Runic Alphabet Poem

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008

Freyr/Freyja’s Aett

Fehu (FAY-hu) is for fortune, abundance and wealth.

Uruz (OO-rooz) is for auroch, wilderness and rain.

Thurisaz (THUR -ee-sahz) is for thorn, giants the cosmic forces.

Ansuz (AHN-sooz) is for ancestral messages of mystery.

Raidho (Rah-EED-ho) is for riding, walking and traveling the journey of life.

Kenaz (KEN-ahz) is for keeping the fires of creation burning brightly.

  Gebo (GHEB-o) is for gifts, hospitality and partnerships.

Wunjo (WOON-yo) is for wonder, joy and delight.

Heimdall’s Aett

Hagalaz (HA-ga-lahz) is for hail, ice and fractal formation.

Naudhiz (NOWD-heez) is for need, necessity and duress.

Isa (EE-sa) is for ice, glacier and patience.

Jera (YARE-a) is for year, yield and harvest.

Eihwaz (AY-wahz) is for yew, Yggdrasil and the art of learning.

Perthro (PER-thro) is for possibility, chance and risk.

Elhaz (EL-hazh) is for elk, eel grass and protection.

Sowilo (So-WEE-lo) is for sun, sight and understanding.

Tyr’s Aett

Tiwaz (TEE-wahz) is for Tyr, god of right action and honor.

Berkano (BER-kah-no) is for Birch, a queer gidden of creativity and beauty.

Ehwaz (EH-wahz) is for horse, stallion and mare.

Mannaz (MAN-naz) is for the magnificent human race.

Laguz (LAH-gooz) is for lake, river and sea.

Ingwaz (ING-wahz) is for Ing, Earth god of co-creation.

Dagaz (DAH-gahz) is for dusk and dawn, a new beginning.

Othala (OH-tha-la) is for hearth-clan and home.