Tuesday, 11 Apr 2000

Donald L. Engstrom

This last Friday afternoon, I and seven others made a pilgrimage to the Effigy Mounds on the northeastern bluffs of Iowa above the Mississippi River. This is an old site sacred to Grandmother Bear, Red-tailed Hawk, Mother Snake and Others. Some of the group have made this journey at least once a year for over a decade. We are familiar and very comfortable with each other. The site and the humans call each other, Beloved.

The intent of this particular walking ritual was to receive specific inspirations about what would be good for us to do next in the work we are involved in. The ritual was framed by a prayer to transform the relationship between the human made world and the natural realms into a loving, joyful, sustainable partnership. And as we began the walk, we each declared that we were ready and willing to take our places beside the Mysterious Ones as Co-Creators of the Multiverse.

This is the information that we received that I feel maybe of interest to the larger community.

1. Many of the group received the message to make art with no concern about how long or short of life it may have.

2. The Goddess Freya told me that if someone criticized or ridiculed the idea that art had the power to change anything, it would be a good thing to laugh out loud right in their faces, and to declare, "It is time to live in Beauty, Balance and Delight!"

3. Freya, Grandmother Bear, Hera, Ing, Tyr and Others also told me of a little art project that They thought would be a good thing. They said, "Mark spirals on the steps to Houses of Power." I understand this to mean that it would be good to make spirals with non-permanent materials on the steps to the places of power, such as state houses, court houses, sacred sites, banks, corporate headquarters, libraries, universities, etc. I also think it would be a good thing to mark our own door steps with spirals. I was told that it would also be a good thing to start this on going project before the actions happening this coming weekend in Washington, DC, in order to fully feed the changes that we want to happen.

While still in that sacred time last Friday, I made a large spiral of dried leaves at the entrance way to the mound site and a smaller spiral of road gravel about a half mile down the path that leads from the site to the highway.

Tomorrow afternoon, Paul and I will be marking the steps of Minnesota's state house with spirals made of chalk, lavender flowers and other petals. We will then move on to the Federal Building in downtown Minneapolis, visiting bank steps and other places as the Spirits lead. I am asking you all to join me in this prayer project if you are called to do so. Spirals of all types are good. Double spirals are great. It appears that all of the colors are wanting to work on this thing. Please use non-permanent ways of making the spirals. There is something important about making ephemeral spirals. It appears that this will keep the energy moving and alive. Would you also please let others know about this prayer project? Let the spirals of eternal change appear on the door steps of the Houses of Power all around the world! My heart and prayers go with those of you in DC this week. May every step we take be a sacred step, healing the earth, healing our bodies. May we always dwell in Beauty, Balance and Delight.

~  Donald Engstrom

And the Magic Continues......

On the last Saturday in October, 2000, the Earth Conclave made pilgrimage to the Bear Mounds in North Eastern Iowa on the bluffs above the Mississippi River. Donald Engstrom carried the question of what the next step in the spirals-on-the-doorsteps prayer was. Donald was answered by "The Committee", represented by Frey, Ing, Njord, the Queer Brothers (the Queer God, the Faery God and the Faggot God), Hera, Grandmother Bear and Flora.

The directives of the committee are:

1. Add your own symbols to the spirals on the doorsteps of the houses of power. Remember that where you live is one of the houses of power, to make the marks with ephemeral materials and to do this in a

non-confrontational manner.

2. Live in beauty NOW! Have you been wanting to paint a room, change where you live, get some flowers, read seductive poetry? Take action to bring beauty into your life now. Beauty is your birthright as a human being.

3. Starting the night of the Presidential election (November 7th, 2000), and continuing for some time, pay close attention to your dreams as sources of information for action. Regardless of who is elected we will have significant challenges and information will be sent to us on what to do. Use this information, act out these dreams, to bring us into the sustainable culture of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

4. Have more sex. Solo, in duos and higher multiples, be sensual and sexy in public. Encourage others to have public sex. One witness to the first reporting of these directives wanted to add "As long as you don't get arrested." The committee did not say that... (9/26/05, I am hearing that this is becoming more and more important to pay attention to than ever before in current history. If nothing else, be as sensual as you dare to be when in public.)

    Some other people had messages about water. One was specifically directed to use Brigit water to make her spirals, another was simply directed to pay extra attention to the presence and condition of water in

the landscape. All surface water is is a miracle. (9/26/05, This seems even more pertinent today and I am hearing, even more so in the near future.)

    (I also am hearing from Grandmother Bear, that Avalon Witch Camp’s Georgia and Susan’s 2004 messages from Brigid are even more important to pay attention to than ever; “Her message was that the Waters of the World should be poured into the green earth, to be cleansed, recycled and purified.”)


The Magic Continues ...