Spring Equinox


Spring Equinox 2015

A Visit to the Roadhouse of the Dead

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2015

    I quickly went in deep.

    I opened my eyes.

    I found myself standing at a large round portal window looking out onto the Earth. I was in the high orbiting space habitat that is a branch of the Multiversal Libraries. The primary job of the librarians who live here is to record the long geological changes of the planet Eartha, its’s moon, Luna and the Sol System as a whole.

    It appeared that I had been there before, studying the records of weather change and life migrations around the planet. (I may have been looking for something about awakening to a new possibilities on this particular equinox?)

    I went to the surface of Eartha in a silver skinned hovercraft still dressed in my metallic working grab. It was a very exciting little jaunt.

    I land in a very full air strip at the Roadhouse of the Dead. The parking lot was completely full too.  I went directly to the bar. It was empty. Thor was waiting for me. He slowly undressed me and then himself. Smiling, he lead me through a deserted Grand Ballroom and out onto the patios that surround the swimming pool. The sweet scents of Lust fills the air. They mingle with the scents of delicious foods and drinks. Heavenly!

    I look about me. I was surrounded by naked celebrants. Each being was softly shimmering with a glow of pleasure and desire. Each person was sexually aroused. Each creature was stunningly beautiful.

    I felt shy.

    Thor laughed at me. The sound of it was filled with sexual desire. It’s promised pleasures vibrating my very bones. This made me even more nervous.

    Thor kissed me. His tongue tickling my tongue. I closed my eyes. I responded in kind. I was fully aroused. I felt myself being laid upon soft cushions. I opened my eyes to find the Three Queer Brother slowly petting and stroking me. Rick, Donald, and Dicky Lee were kissing my chest. Thor was licking my belly. One action lead to another. One arousal lead to yet another, deeper arousal. I found myself completely enfolded into a quiet, gentle, but yet wildly intense orgy.

    This sweet time went on for a long, long time. How many hours? I do not know. I remained fully immersed in pleasure until I was completely satiated. I think that I slept for a while in the midst of the resting lush flesh of love and desire. I lost all sense of time.

    When I awoke, I was hunger. We all got up and went to the food tables. I spent the rest of my visit eating, drinking, and listening to songs about how to infuse the lands, waters, and airs of Eartha with the aethers of sacred lusts and pleasures. The only line that I remember is, “There is enough for all! There is Plenty!”

    I became happy and content in the knowledge that at least some of these understandings have been infused into my living flesh. I knew that with each breath I take, I will be infused with love, lust, desire, and beauty. I knew that each time I am stirred by the sensual sexiness of simply living life shamelessly and enthusiastically, I will continue to feed the mysteries I have shared and the bonds that I have forged this day.

    I came back to Hector House all too quickly. This time, I was not quite ready. I wanted to take a bit more time to say good-bye. Oh well, it will make our next reunion all that much more the sweeter!

    Nevertheless, I am back home. I am already making plans to go back to the orbiting branch of the Multiversal Libraries. I am also working on conscious ways to infuse all of Eartha with the sacred lusts and pleasures that will restore, renew, and revive all who dwell on Midgard.

Bless the Sacred Pleasures of Sex!

Bless the Sweet Songs of Desire!

Bless the Deep Sleep of the Satiated!