A Visit to the Earth Conclave’s

Astral Clan-House Hearth

From the notes of Sarah, Mark, Bonita & Donald

Friday, September 30, 2011


We go to the Earth Conclave’s Astral Clan-House

to Celebrate in our Communal Spirit Hearth.

We Journeyed from the Main Hall to the banks of the Spirit Mississippi River. We walked down a path through the woods down the bluffs to the bank of the River where we found the same white docks that we have used before. We made our ways over the River in a variety of ways: some boated, some swam, some walked over and under the water.

We came up on the bank next to the Earth Conclaves Astral Clan-House. Our stone table in the front yard was laid out, as if ready for our arrival.

A woman with a single long shinning braid was inside stirring something in a cauldron at the hearth.

There were personal guides at the Clan-House waiting for some of us.

Michael was met by a guide.

There are many bears waiting. Some of them were the bears that were here the last time we came. It was the first visit for some of the bears. There were also bears on terraces on the side of the bluff watching us.

There was also someone standing on top of the bluff looking down with a pensive look on her face. Was she a were-dragon?

We were supposed to get things out of the cupboards. We got things out to celebrate (food, dishes, glasses, drinks, etc.).

A giant easel appeared holding a canvas/blanket. Are we to paint on it? Images of a wide variety of folks sitting at a heavily laden table enjoying a great feast appeared on the canvas.

In the large back yard between the River beach and the bluffs on the north side of the Clan-House in the middle of the lawn a huge fire pit had been built. It was filled with a gigantic stack of burning logs. The flames were immense. Around the fire three rings of beings were wildly dancing to Songs of Transformation. We did not understand the language of the songs. The inner circle of dancers were wolves. The middle circle of dancers were bears. The outer circle of dancers were horses. This is one of the Hearth Fires of this alliance. Earth Conclavers can become a circle in this dance. Some of us did. All four species have a very high potential of being nurtured and blessed by this alliance.

Many of us began stroking, touching the bears’ warm fur.

There was a human appearing man dressed in dark clothing standing a ways behind the bears.

Honey Bees flew in and out of the Clan-House windows.

In the Clan-House kitchen stood cupboards with woven screen doors. On it’s shelves were many different crockery bowls in a variety of sizes. Some of the bowls had red, blue, white and green Scandinavian designs painted on them. Some of us cut up apples and filled some of the bowls. Other bowls were filled with berries. Yet others were filled with a mixture of honey, apples and berries. Conclavers and bears carried the bowls outside and placed them on the large stone table in the front yard. More food and drink soon followed and were set on the table.

“I fed my bear a berry and my heart feels practically too big to fit in my chest.”

The oven was on with nothing baking inside of it. There was a unbaked pie (apple?) sitting on the counter. It smells of cinnamon.

“So what the heck, I put it in the oven.”

There were pitchers of fresh cream also on the counter.

“I hear breathing, breath. I can feel life force. I hear a murmuring that is not a human sound. I smell apples in storage, crisp leaves, baking bread, stew, soup ... I feel hands on my shoulders. I hear some one call, ‘Wake Up!. Breath in the smells. Live! Join the laughter.’”

There was a storm coming up. The winds were rising. Clouds were pouring in, filling the sky from the west.

Many more of us joined the Dancing Circles around the bonfire in the back yard. Our dancing created its own winds, its own energies. The animals (wolves, bears, horses, bees and humans) asked each other questions.

“The horses are untamable. The bears and wolves only flourish in the wild. The honeybees are dedicated to their own form of domesticity. The humans are searching for their lost homes. We are all trying to understand how the wild and the domestic comes together to form thriving communities.”

Michael was taken into a huge cavern under the bluffs overlooking the Clan-House. It is where the dragons meet. Many paths lead to their lairs. One can hear running water in the dragons’ cavern. The rocks of the cavern were glowing with a blue-white light.

The animals dancing around the bonfire were excited that the dragons were here. It was the circle dance around the fire that awakened the dragons. The dragons lit their hearth fire beneath the bluffs.

The Honey Bees were singing dragon songs.

More bears were there than usual.

Invisible ghost bears were there.

The bones of the ancestors were there.

Michael said that Death was who came to greet him when he first arrived.

The man behind the bears was Death. He now looked like a skeleton.

“Do not be afraid. Death is only one of my names.”

The pies were done.

Death would like a slice of pie with fresh cream.

The bear ghosts come closer. Feel the warmth of there fur.

Death wants to party.

Death speaks every language. He speaks the language of the cooking of the food. Death is gracious and gentle. It has come to our house as a guest. What were we going to feed him? Pie? Pie of course, along with sweet honey, whipped Devonshire cream, and hot chocolate.

“I haven’t had anything this rich for a very long time.”

There are crystals that reflect light in the rocks of the dragons’ cavern. A dragon puts a piece in the hearts of all the beings present. Our hearts lit up, flaming into a blaze.

One of us had been merged with the hearth stones listening to the slow heart beat of the stones guarding the hearth.

The large canvas was now filled with a beautiful display of food and drink of all kinds. Death reached into the picture, grabbed items and puts them on the table.

The storm breaks.

We all gathered (the Ancestors joined us) in the dragons’ cavern taking the food and drink with us. We toasted each other in the Eye of the Storm. We could hear the storm raging outside.

Jennifer sat alone in a dark room listening to the kitchen talk and the activities in other places. A being brought her a beautiful large round lit seasonal candle. It then brought her gifts: a perfect pumpkin, a book (an old treasure for people who have come through this place), a large rough red stone (ruby or garnet) with flames inside of it. The stone is the size of a cantaloupe . The stone has some significance but she doesn’t know what it is.

It is getting close to the time that we will need to say good-bye and go back to the Main Lodge. We can come back to the Earth Conclave Astral Clan-House at any time that we want to. We are invited to find our own rooms at the Clan-House.

The dragons welcomed us to come back to visit them in their cavern. We were invited to come to the Red Dragon Meeting Room. The dragons invited us to journey with them. They invited us to climb onto their backs to fly on long adventures.

Some of us went to the gardens on the top of the bluffs. The gardens were filled with rich and ripe fruits and vegetables. The gardens were filled with an abundance for us all to share.

Michael was taken up to the gardens by Death. They stood in the midst of the apple orchard and watched as apples were transformed into a pies (good red blood), then eaten and shat out to a new beginning! Death laughed joyously.

The bears live part time at the Clan-House. They prefer the lower terraces. Grandmother Bear has full access to the whole of the Clan-House and its lawns and gardens. She loves the kitchen.

As we pursue this work about the communal hearth, great promise, blessing, harvest will come our way. This is one reason the dragons are so excited.

“Consciously choose what you plant in your gardens. Then actively choose to nurture, tend and harvest what you have started.”

Death said, “Communal Hearth = Great Change.”

The honey bees, wolves and horses reminded us that they too are a tribal people, just like the monkey people (human beings). The horses, bees and wolves also reminded us that the bears do not live in groups. They encouraged us to learn (remember) about living in groups.

The Mosquito People said, “Do not forget us!”

The Ancestors are very excited about us doing this work again.

Layers of writing and art are recorded on the walls of the hearth, layer upon layer forming sigils that cover the walls. Each stair step has a sigil hidden within it guiding and blessing us on our path.

There is music for us to bring back and share.

“There are songs and dances waiting to help, inspire, transform you and your hearth.”

Death told us to look into his red eyes, to honor the stone people, to notice the red stone (the red stone are his eyes?).

The red stone is a song.

And the red stone is simply a red stone.

There will be more to come.

I saw a big old book sitting on the table. A strong wind blew the pages so quickly that I couldn’t see what was in it. A claw (paw?) suddenly held the pages still, covering them completely. A dragon (bear?) said to me, “You are not to look at this (at this time?).”


We crossed the Spirit Mississippi and found a place to circle by the docks. Here in the circle, we shared more about our time at the Astral Clan-House. When we were done we made our way up the bluff to the Main Hall where we ate delicious fresh baked home-made pie.

Welcome home to Midgard.

The Addendum

   Mark’s Addendum: Anubis Answers a Couple of Questions from the Journey to the Clan-House

    Mark, upon seeing the Man-In-Black during the astral journey:  “Anubis is that you?”

    Anubis appears wearing a black Armani suit with a red silk tie.  On his head is a black top hat with a long red silk scarf tied around the hat, tales trailing down the back (where do the ears go…?):  “no, there are many, many death gods/gate guardians who humans call Death.  None of us actually cause death.  Time, fate, karma, choice, nature, entropy (and the list goes on and on) all help form the scythe of death which humans are so fond of envisioning.  We are the energy/process, culmination of all that.  Sometimes we are seen as a grey-eyed lovers kiss.  We hold the gate of the next Mystery.”

    Mark:  “can you speak to the other name of Death being Abundance”

    Anubis:  “I am he who lives on the cypress (cedar?) mountain”  [This is the second time Anubis has referred to this.  He made a similar statement at Winter Witch camp 2011.  I get the sense/vision that he used to live on a mountain covered in Cedar/Cypress.  The forest has been completely cleared in the intervening years] “I taught the funerary arts to one of your peoples, many of us did.  It was a way for you to take part in the great magic/transformation; to help connect with and understand the Great Mystery that Death is (feelings and images equating to ‘elegance’).  However, like so many things humans had to take it and make it into something else.  I gave you salts, oils, incense and ritual.  You turned it into man-made stone mountains filled to over flowing with your wealth of abundance (Images and feelings of ‘crass’ or ‘not-elegant’)”

Anubis told me to review some of the Conclave notes.  He pointed out “knowing when more is more; when it brings only rot and rust into overcrowded closets”

    I asked if there was ‘threshold’ or ‘limit’ to abundance. He seemed to ponder this and pointed out “6 months of supplies”  He seemed to speak and show visions of carefully stocked pantries and community being able to ‘take care of itself by combining efforts’ for 6 months.  He asked “what must die for room to be made? What must transform in order to clear out/reveal the abundance you have/need?”

    I tried to ask/picture if abundance was Death’s gift (ok I really should have known better but it was one of those trance-y moments).  Anubis laughed “You know my answer already.  Of course death feeds life.  It is called dirt”  He also pointed to the passage about Abundance=Diversity.