Ing is one of the Original Progenitors of planet Earth. Ing is the father of Njord and the grandfather of Frey and Freya. He is also the father of the Yngling Lineage, the first dynasty of Swedish Kings. Ing is honored by many as one of the Great-Queer Uncles of all queer spirit folks of Midgard. 

    Uncle Ing is a Mysterious One who holds sacred all things to do with sustainable homesteads and clan-holds. It is said that He is one of the first to plant cherries, strawberries, blueberries and currants within the boundaries of a household’s garden walls. He cherishes all aspects horticulture and the raising of domestic animals. Ing is charmed by the urban farms that are springing up like mushrooms in cities around the world. It is also rumored that Ing was one of the first to harness a reindeer to a sled.

    Ing delights in all sensual pleasures as sacred to a balanced healthy life of abundance and joy.  He has had many lovers and marriage partners throughout His long life. Ing hold’s His sister-wife, the gidden Fjorgyn-Nerthus, as precious and a deeply trusted confidant and fere. Ing has also had long term solid relationships with His dear lovers/husbands, Enke, Queer God, Pan, Dionysus and Green God.

    Uncle Ing is one of the first of the Mysterious Ones to become a devotee of the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Ing is very excited by and very supportive of the Queer folks currently reawakening Queer Spirit in the hearts and minds of GLBT people everywhere.  Ing is one of the Mysterious Ones who are working hard to remind humans on how to live lives in balance between the wild and the domestic. Ing is also actively supporting sustainable farming practices and the contemporary  permaculture movement.

    Uncle Ing currently chooses to live alone, off of the beaten path in His small immaculate cottage on an acreage nestled between a thriving grassland and an ancient forest. Ing spends much of His time breeding new varieties of fruits and vegetables. He keeps chickens, geese, hogs, cats, dogs, cattle, rabbits, honey bees and a horse. Ing drives a well used green Land Rover Pickup given to him by his dear friend Bridget which He keeps in perfect condition.


Ing holds a special place in His heart for:

        Abundance and Plenty for All

        A well tended, clean and beautiful homestead

        The simple life

        Rich and healthy fields, gardens, pastures, ponds and orchards

        A well made bed

        Saunas and hot springs

        Deep wells of pure water

        A full larder

        A great meal with feres and friends

        A quiet cup of black coffee in the morning


        A handsome face and a nice ass

        Well designed attractive Tools that last for generations

        Functional, durable but yet attractive clothing

        Folks who willing embrace their clannic obligations joyfully

        Great parties with great music and wild dancing

        A rich strong dark stout

        A long hike through deep snow

        Ice fishing

        Nude summer sun bathing, picnicking, boating and swimming with friends

Ing / Uncle Ing

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008

Ing is a Friend of the following clans:

The Strawberry Clan

The Cherry Clan

Clan of the Peony

Clan of the Reindeer

The Dog Clan

The Cabbage Clan

The Blueberry Clan

The Pear Clan

Clan of the Honey Bee

The Chicken Clan

The Dill Clan

Clan of the Polar Bear

The Potato Clan

The Rabbit Clan

The Goose Clan

The Horse Clan

The Cat Clan

Clan of the Salmon

The Clan of the Domestic Pig

The Bovine Clan

The Pie Clan

The Clan of the Human Beings

Ing’s Green Machine

I honor Ing,

Hedge Rider, Wild Witch,

You who are God of the Homestead,

God of the garden,

God of all things domestic

In balance with the untamable,

You who hold all queer men beloved.

The Oak Clan

The Mushroom Clan

The Orchid Clan

The Jet Clan

Clan of the Dragon

The Rose Clan