A Basic Two Day

Pagan Spell/Prayer  Bead Workshop Outline



9:00 AM


Set the Intention for the workshop weekend (teachers create intention ahead of time)

Shaping Sacred Space to hold the group for two days

Cleansing - use water or lavender?



Invite the Elements:

            Air, Flame, Water, Stone & Spirit

Invite Ancestors/Descendants

Invite Mysterious Ones

Cover logistics of the Space (facilities, kitchen, etc.)


                        teachers introduce themselves

                        participants introduce themselves and answer the question, ‘What drew you?’

Overview of workshop

10:00 AM

Read a few Spell/Prayer Bead examples such as:

Daily Prayer BeadsFreya’s Beads

Mississippi WatershedEarth Conclave Prayer Beads

Household Blessing Beads

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Basics about Pagan Prayer/Spell Beads

A brief history and a few words on theory

Construction and Deconstruction Spell/Prayer Beads

                Building an Intention (a special bead to hold intention)

                What types of beads and how to choose them


                Tending your beads

                Decommissioning an old set of beads

       Types of Spell Prayer Beads

Personal formats

                 Daily Practice

                 Spell Workings

Community formats



12 Noon - 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 - 3:15 PM

Writing spell/prayer bead prayer for workshop

Build group intention for prayer bead sets

Gather words for prayer poem

13 beads, prayer lines (not including repeater lines)

Begin to write prayer poem in support of intention

3:30 PM

Shopping a Bead Studio

5:00 PM

Preparing for the evening’s ritual back at the space: set up tables, finish writing spell/prayer, arranging beads on beading board, etc.

6:00 PM


7:30 PM

The Threading of the Beads.

      We are all asked to hold this magic for at least a year and a day.

(threading spell/prayer beads in a sacred manner)

8:45 PM

Put Circle to Bed


1:00 PM

Awaken Sacred Space


2:00 PM

Ritual Reading of the Spell/Prayer Beads

Each of us read out loud and set our newly created spell/prayer beads

Practice layered magic

            We layer our spell/prayers together, creating a different type of energy

4:00 PM


4:15 PM

Checkout: questions and observations

5:45 PM

We thank the Mysteries

      Close the workshop

A Sample Post-Registration Letter

Greetings My Good Folk,

We are so happy that you will be joining us for this workshop.

This is the information that you will need to prepare for the coming Pagan Prayer Bead Workshop, March 31 & April. Please read it carefully.

The Class will be held at (address of workshop meeting space)

We will be starting the workshop at 9:00 AM sharp on Saturday, (first days date).

Class on Sunday, (second days date) will begin at 1:00 PM sharp.

Feel free to arrive around 8:45 AM on Saturday and 12:45 PM Sunday to get set up for class.

Our sliding scale for this workshop is (whatever is appropriate for the space and to cover other costs). Cash is good. A check is also welcome, but please ask us whom to write it out to when you get to class.

You may want to bring at least another $20 to $60 to possibly buy beads from a local glass worker whom we shall visit after lunch on Saturday. The bead maker has a wide variety of beautiful beads, running from $2 to $10, which would be perfect for our project. (This will of course, depend on the availability of a local bead maker or bead shop.)

We will be furnishing beading thread, needles, spacers and repeater beads. If anyone has any beads or other supplies to donate to this workshop, they would be gratefully appreciated.

We will be shaping-with (co-creating) the intention for our prayer/spell bead-working together on Saturday morning before we go to look at beads.

You will need to have thirteen beads, at least as large as the end of you middle finger, to hold your prayer/spell bead work. Feel free to gather these thirteen beads before you come to class.

You will also need one more bead to hold the intention of the spell/prayer beads’ intention

We will be going out for dinner together at the (local restaurant) on Saturday night.

Please copy the handouts that will be coming to you in separate mailings and bring them with you to class.

Other things to bring:

A beading board or flat wooden plate/platter if you have one. If terrycloth towel will work to hold the big bead and a small flat small beads will be just fine.

A pair of sharp scissors.

Treats to share with each other on our breaks for both days.

A sack lunch for Saturday.

Wear comfortable clothes.

You may want to bring house slippers.

! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

If you find that you are not able to attend this class, please let us know as soon as possible. There are folks on a waiting list wishing to join this workshop.

We are looking forward to joining your on this great adventure.

May we all dare to dwell in beauty, balance and delight.!

Donald (and other teacher?)

A Sample Workshop Flyer