THE ART OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Daring to Create Living Community,

Fall Conclave '03

Oct 30-Nov 2nd, 2003.

    We hope to form for this time a true community, to explore our ideas about community, and to take steps with all the co-creators to build and strengthen our ideal communities. We want to re-evaluate what and who really are all our ‘neighbors, and talk about whether community is much more than only the humans living or  interacting in a place or other space.


Spring Conclave 2002

April 11-14, 2002.

    How do we reclaim Pleasure as a core value? What is the place of Pleasure in our work building new models of earth-based, sustainable cultures?

    This Conclave will include individual at/spirit map projects, movement and body awareness, sacred acts of pleasure such as baking, ritual and arraigning floral prayers, wonderful visual pleasure as we explore the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, and more.

PAGAN PEDAGOGY: How we teach and learn our traditions

Fall Earth Conclave

November 1-4, 2001.

    So how do we teach and learn our spirituality? What can we learn from the science of teaching and learning? What is special/different about paganism? How much can be learned from books? What books? What magazines, card decks, videos, music, web sites are good resources?

Wheel of the Year

Autumn Earth Conclave

Fall 2000 CE

    We gathered to explore the eight High Holidays of the Witches’ year: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Midsommer, Lughnasadh, Mabon.

DEITY: Exploring the Sacred Within and Without

Spring Earth Conclave

April 6-9, 2000.

    We were joined by a host of Deities, and explored aspecting, defining, contacting, and visualizing the mysterious ones.


Fall Earth Conclave

November 4-7, 1999

    In ritual we make things happen. We heal, change, shape and invigorate ourselves and our world. We celebrate, honor and remember the big schemes and dreams of the sacred here and there, now and then. In ritual we transform awareness of our subtle energy and pleasure in cahoots with our vision of connection with our world. We hope this Conclave will extend the conversation about ritual design and practice beyond introductory skills. We will provide an opportunity to go deep into the personal and public aspects of our ritual lives and share in the variety of traditions and practices of participants.

Relationship with Self, Others and Community

Spring Earth Conclave


    You are cordially invited to come and rediscover yourself and others.

Pagan Kith & Kin Summer Conclave

June 24 -28, 1998.

    This multi-generational event celebrated the cultural diversity found in our pagan communities. A camping experience for ourselves and our children to both celebrate the season and pass on our culture and heritage to succeeding generations. We shared our traditions, practices and experiences; from shamanic journeys, playful circles, to Ceremonial practices and beyond. Events for young people, crones, families, men's mysteries and women's circles, all geared to share and build communities and coalitions.

Honoring the Co-Creators of our World: Elements

Spring Earth Conclave

April 9-12, 1998.

    The third and final in our series of honoring the co-creators of our world. The mysteries of rocks, soil, water, fire, lava, gases. Our environment both metaphorical and mundane. The elements represent more than directions and emotional equivalents. Take this time to explore them and honor their place in our traditions, practices, and lives.

Honoring the Co-Creators of our World: Flora

Autumn Earth Conclave

November 6-9, 1997.

    Second in our series honoring the co-creators of our world, this Conclave focused on our green relatives in a relaxed, yet vital, family reunion. We explored how the botanical and the zoological realms support and nurture each other in this paradise we call Planet earth.

Pagan Kith & Kin Summer Conclave

June 25 -29, 1997.

    This multi-generational event celebrated the cultural diversity found in our pagan communities. A camping experience for ourselves and our children to both celebrate the season and pass on our culture and heritage to succeeding generations. We shared our traditions, practices and experiences; from shamanic journeys, playful circles, to Ceremonial practices and beyond. Events for young people, crones, families, men's mysteries and women's circles, all geared to share and build communities and coalitions.

Honoring the Co-Creators of our World: Fauna

Spring Earth Conclave

March 27 -30, 1997.

    First of a series honoring the co-creators of our world, this Conclave focused on "Animals" Wild and untamed creatures, clan animals, personal allies, mythical beasts, household pets, familiars, friends, predators, prey, parasites, symbiotes.... ‘We gathered together to practice and share a broad consideration for the realm of animals and the individuals within it; to enhance conscious awareness of how the actions and presence of animals are part of the foundation of our physical and spiritual experiences and to learn new skills regarding co-creating with our footed, feathered, finned, scaled and segmented friends.’

The Snow Camp:An Exploration of the Powers of Winter

Winter, 1997.

    An Intensive Workshop that sought the mysteries that dwell in the Heart of Winter. Mysteries that had been forgotten...

Paganism as Spirituality /Paganism as Religion

Fall Earth Conclave


    What is the difference, if any, between spirituality and religion. How do we practice, how do we pass tradition on and why is Paganism one of the fastest growing religions in today's world?



    Past Conclave attendees gathered to dream about community and our futures within and beyond the Conclave.

The Body Eclectic: Are We Our Bodies?

Spring Earth Conclave


    Mysteries of our bodies, movement, senses, sensuality and our relationship with the physical spirit world we dwell in. Costume ball of the spirit; doll-making as an act of healing; body image, movement, dance, trance, and voice. Sensuality, sexuality and the sacred. Dwelling in our bodies.

Day Dreams & Night Visions:

Exploring Our Internal Worlds

Fall Earth Conclave


    Can we use a common vision to build a pagan future? In what way are dreams/visions messages. Can dreams support waking growth. Dream Mandalas; drumming and trance-work; ways of altering consciousness; lucid dreaming; prayer in the pagan community; shamanism and dreaming; trance and visions.

Black Earth Rising



    Invitational campout, including fun and healing ceremony, running through sprinklers in the hot sun, etc.

The Power of Words & the Creation of Culture

Spring Earth Conclave


    The writings, words, films, music and stories that have influenced the creations of Earth centered spiritualities. Looking at: A Crone's Council, Voice of the Land, Magic Language, Lyrics of the Land, Magic & Paganism in Fantasy and Science Fiction, True Names.

Sacred Ecology: Community, Commitment, Connection

Fall Earth Conclave


    These three concepts as related to spirituality, our pagan futures and the sacred earth. The many communities we belong to, cultural, personal, and magical. The commitments we make, how they shape us, what we give to them and what they take. The connections we make between our communities to fulfill our commitments. The Earth and our place int it. How do we/can we fit into the sacred dance of life and energy that is an ecology.

The First Enclave

May 20 - 22, 1994

    A special gathering for those who have attended at least one Conclave, and who wish to revisit the topics, expand on them, and possibly create a more lasting product (network, publication, tool, etc.)

Sacred Place: The Spirituality of Land Ethics

Spring Earth Conclave


    Recognizing and creating sacred places, defining a Nature religion, personal experiences of Spirit of Place. Eco-feminism and other activisms; Spirit Maps, Ways of knowing the land, and relating to the Earth

A Fat Women's Retreat

Special Event


    Discussion and support on topics of fat oppression, and liberation. Body issues, laughter, tears, anger, fears, sharing and caring.

The Importance of Magic

Fall Earth Conclave


    What is magick? How magic is/can be incorporated in our lives and spirituality. Path-working, working and playing well in groups, magic(k)al world views. Inhabiting ritual space, weather working, word magic. True tales of the occult/fireside chats. What color is your cauldron (flavors of magic: black, white, red, blue green...)

Myth & Metaphor

Spring Earth Conclave


    A myth is a story. What sets it apart from other stories (legends, parables, tales) is its relationship to our personal and cultural reality. We live by and define reality in light of myths. We interact with them on a deep level.

    At this get together we looked at: telling tales and personal perspectives, world-views and approaches to the ineffable through words and images, healing as metaphor, a Council of All Beings, myth appropriation, myths for the postmodern Pagan, the myth of political correctness, mythic continuity, myth/metaphor in English: vocabulary metaphor.


Fall Earth Conclave


    Celebrations of seasons and changes in the Earth and our lives. Community, partnering, teaching, ritual and change in the world, life passages: birth, death, puberty. Earth rites, initiation, union and separation, and gender-specific rites and mysteries.

Pagan Art & Culture

Spring Earth Conclave


    Expressions of beauty, feeling,and spirit through art to develop culture. Sacred songs; art and ritual; oral tradition. Perpetuating and communicating culture.

    The theme of this Conclave is the Earth and our place in it. How do we/can we fit into the sacred dance of life and energy that is an ecology? Is ecology and the study of the Earth only secular, or is it spiritual, it it sacred? We will explore the meaning and potential of our relationships with each other and the whole Earth. Many of us want to live our lives in such a way as to create a future where we can live in community with all life. We want to bring the best of our art, science and spirituality into play, applying them to solving problems, creating alternatives and transforming ourselves. To do so requires that we act towards community, commitment, and connection.


Fall Earth Conclave


    Leader bashing, the tyranny of structurelessness, responsibility without power are over. How to grow and nourish a leader. Models of leadership, consensus and group process. Leadership in the larger community. Planning large group ritual, roles of leaders, and standards for practices.

Ethics & Theology

Spring Earth Conclave


    Toward the New Millennium. Discussion of views of life and death, medical ethics personal choice, guilt sin and punishment. "Spiritual Colonialism" and exploitation of living traditions. The Wiccan Rede, Environmental ethics, conflict resolution, Patriarchy, and Ritual Etiquette.

Pagan Kith & Kin Summer Conclave



    This was our first event, and unfortunately was cancelled when the site flooded the week before it was scheduled. That didn't stop us, though, and we organized the first Conclave for the next Spring!