Samhain 2008 Earth Conclave Materials

Samhain Earth Conclave Materials

November 1, 2008

    This is a portion of the Community Information we received from Hearth Magic group working with the Conclave Prayer Beads and from the group who journeyed to the Effigy Bear Mounds.

Spiders, tiny, spin a web and let the breeze blow them to the next place--where they spin a new web—connecting.

Laugh, play, dance, cry more. Be more. Do less.

Ecstasy - Physical, dance, sex; the spirits love our pleasure. It feeds them.

Drum Trance

Part 1. 4/4 time sitting by the hearth.

Freya and Bridget and Quan Yin intimately grouped together. Watching me. Watching the others. Shushing the folks in the room.

Bridget: “Here she comes!”

I hear and sense excitement and expectation from them.

I hear the recitation of the prayer beads from the other room, the sound of voices like bees humming in the hive.

Freya: “They work so hard to search for answers.”

Quan Yin: “Heart to Heart.”

Bridget: “Hearth to Hearth.”

All: “Well, Write it down, girl!”

I see flashes. Hear someone cackle.

I pick up my journal and write this.

Then I continue to drum:

Grandmother Bear comes and breathes into me. Smelly hot breath!

    “I give you (the clan) strength, endurance, hope, the will to go on.”

Part 2. 9 beat to go down.

Ereshkigal, looking beautifully scary:

“Pour it out on the world—Be the bread and the water. Be the honey-cakes and the wine. Set your ear to the deep beyond.”

Then I saw Kenaz , first one way > and then the other < ; shining outward; then shining inward. Then  year <> (the second one slightly lower to form the harvest rune, jera). “The just harvest of the just worker”

Kristie's art:

    Turtle/World—Going through a portal.



    Extending personal healing out into the world/earth. Educate ourselves and then teach.

Enchantment has been hidden in the bag. Tear it open. Let it out.

Silence demands respect. Walk along but, tread lightly.

Dream: Prairies, mountains, forest, winter onions, warmth of shelter. Balance. Living/Death. Movement/Immobile.





    People show up to do the work

    Prayer Beads



Complexity of Community—weave in and out of it.

So close to home. So happy!

Gratitude to touch plants I hadn’t touched in 30 years.

Feed what is thirsty. (brought jugs of water).

Became Eagle

Never alone, not abandoned, not an orphan.

We are with you always.

Freedom to fly. Freedom to be what I am—and play and soar.

Prayer Beads

    Sinuous movement. Go with the flow. Feel the prayer beads move through the surface of the earth.

Feather-topped grasses. White birches against the sky. Bear prints glowed violet. Grandmother Bear prints contained the cosmos. Stand in her prints and experience multiple realities at once.

Danced a prearranged dance. It is a Gateway of power.

Sheen of blue starlight. Ancestral Bear Workers/Shamans. Do what you love!

Dancer in the center of the hive surrounded by worker bees. Work for the sweetest of the honey. Can’t you taste it?

See the sign/signal. You are safe.

Grandmother Bear:

    What is the difference between the group mind and the group heart?

    Explore horizontal hierarchy, the planning and the installation, the dreaming and its manifestation.

    What are your visions?


    How do we gather/manage resources?

    How many of us can daily gather around one hearth?

    What is the maximum number that can gather seasonally around one hearth?

    Where are our Regional Centers?


    Group Trance Journeys are very helpful in the growing and nurturance of Heroic Communities.


    I tell you this again and again:

            Play together.

            Eat together.

            Build together.

            Grow together.

            Fuck together.

            Choose to make a life together!

        There are no hidden secrets, formulas or recipes.

Singing Bear:

    Make room for possibility in your lives.


    Stay the course through changes


    It is essential that you are together, face to face, heart to heart, if you actually expect to grow a vital Heroic Community.


    Humans must be able to smell each other to fully share your deepest selves and richest lives.


    No Mysterious One can make this happen for you.


    Again, remember that a family, a clan, a thriving community is made up of many types of individuals: humans (the living and the dead), Mysterious Ones, Green-Bloods, Red-Bloods, and many Others.

The Queer God:

    Do you wish to merely survive or do you wish to thrive?

Kwan Yin:

    Practice compassion for self and each other.

Grandmother Bear:

    Learn the taste of compassion. When compassion flows freely between the members of our Hearth-Clan, our Heroic Community will have been made manifest on the Good Green Earth around the hearth-fires of every member of this family.

Mysterious Ones:

    Celebrate, talk, tell stories. We were the same as you. And we found our own solutions.

Grandmother Oak:

    Collect stories. A lot of them are dying (trees?) Erasure.

    (Sat between two earth-tone/wood-tone kids.)

    We will hold you. Rituals of life. Lots of models to choose from--just pick!

It will take a lifetime to reconnect. Don’t be deterred by setbacks.

    Babies being born. Furry bear legs and babies coming out.

    It’s important to be playful. Roll around together.

Babies coming out of the center of bears. Bear and human together.

Grandmother Oak:

    I’ll take you closer.

    I eat you; you eat me.

    Cycles of life.

Heard music, lilting, haunting. Numerous voices singing.

You already know/remember. Give it space to come through. You separate us. Our sense of time isn’t relevant. Experience the grief/sadness—let yourself hurt. Put roots down deeper and reach up and out into the unknown, the mysterious.

Sacred Salty - Tears.

    A Group of Turkeys


Death is necessary for Life. Fully embrace death to celebrate life. Live with intention. Work on our relationship with death. If the River goes away, there won’t be any wind.

The drum was like a heartbeat/rhythm of speech we hear while in the womb.

    Seed patterns looked like DNA. Some seeds migrated into position.

    Heartbeat and Rhythm of voices and the smell of mushrooms.

    Connections/Birth/Death dance

(Ocala) took photos of food and cutting and drumming and resting.

    We learn better from stories than from instructions.

Life, Shining Underworld illuminating the Above. It’s all Midgard.

Blazing center of Darkness and Outer Edge of Darkness

    Everything between is the Middle World.

Why lick the peel when the apple is ripe?

Honor, prepare to ride, and BE the dragon.

Allow fierce passion for existence to fill your eyes and…

The Observed affects the Observer.