Donald's Trips to the Roadhouse:

Summer’s End

©2006 Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

Part 1

The Initial Visit to the Roadhouse of the Dead(1)

October 25, 2006

    Four Hedge Riders(2) gathered in my living room last night. Our task was to journey together to the Roadhouse of the Dead in order to witness and to dance The Dance That Renews the Balance Between Death, Life and Rebirth, The Dance That Weaves the Fabric of the Multiverse(3).

    We went into the Spirit Lands following the paths through the Seven Gardens(4) into an open land beyond the Hedge(5). I found myself dressed in heavy black baggy clothes and an over sized hooded cloak. And yes, as has recently become common, my wedding ring was still on my finger. The others were dressed in similar traveling togs. It seemed that at least one of the other Hedge Riders was dressed in rich greens.

    Four winged horses awaited our arrival, patiently standing in a circle on a bit of the open land. Each steed was there specifically to give a particular person a ride to the Roadhouse. The four Witches swung up onto the backs of their friends and prepared, in whatever ways one can for such a thing, to take to the air on the back of a flying horse. As for me, I simply greeted my horse with a hug and a kiss, tied my cloak tight about me and adjusted my seat for a ride in the sky.

    My friend Spark, the deep purple/indigo pegasus, had again showed up for

me as he has for many years now. It was a real pleasure to be with him. We are old friends. We truly looked forward to this time we were now going to spend together.

    When it was time, the four winged horses leaped into the air, spiraling high into the sky. We flew way above the clouds into the light of moon and stars.  It seemed that we formed different flight formations as we flew. Once it seemed we were in a diamond pattern which became a V, which became a line, which became a circle, which again became a diamond. The distant landscape below occasionally peeked out between breaks in the clouds. It was cold. Frost filled our every breath, transforming into snow which swirled behind us as we flew high in the autumnal night air.

    Spark and I spent much of the our time in the air catching up on the year past. We had not spent much time together sense my marriage last Halloween. I talked about the messages from Bridget(6) and Fee Fee(7), about meeting the Golden Dragon of Abundance, about my new work in Garden Magic and Honey Magic, about politics and about what it was like to set up a new household with a new Witch husband.

    Spark told me about the visit this summer he took to his birth land, a spirit land closely related to the Aegean and the Middle East. He told me that it was reverberating with fear, hatred and destruction from the human war currently raging in Iraq. It is not a good thing. Much work has come undone, both in Midgard(8) and the spirit realms. He told me, ‘If the choices/lessons of respect are taken to heart, great hope of renewal is just under the surface waiting to sprout, turning the desert green and fruitful.’

    Spark also told me about visiting a place called, The Roots of All Springs. He told me that the waters there were becoming deadly poison. He told me that now is the time to not only pray for the waters, but that every act we make, should be an act that includes the healing of water. It is a time of hard choices that we are all coming into.

    Spark told me that Grandmother Bear(9) had been seen marking the Door Steps of Power with Spirals in every country of the world. Spark told me that the gossip through out the worlds is that this Time of Choice is upon us all; as Below, so Above, as Above, so Below. All of the realms are watching Midgard with bated breath.

    Spark hinted that he is seeing someone. I cannot wait to find out— more about this person. It made me very happy to think of Spark in love.

    In the far distance a large meandering river (the Spirit Mississippi?) became visible through the clouds. As we got closer, a cluster of lights nestled in a bend of the river came into view. When we were directly above of the site, we began to slowly spiral down.

    From the air, it looked like we were coming to a huge festive gathering. Brightly colored tents and pavilions formed clusters across all of the lawns surrounding the Roadhouse. Large bonfires were scattered amongst the camp sites. People of all kinds were continuously mixing and mingling. Halloween decorations (steamers, banners, sculptures, installations, etc.), were everywhere. The parking lots were packed and the boat docks were completely filled. Both held samples of vehicles from through out time. I had never seen so many folks gathered for a Dance of Renewal.

    It came to me that there would be thirteen dance hubs this year. I noticed that there were twelve very large bonfires forming a ring around the Roadhouse itself. There appeared to be a wide circular lane connecting each of the bonfires. Each fire was also connected by a lane to the Roadhouse. It all appeared to be a gigantic spoked wheel. I suddenly and clearly understood that when the ritual fire was lit in the hearth inside the Dance Hall, the dance would begin throughout the whole of the site.

    The eight of us landed in a bit of open lush green lawn close to the air field (which was also filled with air craft of all kinds). The winged horses decided to wander around on their own, promising to meet us at the landing site when it was time to go. The Hedge Witches decided to walk towards the Roadhouse.

    The Roadhouse looked almost the same as it always has over the years, a large brown unpainted rambling craftsman styled structure with many large and small, round and rectangular, clear and stained glass windows and a spacious verandah lined with French doors that completely surrounds the building. The big difference in the building this year was that there were many more decorations everywhere that I looked. One particularly beautiful thing that I remember was an amazing collection of artfully placed jack-o'-lanterns made of all types of pumpkins shinning with different colored flames.

    The four of us decided to go our own ways to experience whatever there was for us to experience. We separated somewhere close to a set of stairs leading up to the verandah surrounding the Roadhouse.

     To begin my explorations, I went up the stairs and into the main entrance hall of the Roadhouse. I immediately ran into a group of old friends.

    Dickey Lee (one of my dead boyfriends), my Grandma Brown, and some of their friends were sitting at a table drinking tea and making to do lists while they chatted away about ‘things’. Grandma and Dickey Lee noticed me, came over and gave me a hug and asked my why I was here so early? I just shrugged my shoulders. They both gave me ‘the look’ that says ‘my poor slow dear’. They told me to come back in a few nights. They then winked at me and went back to work at the table.

    I next saw Perry Tilleraas, Carl Whitman, Emma Goldman and other ancestral politicos in a side hall working on a quite colorful diagram/spirit map (of political import?). This group was simply too focused to notice anything outside of their current project. It had to be done before the dance began in only a few more days.

    In another side room, I saw Violet Flame, Frank Vincent, Alan Ginsburg and David Grundey together with other dead queer poets working on pages and pages of verse. It came to me, that they were working on a massive new saga telling the tales of the queer peoples and our journeys on the roads of Midgard. It was to be read for the first time during the dance. David and Frank noticed me, came over and hugged and kissed me while whispering into my ears, “Come back in three nights, Sweet Heart.” They then went back to their work.

    I found myself in the main dance hall/auditorium. It was filled with work groups focused on tasks preparing for the dance. The huge fireplace on the north wall was being cleaned and decorated. All of the windows, stained glass and otherwise, were sparkling and newly washed. The hinges of the giant French doors lining the east and west walls were being oiled. The dance floor was being washed and polished. Chairs were being set up in groups on risers in the corners. It was a very busy place.

    Hera(10), violin in hand, was working with one of the bands when She saw me and waved me over. ‘What are you doing here so early?’ Hera asked. ‘Come back when the dance starts, Honey.’ She then went right back to working with the band.

    I saw Flora(11) and Ing(12) working with their crew up on stage perfecting the lighting and sound systems while also finishing up the back drops. I only got a glimpse of huge brilliantly painted images of flowers, spirals, runes, etc., and an amazingly huge high tech light and sound board with room for at least ten to sit at as the red-black velvet curtains were pulled closed.

    Ing came out from behind the curtain and ask, ‘What are you doing here so early? Come back when it is time to start.’ Then He slipped back behind the curtain.

    I looked around the crowded room. What a hustle and bustle!

    Suddenly I noticed a group of folks waving from across the room. They were living Witches! So, my traveling companions and I were not the only living folks that had come so early to visit. Hmmm. It came to me that there were a number of living Witches at the Roadhouse right that moment, and that we were all being asked/told to leave and to come back at the beginning of the dance.

    I turned to find a smiling Rick (my dead husband) standing next to me.

    “Hello, Donald,’ he said, ‘how is married life?’

    We talked about Mark and how we were doing. I told Rick about finishing the remodeling of the kitchen, our new vegetable garden and our plans to go to Winter Witch Camp. It was very sweet.

    I asked Rick about Donald Bossard (Rick's and my dead lover/boyfriend), was he at the Roadhouse?

    Rick told me that Donald was still having a rough time fully engaging with his ancestral jobs, but he had made some good friends. In fact, Donald was at one of the outdoor fires doing set up. Rick told me that he would tell Donald to look for me when I came back in a few nights.

    I asked Rick about his Grandma Graf.

    Rick told me that his grandma was doing just fine. She and a large group of other ancestral grandmothers, (including my Great-Grandma Engstrom and Marks Grandma French), had formed a group called the ‘Orchard Project’. This group was focused on all ‘communities of fruit trees’. Our three grandmothers were particularly interested in working with cherry, apple and apricot. I think that there is a new power coming into Midgard through this group of ancestral green bloods and red bloods working magic together. At least I strongly suspect it would be a good thing to drink more fruit juice and to pay attention to all things to do with orchards.

    Rick and I found two empty, out of the way chairs in the auditorium. We sat there silently for a long time holding hands and listening to the rehearsals going on around us. When I closed my eyes, all I heard was a cacophony of sound, but when I opened my eyes and looked at an individual group, I only heard them practicing. The orchestra was superb. The bands rocked. The choirs were incredible. One group whose memory still thrills me was a group made up of Sami throat singers and arctic wolves practicing songs of the wonder of deep ice. Another group that really caught my attention was a group of honey bees from the Honey Library, practicing songs gathered that year along the Honey Roads.

    I turned to Rick again and asked, ‘How many nights do the Dances go on?’

    “Oh, at least three!’ Rick replied. ‘It depends on how you tell time.’

    I then notice a large shining blue/white pattern form on the surface of the dance floor. It reminded me of a very intricate Celtic knot, or perhaps a very complicated square dance or an amazingly complex ballet. It was beautiful. I can still see it shining in my mind.

    It must have been time to leave the auditorium. Rick took my hand and lead me out to the verandah. He kissed me and went back inside.

    As I stood there, I noticed the great variety of ancestral peoples from all ages at the Roadhouse. There were all types of red bloods; mammals, birds, insects, arachnids, etc. There were all types of green bloods; trees, grasses, ferns, lichens, etc. There were all kinds of mushrooms; morels, oysters, chanterelles, psilocybes, etc. There where the fish peoples, the water mammal peoples and the reptile peoples. I have never seen so many dinosaurs at one of these gatherings! There were also a lot more dragons in attendance than I remember in the past.

    At this time, I have no idea what these observations indicate or if it has anything to do specifically with this year’s dance. Perhaps it will be clearer deeper into winter.

    It came to me that it was time to leave the Roadhouse and to go back home. It was also quite clear to me, that it would be a good thing to come back when the dance was ready to start. I decided that the best time for me to come back would be the night of October 30th. With that in mind, I made my way back to the lawn by the air strip.

     The eight of us were soon all gathered there. It was clear to everyone that it was time to go back home. The Hedge Riders remounted,ö firmly seating themselves on their friends backs. The winged horses leaped into the air and we found ourselves once again spiraling up into the cold autumnal sky. And once again we found ourselves high above the clouds, bathed by moon and star light.

    The trip, as usual, seemed much quicker in the coming home, than in the going out. We soon landed on the open lawn just beyond the hedge. We bid our steeds a fond farewell and turned to walk the path leading back to the gate in the hedge. We walked through the gate, turning, remembering to shut it after us. We then made our way back home through the Seven Gardens.

    It was good to be back home.

Part 2

Second Visit to the Roadhouse of the Dead

October 30, 2006

    It was the time, the day and the hour to fulfill my promise to go back to the Roadhouse for my second visit this year to witness The Dance That Renews the Balance Between Death, Life and Rebirth, The Dance That Weaves the Fabric of the Multiverse.

    A wonderful and interesting new event just before I left clearly marked the deepening of my relationship with my home/house/gardens, Hector. We have had a sweet relaxed relationship sense I have moved here in 1998. When Mark moved in, I began noticing that Hector was making it’s presence a more noticeable part of our daily lives. Hector and my husband Mark have really taken a shine to each other. We have all grown into a very pleasant and supportive family of house, gardens, humans and non-humans.

    As I was preparing to go on my spirit journey, getting ready to recognize sacred space and such, I heard Hector speak. ‘I can take care of all this. I am always a sacred site, your sacred place, your sacred home. Let me take care of you. Please, it is one of my great joyful obligations to hold you while you journey. You can count on me. I can take care of you.’

    That was certainly fine with me. I felt this warm feeling of comfort. I completely relaxed as gratefulness filled me. I knew that this new event was another step in deepening my on going relationship with Hector, Mystery and the magic that is my life. I knew that Hector could and would take care of me. He is a living sacred container that cherishes me. I no longer needed to cast a new circle each time I worked in my fere Hector, house or gardens. So, I lay down on the sofa, closed my eyes and got myself ready for the journey, knowing that while held in Hector’s protection, I was a safe as I ever could be living in Midgard.

    The journey begins.

    I found myself dressed in black and indigos. I was wearing black baggy leather riding jeans, layers of heavy black cotton shirts and indigo shawls, a black leather trimmed wool hooded cape and dark indigo leather riding boots. ∏My wedding ring shone brightly on my finger.

    I heard a whirling, windy, flapping noise coming from outside the French doors leading to my back deck. I open the doors, stepping outside just in time to witness Spark land carefully on the bit of lawn we have left amongst the flower and vegetable beds. It was good to see him again so soon after our last week's trip together. As Spark rubbed his velvet nose along my neck, I reached out to hug his neck. We greeted each other tenderly.

    We were soon on our new journey. We spiraled high into the air, circling the Twin Cities a few times before heading out to the path that leads to the Roadhouse of the Dead.

    As we were circling, I spotted on the northern farthing(13), the Forces of Winter preparing to fully enter the upper Mississippi Valley. I saw the Winter Queen and Her Snow Ponies waiting for Jack Frost’s signal that all was ready. I saw Skadi(14) polishing Her skis while Her White Wolves(15) groomed themselves preparing to make a grand first showing. I saw Santa Claus and his folk working away in their workshops. I heard Uncle North Wind doing vocal warm ups. I wondered if we were to have a real winter this year. I sent a prayer of support to the Forces of Winter. I long for the deep snows of a full bloom winter.

    Flying high above the Twin Cities, Spark and I passed through the cold thick air that marks the invisible gateway onto the path to the Roadhouse. I found myself again flying high above the Ghost Prairie. I noticed that the sun was now significantly lower on the horizon than when we first took flight.

    Spark and I were unusually quiet on our way to the Roadhouse. I would not describe it as uncomfortably quiet. It simply felt good to be silent together. It was a time to quietly enjoy the beauty of the worlds around us.

    In the distance, I saw the mighty river on whose banks nestle the Roadhouse of the Dead. The river gleamed in the golden-red light of the setting sun. The woods and groves surrounding the site were all in their glorious autumn colors. The tall prairie grasses looked like a wind tossed golden sea. The sky was filling with the pinks, oranges, reds and indigos. promising a spectacular sunset show. The air above the Roadhouse shimmered with a life of it’s own.

    We soon found ourselves above the Roadhouse and the encampments that encircle it. I noticed that there were many more pavilions and tents than last week. I also noticed that there were now encampments of brightly painted horse drawn caravan wagons dotting the landscape. Modern camper trailers and vans also were now parked here and there through out the site.

    Another thing that I had not seen before at the Roadhouse, were the military encampments mixed in with the rest of the campers. I saw Grandmother Bear(16) and Her Grandson, Singing Bear(17), mingling with troops of the were-bears, werewolves, were-horses and were-eagles. I saw Thor(18) laughing with a troop of berserkers.  I saw Eponia(19) hanging out with troops of Amazons. I saw troops of human ancestors camped in groups according to the wars they died in: ancient battle troops with clubs and spears, troops from the War of the Roses, troops from the time of Alexander the Great, Aztec troops, medieval Chinese troops, troops from the American Civil War, and troops from all of the 20th and 21st century wars.


    There were also gathering places for all types of herds and flocks through out the encampments; obstinacies of buffalo, herds of yaks, elk, aurochs and horses, flocks of flamingos, hedges of herons, storytellings of ravens, coveys of quail, prides of lions, gaggles of geese, etc. In the river itself, I noticed pods of whales, dolphins and other watery ones.

    I noticed that boats, canoes and yachts from through out all time and of all descriptions lined the docks, three to four vessels deep in certain areas. There were three large paddle wheel river boats and even an ocean going cruise ship (and perhaps a clipper ship?), anchored a ways out into the river.

    This was certainly an amazing turn out for The Dance That Renews the Balance Between Death, Life and Rebirth, The Dance That Weaves the Fabric of the Multiverse. I wondered, had this many folks ever shown up for this dance before? It was the largest spirit gathering of any kind that I had ever been apart of. The place was packed!

    Spark and I began to spiral down to the landing field. We made our way through a multitude of tethered golden skinned dirigibles and multicolored travel balloons to land in a bit of green lawn between parked spacecraft and airplanes of all types and models. Spark told me that  he was going to mingle and meet some of his old friends that were roaming about the grounds. Spark told me not to worry, he would be here on the lawn when it was time for me to go back home to Hector.

    I began to wander through the crowds toward the Roadhouse. Suddenly I heard my name being called. A stunningly radiant, supernaturally handsome Donald Bossard waved to me. He was dressed in a magnificent, sheer, skin tight Cirque du Soleil style costume of browns, blacks, ivories and golds. Donald laughed out loud as he ran to me. We deep kissed as we embraced each other with all our might. It was so good to hold him again.

    ‘I have met my tribe, my feres(20) here in the Lands of the Dead.’ Donald's eyes twinkled and he smiled in his old mischievous way. I have never seen him so unreservedly happy. ‘Come. Let me introduce you to them.’ Donald lead me to one of the huge bonfires burning about the camp to meet his amazing troupe.

    They were a most gracious ∆and glamorous group of ancestral beings, human and otherwise, who welcomed me with open arms. They were all dressed in Cirque du Soleil type costumes; dinosaurs, horses, reindeer, parrots, dogs, sparrows, humans, dolphins, ground sloths and all the rest. At the moment they were busily engaged in setting up trapezes and aerial tight ropes in a large circle surrounding the bonfire. I noticed that the four stages in the cross farthings were already prepared for tonight's dance. It was a beautiful space filled with beautiful people. I had hardly said hello when it was time for me to leave. Donald and I kissed again before I left walking down one of the lanes leading directly to the Roadhouse.

    While I walked a vision of the magic patterns being set up at this years celebration came to me. I saw the Roadhouse itself as the hub of the wheel. The rim of the wheel was made up of twelve bonfires, six on the west bank of the river, five under the river, and one on an island directly east of the Roadhouse. There were lanes connecting the Roadhouse to each of the bonfires and to each other.  Further out from the wheel, four satellite bonfires, two on the western side of the river and two on the eastern side of the river, were laid at the cross farthings in four groves of trees; Cedar at the northwest, Oak at the northeast, Willow at the southeast, and Cottonwood at the southwest. Each fire would hold essential energies needed for the work that was to be done at this year’s gathering.

    At the bottom of the steps leading up to the verandah, now completely covered and decorated in Halloween glories, stood Rick, my beloved dead husband, looking again like a golden 21 year old. He smiled sweetly and shyly. Rick held my hands tickling my palms with his fingers. He actually giggled as he lead me to a comfortable group of deck chairs to just sit together for a bit of time.

    ‘Are you ready for tonight?’ Rick leaned in to whispered into my ear.

    I looked at him startled. 'I think so. I feel like I am. Is it going to be that different this year?’

    ‘Well, you'll find out soon enough,’ Rick replied.

    I looked up to see a group of ancestors and Mysterious Ones; giddens(21) and gods, coming out to join Rick and myself on the verandah. Our favorite drinks appeared next to each of us, as They all found comfortable chairs for Themselves.

    ‘Donald,’ Hera asked, ‘Have you noticed the feelings emerging in your country around the coming elections?’

    ‘Have you noticed the power building?’ asked Bridget(22).

    ‘Have you noticed the language being used?’ asked my dead husband Rick.

    ‘Uh, maybe.’ I hesitantly answered.

    Inanna(23) took my hands gently in Hers and quietly said, ‘The webs have been plucked. The Energy is moving quickly. Americans are beginning to remember that it is their right to vote, to choose and to create their own ways of living. That it is time to stop bombing strangers.’

    Ing said, ‘You all now have the chance to awaken to the fact that a vote is a magical act. It is a time to remember that a vote is a spell to change the past, the present and the future. It is time to choose to be active co-creators of the multiverse.’

    Iduna(24) looked me deep in the eye, while giving me a golden apple and said, ‘It is a simple thing. Feed this spell to your people as if you are feeding them the Apples of Life. For do not be deceived. You are.’

    ‘Yes, yes, OK, I will give them these apples.’ I didn't know what else to say. I knew it was the right thing to say, but, I couldn't clearly see the consequences of this agreement. ‘But, they will have to prepare the apples for themselves,’ I insisted.

    Skuld(25) said, ‘Donald, don't forget last summer's work(26). ’

    All but Rick stood up and went back into the hall to further prepare for the dance. Rick and I remained sitting quietly together on the verandah just watching the activities going on through out all of the campsites. It certainly was an amazing and beautiful throng of beings. It seemed that things were moving close to the time for all of us to gather at whatever site you were called to work.

    Rick took my hand again. He lead me into the Roadhouse and on into the dance hall to a seat that had been saved for me next to the Great Fireplace (the Hearth of the Roadhouse on the north wall of the auditorium).

    As I looked around the room, I noticed that again, I was not the only living guest a the dance. There were living folks interspersed through out the crowd. I also noticed that Ing and Flora were sitting in throne like chairs high enough for Them to tend the complicated layered altar on the mantle from where They sat. I also noticed that Mary Magdalene had brought Her husband, Jesus, Her mother-in-law, Mary the Mother of God, and Jesus’ twin, The Holy Ghost.

     After sitting for some time just watching, I noticed as Julia Childs(27) came in from the Kitchens and nod towards Hera. I knew then that all was ready, all was prepared and waiting. I knew that the feasting places were ready, the resting places were ready, the sex temples were ready, all were ready to begin The Dance That Renews the Balance Between Death, Life and Rebirth, The Dance That Weaves the Fabric of the Multiverse.

    Hera walked to the middle of the stage and thrust Her left hand towards the sky and right hand towards the earth. The sun sets. The stars and moon shine through gathering clouds. Lightning strikes around the horizon. A gong suddenly rings loudly filling the room, reverberating across the grounds and I see in my mind the vast coordinated movement of the gathered beings. Everyone goes to their places. Some folks line the lanes connecting and creating the wheel which will hold the magic of the dance. Some folks go to the four bonfire sites at the cross farthings. Some folks hold space in the air. Some folks hold space in and under the river. Some folks hold space in the earth and stone. Donald's Circus folks stand ready at the trapezes and high wires. All folks through out the encampment go to their places to begin the actual dance.

    A horned runner, Cernunnos(28), races in through the Great Western Doors of the Hall with a lit torch held high in both hands. He runs directly to the fireplace as Jimi Hendrix(29) plays an amazing rift on his blood red guitar. With lightning quick movement of hands, Cernunnos takes the flames from the torch and sets them into the stack of waiting logs. All other lights are instantly extinguished. We all sit absolutely still in pitch blackness.  A dark purple globe of light slowly expands from the logs. The pulsating sphere completely fills the hall, growing until it encompasses the whole of the Roadhouse grounds. Suddenly flames of many colors burst forth from the fireplace in the Roadhouse. The already burning fires at the twelve sites on the wheel rim turn the specific colors that hold the essences of the energies from which they were built. Purple beacons instantly form, connecting the ring of bonfires with each other and the hub. The four satellite bonfires sites in the four farthings then burst into multicolored flames. Two purple beams from each of these four sites shoots high above and deep below meeting to form two points, one directly above and one directly below the fire in the Roadhouse fireplace. An invisible beam suddenly shoots straight out from these two points, the bottom one into the Earth’s molten core and upper one into the depth of the multiverse. A loud joyful cry of many voices rings through out the Worlds.

    The Dance begins; in the air, in the earth, in the fire, in the water. All beings are doing their part; dancing their dance, singing their song, together weaving the tapestry of the multiverse’s stories. Some folks danced the Celtic Rose(30) pattern glowing in the floor of the auditorium. Some folks flew complicated patterns in the air. Some danced their patterns under the earth. Some moved magically through the waters and the fires. The power of the choirs, bands and orchestras kept building and building. It becomes too much for me to hold, to process and to understand.

    Something changes. It suddenly feels different. I notice a new song emerging.

    The Choir began singing a song of connection. They sing the story of how we have grown and are growing. They sing of how we are now ready to not only maintain the connections we have, but are ready to connect to yet more realms and realities. The choir sings of revitalizing all connections through out the multiverse.

    Images and sounds fill me that are beyond my comprehension.

    There is another shift and I see the Roadhouse, the dancers, the singers and the musicians all transformfl into patterns of light.

    It is time for the living to leave the dance.

    I instantly find myself standing on the lawn by the air strip. Spark is there waiting. He flies me home as I deeply ponder the meanings of what I had just witnessed. I wondered how it would affect me and mine. I wondered how it would change Midgard and the other worlds. I wondered what exactly had just happened.

    Spark let me off in my back yard and then he quickly flew back to the Roadhouse.

    I came back hungry, still laying on my living room sofa thinking that I had been gone for hours. I had been traveling for no more than 40 minutes.  Amazing.

    Hector greeted me and reminded me that it was almost time to go to the gym. I heard Mark working upstairs in the office. I felt the cold come through the walls as the winds howled outside.

    Once again, it was good to be back home.


Foot Notes

1 The Roadhouse of the Dead - I first came upon the Roadhouse while on a trance journey the first Halloween after my boyfriend, Donald Bossard, died in 1991. It is a place, among many such places in the cosmos, that the Dead and the Mysterious Ones gather each year to dance the Dances of Renewal. I go back to visit at least once a year close to the Halloween holiday.

2 Hedge Riders - Also called Hedge Witches, Witches who live in and work in the liminal spaces between the wild and the domestic, the living and the dead, the realms of women and men, etc.

3 Multiverse - Imagine that the cosmos is composed of multiple realities with a multitude of expressions of beingness. Our universe is just one of the possibilities/realities within the multiverse. Imagine that there are more universes in our cosmos than we can count and that one is being born every instant.

4 The Seven Gardens - A trance in which one goes through seven gardens, each one planted in one of the colors associated with the standard chakras; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

5 The Hedge - a marker between one's day to day life and the rest of the multiverse.

6  Bridget's to do list;

    1. Feed the sun honey cakes.

    2. Feed the bees. Plant gardens and orchards.

    3. Eat out doors on a regular basis. Celebrate each other's company.

    4. Visit the waters.

    5. Feed the cycles of life. Compost. Nurture the soils.

    6. Keep your kitchens clean and your hearts open.

    7. Eat honey filled with wisdom to preserve Midgard's knowledge.

    8. Offer mead to the moon.

7 Fee Fee's to do list;

The Importance of Fashion in the Heart of a Revolutionary Evolution;

    1. Midnight purple and/or Indigo are always appropriate for any action.

    2. If you cannot manage to learn to run swiftly in spikes, sensible shoes in colors that enhance your over all image are acceptable. (When choosing combat boots, look for solid colors that reflect your energy signature.)

    3. Ware a scent that will stir the deep sexual desires of those who imagine that they are against the emerging cultures of Delightism.

    4. Never ever forget the power of a well placed sensual kiss.

    5. Fill your smile with secret promise.

    6. Scowl with seductive intent.

    7. Keep your nails well filed, sharp and painted in your allied color of the day.

    8. Never forget your finely woven scarf, there just may be a breeze of distressful gas as the transformations take place.

    9. Remember to always invite everyone to the celebration dinners.

8  Midgard - the realm of the living

9 Grandmother Bear - She who commands us to eat more pie so that we be all the sweeter when we die.

10 Hera (Greek)- a Mysterious One who is very interested and quite invested in the Emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

11 Flora (Roman)- a Mysterious One who focuses primarily on the Green Bloods.

12 Ing (Norse)- a Queer Mysterious One whose primary interest is the home and it’s gardens.

13  farthing - a quarter of a circle

14 Skadi (Norse) - the Mysterious One who invented skiing.

15 The White Wolves - Mysterious Ones who are Healers that among other things, are committed to healthy balanced immune systems and thick healing snows.

16 Singing Bear - a Queer Mysterious One, a protector, a healer and a devotee to beauty, balance and delight.

17 Thor (Norse) - a Mysterious One who delights in a good time with good friends.

18 Eponia (Celtic Gaul) - a Queer Mysterious One, a werehorse, a trickster. She is devoted to everything to do with horses. Eponia is the Keeper of the Great Mystery; ‘The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’.

20 fere - Folks who join in mutual support, devotion and delight as they travel the roads of life and mystery together. Those who remember while walking together, that it is the journey, not the destination that is of primary importance. Fere implies a type of relationship that is more than a marriage, hand-fasting or friendship. My feres need not necessarily be my spouses, but I damn well hope that my spouse is one of my feres. The word has the meanings of companion, devotee, partner, spouse, adventurer, friend, and beloved all woven together within it.

21 gidden - New Saxon word for goddess.

22 Bridget (Celtic)- a Gidden of the forge, the word and healing. She is one of the great Matrons of honey bees.

23 Inanna (Sumerian)- a Gidden and Keeper of the store house. She holds the Mysteries of Love, Pleasure and Satiated Desire.

24 Idunna - a Gidden of the Orchard, Keeper of the Apples of Life.

25 Skuld (Nordic)- One of the three sisters called the Norns. She who is also called Debt.

26 summer's work - Skuld told me that the late summer -- early autumn (August - September 2006), would be a time that Witches and other people of spirit, if we pay attention, and work with clear intent, would have the ability to tweak the threads that weave the worlds together. She told me that in judicially choosing where to work a thread, we would be able to somewhat mitigate how the choices of the past would play out.

27  Julia Childs - an Ancestral Hero of the Kitchens

28 Cernunnos (Celtic) - a God of the Hunted and the Hunter.

29 Jimi Hendrix - an Ancestral Hero of Music, an expert in walking the boarder lands.

30  A dance pattern based on the infinity symbol.