Singing Bear


may we all waltz gracefully and nimbly with the Bears.

Singing Bear:

A God of Singing and Dancing,

A God of Healing, Restoration, Justice and Reparation.

I honor Singing Bear,

Great Protector of Queer People,

You who come dancing

With power woven into your hair,

You who demand full justice and reparation

From the enemies of your people,

You who heal with just your voice

And the touch of your lips.

    Singing Bear is one of the myriad grandchildren of Grandmother Bear. It is said that he was born at the confluence of the Ohio and the Mississippi River to The Great Bear and The Great Dragon during an intense spring thunderstorm. The story goes that as an infant, Singing Bear sprang up from his crib singing and dancing, rattling his baby rattle as beautiful blossoms as red as living blood sprang up all around him.

    Singing Bear is one of Grandmother Bear’s favorites. As a cub, he was as quick as lightning in both mind, body and spirit. He constantly proved himself to be strong of heart with a deep understanding of compassion and balance. It was during Singing Bear’s early youth, that his healing voice came to him. He found that he could sing healing into a being’s very blood, be it red, green or of pure spirit. He came to understand that he could joik the essence of all beings; stone, flesh, flame or aether. It was also at this time that Queer Spirit awoke throughout his flesh and blood, spirit and mind.

Singing Bear’s trusty 1942 Plymouth Woody

    After being declared a healer by his birth-clan, Singing Bear loaded his wagon and began his travels with Spark (one of his dearest boy friends, the Indigo Winged Horse), throughout the realms of Midgard bringing healing and inspiration wherever they go. Singing  Bear sings songs of restoration into the hearts and blood of the newly reawakening Witches, Heathens and solitary shaman’s of Queer Spirit emerging around the globe. Spark teaches all whole wish to learn them, the magics of deep breathing, the mysteries of the cleansing winds and other Powers of Air and Inspiration. They both do whatever they can to nurture the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

    Singing Bear and Spark can be found any where that queer people gathered; bars, bath houses, soft ball games, symphonies, art museums, riverside parks, garden clubs, tearooms, Radicle Fairie gatherings, etc. Singing Bear always meets up with his boy friends and lovers for the fabulous Spring Fete at the Roadhouse of the Dead.

    Over the past few years Singing Bear has been a dependable devoted partner and co-healer with the Red Dragon. They have both been working the blood magics of healing in regards to HIV, cancer, diabetes and other blood related diseases. I first met them both while dealing with my own HIV health issues. We three have become dear feres over these last 20 plus years.

Singing Bear’s Foot Prints

    I still find myself regularly singing two of the healing songs that Singing Bear gave to me during those first meetings. These songs still fill me with the healing powers first given to me by that beautiful queer bear.

Purple Hands of Healing

Purple Hands of Healing,

Faggot God, Singing  Bear,

My Lover come to me,

Come to me.

Purple Hands of Healing,

Faggot God, Singing  Bear,

Dear Lover come to me come to me.

Dance with me,

Sing with me,

Hold me in Your strong arms.

Dance with me,

Sing with me,

Hold me in Your strong arms.

With Just His Voice!

With just His voice

He heals throughout my body!

With just His voice

He shatters the virus!

With just His voice

He builds crimson blood,

He makes red blood

Healthy and vital!

    Singing Bear is a devoted lover and protector of Queer People. Here are two poems that tell of these aspects of his being.

Singing Bear:

He Comes Dancing

Donald L. Engstrom

© 1988

Lover of cock suckers,

Lover of queers,

Lover of strong arms and sweet songs,

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.

He who sings healing songs,

He who chants the stories of self creation,

He who licks the honey from lips, eyelids, and warm cocks.   

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.

He whose voice destroys cities,

He whose voice lays new foundations

For pleasure gardens and sex temples,

He who with just His voice,

Heals through out our bodies,

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.

He who screams in pain

As yet another of His lovers

Leave for distant shores,

He who weeps unashamed at the bier

Of one who had held

His throbbing power so tenderly

Between his once living human cheeks,

He who whispers gently His undying devotion,

He who never forgets,

He whose blood and bone hold the memory

Of each and every heart

He has ever embraced,

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.

His love is a prairie breeze

Blowing over the plains of queer bodies.

His love is a deep well

Refreshing the lives of His people.

His love is a roaring wild fire,

Burning and preserving.

His love prepares the way

For the returning Queer Witches of old.

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.


His lavender eyes see through

The flaming hearts of suns,

Into the dark healing of the Great Womb.

His purple heart keeps the beat of time

Moving to the rhythms

Of the multiversal dances.

His singing claws rip through the flesh of hypocrisy,

Bringing healing with each breath of His song.

Lover of cock suckers,

Lover of queers,

Lover of strong arms and sweet songs.

Singing Bear comes to all

Who delight in the sweet taste of a rigid cock.

Singing Bear comes to all

Who dare to live queer lives of freedom.

Singing Bear comes to all

Who dream Him.

He comes dancing,

He comes singing,

He comes with power woven into His hair.

He comes.

Singing Bear:

A Blessing

Donald L. Engstrom

© 1988

He shows no mercy.

He shreds their lips with their own lies.

He show no mercy.

He blinds their eyes with their own illusions.

He shows no mercy.

He burns their hearts on the fires of their own hatred.

He shows no mercy.

He binds their chests,

He binds their arms,

He binds their legs,

With the ropes of fear

That they themselves have braided.

He shows no mercy.

He bloats their bellies on their own cherished greed.

He shows no mercy.

He leaves them to rot in the piles of their own shit

In which they have chosen to wallow.

He show no mercy.

Singing Bear shows no mercy

To the enemies of His People.

(To be sung/chanted softly as the blessing

is read by a Greek chorus.)

I shall never forget

Never forget

The killing of my People.

I shall never forget,

Never forget

The murder of Queer People.

Singing Bear holds a special Place in His heart for:


Travel caravans

Storytellers and poets

Art museums

Symphony, dance, concert and opera halls

All Healers

Dances of all kinds (Bear Dances, Bee Dances, Human Dances, The Dances of the Stars, etc.)

Honey cakes and fruit pies

Exquisitely embroidered and beaded vests

The Cold Heart of Compassion

Counting the stars while laying in the tall grass with his lovers

Blooming fields of herbs

Sweet Faggots flirting shamelessly

Street festivals

Healthy hearth-clans and beehives

Gourmet kitchens

Bars with great music, good drinks and a large, well maintained dance floors

A flute of cold champaign with tasty salmon hors devours

Blackberry brandy and good vodka

Apple cider and honey mead

Huge community celebrations

Justice and fair-play for all

Circles of Reconciliation

A sauna after a hard day’s work

A gathering of feres enjoying the blizzards of deep Winter

Dancing the May Pole

Singing Bear is a Friend of the following clans:

The Clan of the Dancing Faggots

The Goose Clan

The Clan of the Caduceus

The Clan of the Snow Ponies

The Clan of the Human Being

The Pie Clan

The Magnolia Clan

The Snake Clan