Our oracular intention: 

    We are looking to deepen our contact with the Committee and are looking for ideas and information.  And deepening/ normalizing  personal relationships with them.


    We had three people acting as oracles at the same time; scribing was done by all the other participants as they were moved to do so; deep listening was done by anyone not acting as oracle or scribe.  People moved in and out of the oracular chairs in the middle of the group as they were moved to do so, so many people acted as oracles.  We didn't think to make a list of who spoke when, or which people were speaking at the same time - as a scribe or listener, I often heard different oracles commenting on or adding to things the other oracles were saying at the time, so many of these transcriptions are actually inter-related.


    Scribes were: Paul, Brita, Ceridwen, Jan, Donald, Michael, Kathy, Larry.

    Oracles were: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Hugh, Donald, Tim, Lisa, Diana the Elder, Sarah, Bonita, Michael, Jan, Wolfe, Ceridwen, Kathy, Diana the Younger, Eric.


     Each *** denotes the beginning of a different oracular speech.


Key:    (things in parentheses are variations heard by different scribes)

    [things in brackets are body movements and sounds made by oracles]

    things in italics are happenings or scribe’s commentary.


Words confuse me.  Who are you?

Wings take flight.  We are free.

We watch you.

Deep through the flowing waters.  Flow through the ground.

One step, one step is all it takes and you are on your way. 

One Dream.

Go where you will  [many paths] and all of them lead where you want.

Singing of a brook    Babbling

Unknown words, but everyone knows them.


Joy walks around us, sometimes hidden.

Believe, have faith in yourself.

Once, twice, three times listen for us.  We are there.

Up, wings, flight

Which one?   Here,   there     we go forwards,    above,    within?

Choices are not always easy.

Love, always, forever.

Believe in love.  We are always here.


She does not turn to go.  He does.  Laughter, faith.

One with all of us, dances,  He is around us, every where.  Once, again, he dances.  Flames dance higher and higher.  Always.

Turn, which direction will you go?  There are choices.

Birch.  We fly, we will be one.

Fly, silent, laughter.  Flying free, flying.

Fear the ground and it will hurt you.  Don't fly too near the sun.  Or fly to the sun and become one.

One step.  One step.  Move forward.

Which step?  Do you know?

One more doorway.  It's there, can you see it?



dancing, flying free

burn brightly in the sky, let your hearts fly free


We are always here.

Fear not for fear will let you down.


Find your (mask?) Which choice.

Let it be.

Make it  Laugh.


One leap at a time.  One grand leap, time after time, year after year.  They know where to go.  Which is yours?

We look down, we soar.  We are all together.  Choose.  What step.  Step off the cliff.  Trust.  Will you let us catch you or will you fall?

Do you know yourself?  Are you near?



I am called Winifred.

I am here to talk about the importance of verbal speech.

What is your plank? What symbols do you talk through?

Notice how you use your fingers. Why do you do what you do?

What is the essence of your communication?

It is hard to connect through the buzz of talking though wires and empty


It is not good to lose physical connection.

It harms both you and us.

How do you feel when trying to communicate miles and miles apart?

There are many of us (of the Committee) here (at spring Conclave) drawn by

the feel, rhythm, beat of your living hearts, the pulse created when you come

together, not just hanging in space and air.

It would be good to have more gatherings of the clan, the beings now here.

It will go further when other people join together. (When we join with other

people, clans?)

The altars are beautiful this year. (it is important that we continue a

commitment to Beauty?)

Share in the dragon energy.

There are many others here who wish to speak.

I will go now.


I am the veiled Moon.

I shine on all.

See my face through the trees.

See my true face.

Look on me.

My breath is a night wind that brings trance/dream to you.

Feel in your bones, loins, flesh ....

The bones dance under my light.

Taste the sweetness of the fungus that ripens in my light.

Do not rip away the veil. Do not shred it.

Gently lift it away from my face.

I see you through your shell.

I see your lights.

Dance a dance. Dance a reel.

I dance to the music.

Come be with me tonight.

I am in your dreams.

I will be with you always.

I am the Oak.

I dance much slower.

Feel my dance.

I see you.

In winter I see you in my sleep and dreams.˚

In spring I see you while I am awakening.

In summer I see you while fully awake.

In autumn I see you while falling asleep yet again.

I am the Oak King.

I am the Fey.

The Fey revel in the senses.

The mingled-senses.






Every combination.


I am the Dance.

I am more supple than the oak, than the wind, than the grass.

I am the Fey.

Because you called me, [he looks directly at me] I am here.

             I tell him I didn't call him but that there are many other here who may

             have. He just gives me a look as if to say, "Yes, of course," but not really

             believing it.

Do not fear me.

But, maybe you should! [said with a sly sense of humor]

             This guy seemed to be one of the Royals to me. Yet, more grounded than most.

             Nevertheless, he definitely had come to be a part of the Committee that has a taken us on.


[chanting sounds Native American]

Grasses growing along the river way

People emerging from the mud

A hut with a roof  thatched with shredded metal

"Why have you come to my house?"

"Have a cup of tea."

All that I know you know.

All that I know you know.

All that I know you know.

Planting a garden and embracing your love,

Daring to name that love in your own heart,

Oh the joy that is ours!

In your arms,

Oh what pleasures we shall explore!

Oh, you think that spirit has no body.

We laugh at your superstitions.

We long, we lust for your loins.

Dare to hold us.

We love you so.

Sit down, sit down.

Have a cup of tea.

My bed is made up fresh, made up for you and me.

Come and taste my love.

What joys!

What joys wait for us!

Remember the river.

Remember the mud.

Remember the tree and the hut with the thatched metal roof.

We wait.

We wait with hot tea and fresh sheets.

We wait.



For the help we give you, you must give help in return.

We are here with you or without you.

We want to be with you,

Sharing your laughter and your tears.

The sea-you call it lake - it is important.

You must pay attention to it!

Think of it often.

Be as a bird and fly over it.

Deep in the ground, here there is mystery as well.

The earth holds many secrets, some of which we can share with you.

Your dreams are but an altered consciousness.


You are loved. 

The dandelion carries many seeds on the wind. 

You are loved.

You are the flower, you are the seeds. You are loved.

Dragonflies dancing on the wind

(Do you)

To hear the music,

Listen to the voices in the wind.

Listen to your own voices.

How much you resist.

How afraid are you?

You are loved.

You are magical.

You are beauty, balance and delight.

You are our delight.

Sing, celebrate, dance,

Be filled with joy.

Dance your life.

Dance your pain.

Dance your choices.



Dance music with your life.

Deep loam of the earth,

Fertile soil,

Spongy moss, tree  roots,

You know these things.

You are these things.

You are earth.

You are light.

You are loved.


(Dance) Dancing


Lots of dances going together (all different speeds)

Twirling (that swirls) in and out together.


Fire dancing ,  Curling higher,   fire rising like bubbles.

                        (Lots of curlicues)

Fire dances in everything.   And through everything.

You do not fear me in your deep(est) heart.

Everything is swirling (little fires.)

                   (in swirling little fires.)




Swinging around,

Like arm from arm,

Connecting and separating,

Connecting and separating,

We dance with you.

We are in the same place. (space as you)

There is room for you and us in the same space.

We transparently swirl through (you).

You can fly and leap and do tumbling-over cartwheels like sideways (wheels) whirl-winds.

Where is the green?

In the dirt.

Everything meets under the dirt.

Trust the dirt,

(and) the dirt laughs too!

You are loved.

We love you and play with you.

Play with us more.

Laugh as you swirl.

The roots are brown, black, orange and striped.

Their tangle is the dance that's always moving,

(and they are tangles in the dance, always moving).


Death is our ally.

Birth is death for (from) what was.

You must enjoy it.

You have to (must) find a way (to enjoy it).


All the bodies shimmer with joy.

This dirt is rich.

The curly pattern of tree (the) roots is part of the fire.

Love the garden.

Be the garden.

Let your feet move in the pattern.

Yes, go dancing.



Make curlicues. Make curlicues, means, do some things just for fun.  Afterwards you'll know why.


We laugh sometimes.

It isn't personal.

We watch and see you make the same mistakes.

We know you are going to laugh when you figure it out.

It's all still rolling,

. . . moving,

. . . blowing,

Like it's not over.

Sometimes we wish we could just reach through and shake you.

It's all important, the mistakes and the problems.

The world is 70% water, the human body is . . . .

Things live and die, become bones,

Get ground into sand.

Water gets passed around.



Too many tracks cause confusion.

Nose in a forest/eyes behind the trees.

We are the leaves in the forest that grow and fall and fertilize the forest.

Don't overanalyze what you do.

You know the next step, take it.

So many paths intersecting in the forest.

The breeze has a voice.

Cultivate your ability to hear the voice of the wind.

Understanding comes in the still heart.

Study your breath.  Your breath is the key.

Feel the energy flow from your hands,

[he is weighing the air with his hands to find balance].

The future is in your hands,

How you move them, how you shape it.

Star spins in the sky, above the clouds, made up of smaller stars.

Love is the key.

Live love.

A woman with dark hair blowing in the wind has an earring shaped like a dreamcatcher.

I'm here, you made it fun, don't stop or I'll leave.

The lord of the hunt wears the antlers.

Around the fire the hunting is good.

The ancestors are here.

The lady and the lord.

The whirlwind is the wall that keeps us safe.

"This necklace of teeth I wear to remind me . . ."

Death is a doorway to a new reality.

The door is very thin, you must turn sideways to move through.

A leap of faith.

Your wings will bear you up.

One with the eagles.

Belly laugh.

Fear and you fall.

Love the air and it bears you up.

Mother bear with a necklace of cowry beads.

Will protect us if we ask her to.

She has a secret.  To find it, take the next step.

One more step leads to new territory, new people, and a new you.

Feel the warmth of the campfire.

Sparks rise to become the stars

I shed a tear for the shortness of your life and the length of mine.

A tear of joy.

We are always here.





Choose a mask and look through it and you will see us.

Where do you connect with others?

How do they join you?

Explore this and you will find us.

Stones in a stream, clear water,

Catch the salmon, eat its flesh

Learn its knowledge’.

It will teach you what you need to know.

A woman lifts her skirt  to show her secret.

Why are we chained?

We will be free.

We fly, we scream, we die.

We are born again.

We are not just one color.

You choose our colors.



Are you near?





Believe in ?

You are not alone in your work.

Do you think you are alone?


Always believe,

Falter and you fall.




We believe we can (carry?) you

Believe in yourself

Do you see them

We area here with you

Leaves of the forest

Always changing

You are yourself

Leaves of the forest

Season after season

year after year              you're always here

we will be here

Do you believe?







So many.

So few.

Why do you wait?

Have we not been here for you?

Why are you unwilling to take a chance?

What do you need?

Signs? Omens? Permission?

From who?


So cold without you.

Will you take your hand away?



Beyond the dark .. ?

Beyond the dark.




Open your eyes.

Open my lungs.

Help me breathe.



your breath,

your hand,

my heart.


No room,


Can't move,

Lift me up.


Don't lose us.

We run deeper than you know.

You will find us beneath what you have forgotten.


Now, always now.

Yesterday is too late.

Must be now.


Your hands will hold both.

Yes, it's almost time.

You know more than you think you do.

Why ask it?


[places her hands over her heart]

Not yet.

Don't move on too soon.

Listen; you will know when the step comes.

Move without knowledge and you will miss the next step when it comes.


You know who your dance partner is.




[pleasure full looks - moaning, humming, low vocalizing]

I'm sitting across from you at the table and I take your hand.  It's dark in the room but light from the next room ... and you look into my eyes.  I look into your eyes.

Sitting across from each other at the table.

We can't hold hands.

But we can look into each other's eyes.

Your eyes are violet   -    lavender.

Your eyes are smoky, like a small fire.

Your eyes.     Your eyes.

And you're sitting ...

and I'm sitting looking out of your eyes..

Around us are  [smiles] children - waiting - around us 

And your hand and my hand. [hands moving]

We touch every one of these children.

We touch their ears, the sides of their faces.. we hold their faces up to us


There's a garden, a garden,

[hands moving as if touching children.  hands moving low to ground],

And we gather everything up in our arms to take with us to our new home.

This is not our home, where we are now.

We're on a balcony

Looking out on a sea and it's dark.

And I remember your hand is on my hand on the balcony.

We look up, there's a moon. We look down on street lights(string of lights).

The air is warm and fragrant.

The clouds move quickly.  It all moves quickly. 

It's like life, it's swift and round.

Swift and round.

Most of what we know of life comes from a kiss.

Without that, there's no swiftness.

It's all in the periphery of our vision,

because our mouth is empty. With no kiss.

Everything happens behind us.

Everything happens behind us.

I know who I dance with, 'cause I look in their eyes.

Your mouth and my mouth are right there. 

There's no escaping life.  There's no need to (escape that.)  It's right there.



I see white marks on a black wall.

It's very busy.

They're so green and warm.



Water flowing.

It's a great river.

It separates us from you.

We can see you.

You can't see us.

Some of you do sometimes, but you want more.

                                                           (aren't sure)

It moves.

There is such beauty in your lives.

Look for it.  We are always here.


The river that separates us also connects us.

This river connects all of you , too

It's like a river of light.


You are doing important work.

You are doing important work.

Keep your faith.

We are helping with this connection.





You delight us.


Do not be afraid.


We are the watchers. 

We are the dreamers. 

We are the roots ... deep, deep, deep into the earth.

Deep joy.  Laughter, rollicking, belly laughs.     Waves.    Let it flow.

Fear will not serve you.


Deep, deep in the heart, (is) a fountain. 


There is a dancer.

The dancer spins and leaps.

Leaping higher like a fire.

The horned one.

An arrow to the heart.

Turn sideways and look again.

Take the first step.

Take another step.

Take a great leap into the unknown.

Step off the cliff!

Be one with the air, with the wind.

The laughter holds you up,

Or fly into the sun and become one.

A Native American woman watches.

Her eyes shine, she does not speak.

Where are you now?

What dimension does it lead to?

What new knowledge?

You are a spark.

Become a sun.


We will never leave you.

Who are you?

Let it be.

Earth and stone.

We are the dragon.

A rainbow.



I am called Iwallah (ee wallah).

You have answers within yourself.

You know your pathway.

We are witness to you, not vice versa.

What you live is already there ...

The past, present, future have already begun.

Don't seek us for answers.  It is within you.

Trust each other.  Trust yourselves.

By choosing your path, trust that you'll know.

The answer is with you.

Honor and trust (respect) each other.

That's the true energy (spirit), the true light,

The here and the now.

We are with you, to support you and lend energy, but you know the answers.

The future is written ... it's drawn.

(It's strong.)  It's good.

Don't falter, we're supporting you.

We love you in all that you do.

Just trust each other, love each other. Don't doubt.

The animal spirits are (also) here to help you.  They're part of the energy.

In your homes, in the woods, in the zoos even though they don't like it there,

they're there to help.

It's important to honor the earth (but you know that).

Don't lose the grasp of that.

(But that's why you're here.)

Blessed Be.




Ah  [singing..]

I can feel your love.

I'm so grateful.

You know I love in return.

But you're so afraid,

And I understand,

The tragedy is everywhere,

But don't forget the beginning. The start.




In the dark  ...   there's so many answers.

Close your eyes  ...  breathe ...  breathe ...

very deeply  [breathes deeply].

Feel inside yourself.

Tremble like a leaf and fall ... and fall..

We will catch you at the bottom.

We will turn you   ...    is  ...   the world ...

We'll spin you    ...   will spin.

Stay grounded.

Remember...   remember us.

[arms to shoulders]

Feel your bodies  ...   move your bodies

Feel every pore, every trickle of water,  blow ...

Don't forget the simple things ...

the         ...        of the    ...      water?        ...        universal?       ...     earth?




[hand and arm swinging, waves & spirals, mudras, hands spirals, upwards ...

then rain and twinkling fingers down.  Open hands at bottom.

One hand on face, then both on face  ...  moving,  holding up face, caressing ...

Touching heart ...

Namaste gesture ...

fingers moving]

Take up your courage, sweet bright ones.

Build labyrinths of stone and straw,    wheat and sand ...

Walk ...

Walk thou gently, seeking answers, seeking questions.



Be gentle with yourselves.

Kindness matters.

Do not poison your(own) thoughts. (Do not poison the river.)

There is much to be healed and that is good work.

We honor thy courage & strength.

(My laughter and joy  ...   when you feel, know that we are there.)

When you feel your balance falter, we will be there.

( We wish you ) peace and love and joy,

Great, great joy.

[bows with hands open and arms out.  Brings hands back together on lap, fingers touching.]



A bear sitting (sleeping) in a cave.

It's warm - fire - angry, decomposing (decomposition).


Fear is good.

Death feeds you.


Bodies beneath the ground.

Bodies in pine boxes.

Earth (?)   push(?)

Be bold.


Black cat.

It's real.

You have all the information, you just need to access it.

The answers are inside you.

It's right there for the reaping.

Lazy, foolish children.

It's right in front of your eyes.


You are not time's slave.



Play the music.

Show them love, give them care.

I like laughter.

I need a   (?)  watch (?)




Thunder ...

An open field ...

An open field  ... green ...  and thunder ...

Turbulent sky ...

There's no right or wrong here.

An oak, a birch, 

a fire dances in the trees.

(Dances ... Wind ... Trees )

And thunder sings.

(We are ...)

We sing back,         sing back.

It's important to go where there is no right or wrong.

(It is important to go whether it is right or wrong.)

A field  ... (feel)  ...  (on fire)  ...                     

Is it right?  Wrong?     Perhaps.

Stream bed.

Polished stones glistening.

Transparent like eggs.

Eggs at the bottom of the stream.

They are shining and new.



Stream from a rock.

(... hanging out of a rock)

Half in shadow.

Drink the water.

How does it taste?

We want to know.

(We wanna know how the water tastes.)

If you drink from the dark water,

Or the light water,

How does it taste?

Those are our eggs at the bottom of the stream.

We leave them there.  We left them there.

Do not disturb them.  We want to know,

Where does the stream go?

Where is a field?  We wanna know,

Where is thunder?

We wanna know what is right and what is wrong.

We want to see that go away.

It means nothing!

The banks are muddy for a reason;

We want you to slip on the mud,

That's how we get you (in.)

(We want to know how the water tastes.)

Then taste us, tell us about water.



Why are you still talking?

We are lost in waters that should be familiar.

It is never old.

We are new every day.

We are familiar but we are always new.


We cannot stop.

We are always spinning.

Over and over ...

Over and over ...

It is (there's) always new.

Shhhhhhh ...

Why are they (we) still talking for you?!

Spring Earth Conclave  - Culture Building

Getting Closer to the Committee of Mystery

Friday Night (April 22, 2005) Oracular Party