The Red Dragon Dinner

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

The Red Dragon first made Itself know while the Mosquito Spell, a spell to heal AIDS, was taking shape in the mid 1990s. It first came to us (the Earth Conclave community) to let the human peoples know that there is a cure for AIDS already here on planet earth. All we had to do was to recognize it.

The Red Dragon stirred the cauldron of Earth Conclave's heart, bringing forth new understandings of healing and health. These are some of the those understandings.

The Red Dragon is essential to the cures for all blood disorders. It holds all living red blood sacred. It delights in the pure clean flow of healthy blood. The Red Dragon celebrates all aspects of Life as It swims throughout our veins and vessels. It celebrates the sprouting, the blossoming, the fruiting, and the rotting, the never ending spiral of life, death and rebirth. The Red Dragon has come to awaken us to certain portions of the Blood Mysteries that are necessary to the healing of AIDS, hepatitis, leukemia, diabetes and all other blood related diseases.

One of our first understandings was that the Red Dragon’s touch can restore a broken heart.

Another basic tool It gave to us to share with all who are interested, is the Red Dragon Dinner. This is a feast in celebration of our living red blood. It is a time to sing the praises of our lives, to wonder aloud about the mysteries of existence, to embrace the goodness of life. It is a time to honor all who are thriving even though they have an HIV infection, have been touched by cancer, live with diabetes or any other blood disorder.

There are many ways in which this dinner works. One is that it brings the cures closer to a usable human reality each time the feast occurs, for it reminds us that the cures are already on Earth and that Life is sweet indeed. Another way that it works is that it empowers the Red Dragon to do what It needs to do. And for some reason, it also empowers the ancestors in this healing work on the many levels in which they are involved.

This is my communities’ basic setup for a Red Dragon Dinner in celebration of the cures for AIDS and all other blood related diseases. It is also a time for all folk to joyfully celebrate our own red living blood.

We start by decorating the dinning area in all shades of reds.

We set up a main altar/shrine to the Red Dragon and our red living blood some where in the space. The altar is composed of red images of the dragon, red altar cloths, red candles, red vases filled with red flowers, etc.

We cover the tables with red cloths. We set the tables with red dishes, napkins, flowers, dinosaurs, dragons and whatever other decorations that call to be a part of our feast.

We aim to serve delicious red food and drink. We serve anything red and delightful such as; borsch, lasagna, chili, beet pickles, salmon, shrimp, radishes, tomatoes, red raspberries pie, cherry pie, red devils food cake, etc. But, believe me, we are not shy about adding other foods, no matter what the color, to round out our sacred feast. As for red drink, we include both spirited drinks and drinks with no alcohol. We almost always include a good red wine and a wonderful punch of pomegranate, raspberry, and cranberry juices mixed liberally with sparkling water.

We encourage all participants to come wearing something red. Some folks come dressed all in reds. Some come with just red jewels, red scarves, red hats, red tennis shoes or even red underwear. The Red Dragon seems to be happy as long as each participant has something red somewhere on their body.

We ask folks to think about the beauty of healthy red blood throughout at least the day before the dinner, thanking the Red Dragon for our health and vitality. And as folks dwell upon these amazing gifts, they are asked to create toasts and blessings to share through out the dinner.

On the day of the feast:

The space is prepared as Folks arrive.

        Altars are set up and candles are lit.

        The tables are set up and laid out.

As Folks arrive:

        The Hostesses invite folks to place their objects on the altar

        Hostesses help folks lay out food and drink

            Main courses and desserts are laid out on the tables.

            Desserts are laid out buffet style on sideboards.

            The Feast begins with main courses.

                We go back with fresh plates to serve ourselves desserts

The Hostesses invite Folks to find their places at the tables.

After all have arrived and settled into their places at the tables, a hostess says:

Welcome one and all

to this Red Dragon Feast!

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        I hope that your your plates and drinking vessels are filled full with these delights offered in honor of the Red Dragon and the Red Living Blood.

May we all embrace this sweet Mystery:

The purpose of life is life!

        This is a time to relax into the magic. This is a time to imagine what it will be like when AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer and all other blood epidemics are a distant memory. It is a time to celebrate those who are living with a life threatening blood disorder and are thriving beyond all odds. This is a time to chose joy! It is a time to sing songs and to read poetry about the wonders of simply being alive. It is a time to share our dreams of the emerging sustainable cultures of beauty, balance and delight. This is a victory dinner. Name your victories out loud. Rejoice in love. Rejoice in health. Honor those whom you love in loud shameless voices. This is a harvest festival. What healing have you brought to fruition? What treasures have you brought to your communities? What healing miracles have flowed through your own blood? This is a celebration of Life! Raise your glasses and salute all of these wonders, interspersing throughout the dinner, the toast to the Red Dragon the Founder of the Feast and the Red Living Blood.

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        After all are sitting in their places with glasses and plates filled just before the feasting has begun:

        A hostess stands and raises their glass to again offer this first toast, the basic toast used throughout the dinner.

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        A second hostess then stands and prays, call and response:

Please repeat after me,

I am a traditional human being person of the Earth,

recognizing this as a Period of Great Change and praying.

I pray,
Let the Born of Flesh grow healthy and thrive.

I pray,
Help us be in a World of Beauty Balance and Delight.

I pray,
Let Blessing be to All the Earth.

In the Names I hold Sacred, I pray.

        After the prayer, a third hostess raises their glass and declares,

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        A fourth hostess stands and prays, call and response, the Red Dragon prayer.

Please repeat after me,

Red Dragon,

You who dance in our living blood,

You who love the mouth,

and the food,

and the shit,

and the asshole,

You who eat and are eaten,

You whose wings sparkle with ten thousand suns,


Come into me,

Enter my flesh,

Run in my blood,

Work in my hands,

Dance in my soul,

Live in me.

        After the prayer, a fifth hostess raises their glass and declares,

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the red living blood!

        One of the hostesses then stands up and leads the gathering in singing the Beauty Song to stir the energies and deepen the work. Sing the song until the time is ripe.

Beauty before us.

Beauty behind us.

Beauty to our left sides.

Beauty to our right sides.

Beauty above us.

Beauty below us.

We have beauty surrounding our lives.

        Another hostess ends the song by toasting:

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        The feasting then begins in earnest, becoming a time to truly enjoy each other's company and celebrating our living red blood.

        After the main courses are done, the tables are refreshed and the dessert is served. As the desserts are being eaten, ‘How the Mosquito Got Her Tale’ is told.

        A hostess stands up and says:

Let us hear this Tale of Blood Magic

and the Mosquito.

( Please go to

The Mosquito Spell )

        The Tale is told.

        When the final piece of pie has been eaten and the final toast has been spoken, it is time to end the feast by asking folks to stand and salute the Red Dragon one last time;

Hail to the Red Dragon!

Hail to the Red Living Blood!

        After this final toast, it is time to say good bye and thank you to the Red Dragon and all of the other guests, human and otherwise, wishing the Dragon and everyone a good night’s sleep and deep healing dreams.

        Lastly, here is an important point that is very good to remember. It is always a good thing for all who have been a part of the gathering to help clean up after the dinner. This is not only polite and very helpful to the hostesses, it is also essential to the setting of the spell-work, it grounds the spell-prayers in powerful acts of everyday magic.

        May we all dare to fully taste the Feasts of Life!

        Blessed Be.

The Red Dragon Dinner