A Midsummer Visit

To the Roadhouse of the Dead

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2015

    I was drawn to go out onto the front porch. Standing there, I heard a chorus of breezes softly singing the praises of the full sun. I stepped out the front door into the dappled sunlight under the trees standing sentry on each side of the entrance dressed in a white seersucker suit, white shirt and tie, white shoes and socks, with white moonstones in my ears and my wedding ring on my finger. It was a windy day with a blue summer sky and a sense of adventure filling the air. It came to me. I was going to a grand yard party at the Roadhouse of the Dead. I shamelessly laughed out loud with delight. The winds suddenly caught me up and flew me to the Docks in St. Paul.

    It was a beautiful traveling day. Sunna was at her best and brightest. She was the most beautiful sun of them all! Big summer cumulous clouds had begun to join us, entertaining us with their fanciful shapes and colors. Cool breezes skimmed across the water, refreshing both the folks dressed in their finest white Midsommer wear and those whose fur, feathers, or scales seemed to shine with a radiance of its own. We all danced to a mellow jazz band and enjoyed delicious h'orderves and sparkling drinks as we made our way downriver to the Roadhouse. It was a very pleasant and entertaining trip.

    I was greeted at the docks by Rick, David, Donald, and Dicky Lee, all also dressed in wonderful summer whites. They each greeted me with a warm hugs and sweet kisses. Rick took me by the hand as he said, “Come, let’s join the others.” The four of them lead me through the grounds of the Roadhouse while the quietly gossiped about things that I didn’t understand and folks that I did not know.

    I focused on my surroundings. The gardens were lush with summer blossoms. The short forbs and grasses that composed the lawn were thick and flourishing. The tree folk radiated the whole gathering with deep comfort and relaxation. It was a pure pleasure to simply breath and be blessed by these greenbloods.

    The five of us walked amongst the picnickers spread out on the lawns and amongst the groves and along the river beaches. It was delightful to share a warm companionable stroll with these folk whom I missed so much. I sometimes still forget that they are no longer living inhabitants of Midgard. I must  admit, a touch of melancholy shaded my pleasure as we continued to meandered slowing through the lawns, gardens, woodlands, and river shores making our way to some unknown (to me) destination.

    Amongst an open grove of Burr Oaks, I saw in the distance, a large group of folks who seemed to be familiar. As we came closer to the gathering, I recognized them to be my kith and kin; ancestors, mysterious ones and other relations. I felt relieved, excited, and extremely happy. I was filled with an unbearable loving longing to be be held and loved by, to feast and celebrate the ‘Wonder of It All’ with these beloveds. I shivered with an indescribable cosmic joy which broke out into a song/laugh/cry/greeting/yoik. It was so good to be here.

    On the grass, in the shade of the oak grove, a u shaped arraignment of tables covered with white linen cloths were set up. Chairs, benches, and coaches filled with my kith and in lined the tables. All types of deliciousness filled the tables surfaces. Among other things, there were a wide variety of salads, dishes of cold meats, pickles, and cheeses, tureens of chilled soups, plates of cakes and pies of all description, and fountains of drinks sparkling in the sunshine.

    Sitting and wandering around the tables I saw so many of my folk. Many of them wanted to talk to me about ‘change’.

    Grandmother Bear, “Change. Healthy rhythmic change feeds the cubs. Unhealthy chaotic change, the cubs starve. Feed Change and it will feed you.”

    Ing, “Remember Donald, plant as if you will live forever, knowing that you may die before the rising of the next moon.”

    Hera, “Change blossoms into beauty and plenty when the habits of the Seasons are embraced and celebrated.’

    Bridgit, “Sheep are conceived, fed, sheared, butchered, and are born again. Cherries sprout, blossom, fruit, rot, and are born again. Stars shine, fertilize, wither, die, and are born again. We all are part of the Great Cycles of Life.”

    Thor, “Breathe the lightning into your belly. Let it spread its healing powers throughout your whole being. Breathe in change. Breathe in the storm.”

    The Three Queer Brothers sang sweetly in my ears, “There is enough for all! There is plenty! There is enough for all in our hallowed halls of pleasure.” Their lustful laughter tickled my ears as they quickly licked my ears. They then whispered, “Let Change feed the fires of lust and desire.”

    The Great Mare, “Dance amongst the blowing grasses. Change grows in their roots and seed heads. Stand still and listen!”

    The Honey Bees buzzed, “Taste the sweetness of living honey. Ride the wild winds. Understand the honey wisdom of change. Know that you are a part of what the world sweet and delicious!”

    The White Wolves howled, “Know again the invigorating thrill of claiming your own living red blood. Dare to breathe in the scent of living red blood! Breathe in the scent of change. You are the hunter and the hunted! Rejoice, we all feed the living Earth!”

    Kwan Yin, “Donald, it is time again for you to consciously embrace the only constant in the multiverse. Sweet heart, it is time for you to renew you relationship to Change.”

    Great Grandma Lena, “Donald, what is the purpose of life? Life! Live it fearlessly without shame!” She raised her glass high into the air and loudly declared “To Life!” Everyone at the gathering immediately stood up and echoed, “To Life!”

    I needed a little break from hanging out in the crowd. I poured a drink and went to stand quietly by myself to simply enjoy watching everyone have a good time. As I stood there, Hera walked over to me. She said, “Donald, go sit by yourself for a while on that little peninsula over there.” Hera pointed upriver to a willow covered point of land with a white sand beach sticking out into the river. “Go and sit for awhile. Open your eyes and then open them again.”

    I quietly walked over to the peninsula. On the edge of the willows at the tip of the point, I found and sat in a elaborately carved red granite chair perched a few feet above the flowing waters. I relaxed and looked into the river. As I gazed into its swirling self I began to become aware of the myriad potentialities and possibilities which could be manifested into the Present in the coming months and years. I was hypnotized by their intricacies. The waters wove and flowed themselves into incredible designs which swept me into another consciousness, into a place of endless possibilities. These beautiful designs were way to intricate for me to truly grasp. And I have no idea how long I sat there in wonder. Though, I do remember one thing most clearly. I came to understand that there is absolutely no set pattern, future, or outcome to anything in this cosmos. There is no immutable truth. Change is the only constant of the multiverse! Only choice brings the probable into manifestation.

    Rick eventually came over to collect me. “Donald it’s time for the dessert ices.” He took my hand and lead me back to the gathering.

    We joined the others to feast on amazingly delicious fruit ices: melon, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, pineapple, orange, cherry, plum, pear, apple, kiwi, mango, blackberry, rhubarb, etc. Most of the sounds that we shared with each other while eating were the simply sounds of pleasure. It was a time of comfortable quiet conversations and satisfied palates.

    I was invited to stay for the fireworks. I happily accepted. I had never been invited to stay so long and late into the night at the Roadhouse before. The fireworks were amazing, magnificent, superb! Every color imaginable burst into the air forming such things as flowers, trees, butterflies, bears, bees, swimming humans, running horses and blue whales. I lost all sense of time. It felt as if we cheered and clapped for the wonderful show all night long. All too soon though, it was time to for me go back home.

    My family all hugged and kissed me good-bye, wishing me an abundant and joyful Midsommer season. Great Grandma Lena whispered to me just before I said my farewells, “Remember this time as you move through the late summer. You may just need to tap into this sweetness more than once.” I then thank everyone for a wonderful time and invited them to visit Hector House whenever they were able.

    Spark, my cousin, the winged horse, offered to fly me home. I accepted gratefully. I spent my quick flight home wondering what had happened while I was gazing into the river and while watching the fireworks. I tried to hold onto some of the visions, I knew there were many layers to this visit. I realized that I was only able to perceive a smidgen of the sensory input available. I comforted myself with the knowledge that I was coming home with a deeper understanding of ‘Change’ and that I had had a hell of good time at the Midsommer family gathering.

    When I arrived back at Hector House, the sun still shinning and harp music was still playing on the iPad. It felt odd to realize that I had not been gone for over 12 hours. I had been gone for just over an hour. I had to laugh. Anyway, it was now time for Mark and I to begin our own Midsommer Feast! And indeed, we had a delightful feast.

Dare to open your eyes,

And then open them again!

Bless Uncertainty!

Bless Fluidity!

Bless the Never Ending Powers of Change!