Kwan Yin


The Kwan Yin of Abundance and Plenty

I honor Kwan Yin,

You who teach us to embrace transformative loving compassion,

You who teach us to delight in abundance,

You who teach us to delight in enough,

You who teach us the inherent powers of a soft touch

And a sweet kiss.

    This beloved Gidden’s full name is Guanshi’yin, meaning - Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World. She is also called Guanyin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin, Kan’non, Gwan-eum, Kuan Eim, Quan Am, Kwan Im ...

    Some say that Kwan Yin first came into being as a little boy who grew up in the High Himalayas to become the bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara (Lord who looks down). It is said that when Avalokitesvara learned to fully opened his heart, he transformed into his true self, the lovely and compassionate Kwan Yin. It is rumored that she/he can now transmute into any human biological expression at will, but prefers to most often celebrate herself in a physical form many of us often call womanly.


Gidden of Loving Compassion

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2009

    Guan Yin was one of the very first of the Mysterious Ones to fully embrace the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. It is said that she was among those who stirred the Cauldron of Change to set the first spells which called forth the inspirations that eventually grew into the emerging Cultures of BB&D. Guanyin is also committed to the nurturance all who consciously choose to live lives of deep loving compassion. And, as of old, She still gently holds all who call upon the powers of goodwill and kindness.

    Kan’non adores Trans-folk. She/he finds them delightful and precious beyond measure. Kuan Eim tells me that Trans-folk are essential to the emerging Cultures. She tells me that if human cultures do not remember how to fully embrace Trans-folk, our cultures will never thrive. In fact, Quan Am has been heard to say, that if Trans-folk are not an active and on going part of creating a culture, that culture is sure to slowly wither away.

    Kwan Yin, Cybele, the Three Queer Brothers and Fee Fee are dear feres. They are devoted to Queer folks. They can often be found at celebratory queer events; gay pride parades, cutting edge queer theater performances, art openings, poetry readings, sex rituals, etc. These six Queer Mysterious Ones are always present at all Queer marriages and handfastings. Kwan Yin, Cybele, the Three Queer Brothers and Fee Fee have also joined with other Mysterious Ones in their determination to reintroduce carnival, seasonal fairs, and public dancing in the streets to the whole of the Good Green Earth. It is a real delight to hear them laughing long and loud while sharing stories of their seductive adventures throughout the Queer worlds.

    Hera, Freya and Bridget are also beloved feres of Guan Yin. They are dear girl friends. The gossip flies and spins around their escapades. Some say that they are more than just ‘girl friends’. Some say that wherever they go, nothing and no one remains the same. It is said that they shake the foundations of cultures steeped in the rhythms of power over by simply dancing shamelessly to the joyful Songs of Becoming and Transformation. Some say that the mere sight of them holding each other while lounging after dancing the night away stirs the sleeping flames of desire in the coldest hearts. All that I know for sure, is that Kwan Yin, Bridget, Freya and Hera are deeply in love with each other. They are at each other’s beck and call at any hour of the day or night. Their devotion to one another is unshakeable. They went through the Great War together. They have supported each other in love, death and rebirth. They have stood with each other at handfastings and dissolvements. Their constancy, faithfulness and fidelity to each other deeply inspires me and informs the ways in which I tend to my own committed relationships.

    Kwan Yin is also devoted to the Dragon Peoples. They have been in love with each other for eons, from the time they were children on the edge of time. The Red Dragon and Guanyin are particularly close. It is said that if you watch carefully and quietly during thunderstorms and great rains you can see them dancing together in the Great Rivers of Earth. I myself, have seen them dancing in the Mississippi River during summer storms and skating it’s thick ice during blizzards.

    Recently Kan’non has been seen spending much time with someone new.

    She spends a great amount of time around and in her beloved waters. Guan-eum loves the waters and all who live in and around them. She adores the oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, pools, springs and wetlands of Gaia.

    One Summer Solstice morning not long ago, Guanyin, while walking the shores of the Chukchi Sea not far from the the mouth of the Amguyema River, spied a very handsome man softly chanting above the Summer waters. Curiosity drew her closer. Kwan Yin heard the man singing healing songs to the Polar Bears and the Deep Ices of the North. She noticed that as the man’s tears fell from his cheeks into the living sea, pale, shinning, healing fractals formed and spread across the waters, blessing the whole of the Arctic.

    ‘I must meet this person.’ Guan Yin said to herself. She began to sing softly a blessing song of deep compassion for all life that dwells in the beautiful waters of the Far North. The man turned to see who was so lovingly supporting his prayers. Their eyes met, and they say, a new light was seen dancing with the Aurora Borealis that evening. This is the story I heard from Hera and Ing about how Kuan Eim met Njord, Nordic God of the Pleasant Lands, father of Freya and Frey.

    I have heard that they have become incredibly close. Njord and Kan’non have been seen out together at the opera, at Roadhouse of the Dead get togethers, snorkeling in the South Pacific, sharing fresh grilled prawn on the beaches of southern Italy, touring down the Yellow River. The gossip is, that there is a new love blooming in the Realms of Mystery.

    Kwan Im has also been instrumental in introducing many of the Mysterious Ones to a variety of types of yoga. She and Ganesha have been inviting Mysterious Ones from many different realms to study the yogic arts with them. Both of them often show up with guests to my own Kundalini yoga class. One week Ganesha and Guan Yin brought Hera, Cybele, Bridget and the Purple God to class. It was a very interesting night. What fun!

    Guan Yin is one of the Giddens who have made homes for themselves on every continent and shore of the Good Green Earth. She declares, ‘Wherever I am, I am at home.’

    Kan’non’s blessings flow freely to all. Her kindness heals the gravest wounds. Her deep compassionate love goes out to all beings throughout the multiverse.

    May we all open ourselves to her gentle wisdom.

Kwan Yin holds a special place in her heart for:

    Long walks under a full moon with her feres and lovers

    Seaside resorts, picnic beaches and spas

    Gourmet cooking

    Healing springs

    Exquisite fashion


    Temples of love and beauty

    Meditative gardens

    Pearls, jade, pale diamonds, emeralds, moonstones and marble


    Abundance and plenty for all

    Thunderstorms and blizzards

    Community festivals, seasonal fairs and street dances

Guanyin is a Friend of:

The Orchid Clan

The Peony Clan

The Lily Clan

The Rose Clan

The Willow Clan

The Pie Clan