Master Gardener, Friend of the Green-Bloods, Queen of the Orchard

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2009

*    I honor Iduna,

    Beloved Keeper of the Mysteries of the Eternal Now,

    Treasured Tender of the Apples of Life,

    You who delight in the well cared for fruit tree,

    You who delight in a consciously lived life of loving compassion.

    Idwyn, Iduna, Idunna, Idhunna, Idunn, Idun, Ydun (She Who Renews / The Ever Young / The Rejuvenator) is a gidden of renewal, longevity, youth, health and spring. She is devoted to all apple, pear and quince trees. Ydun spreads her blessing through their fruit into the lives of all who devour their sacred flesh.

    It is said that Idunna was born of the Wild Apple Dreams of Kazakhstan under the gentle watchfulness of an ancient eternally blooming and fruiting orchard surrounding a Spring of Wisdom in the realm of the Botanical Beings of Sensual Delight and Eternal Change. She spent her childhood learning and singing, working and dancing, laughing and crying with the many other sacred children of the Apple People.

    Some say that Idhunna went traveling when she was a young maiden, eventually finding a new home with the Vanir of the Far North. Other’s say that Idunn was kidnapped by the Aesir as they traveled through the Middle-lands of Asia. Yet others say that Ydun, while riding through the rich lands surrounding Lake Ladoga visiting the Wild Fruit Communities that thrived there, met the great love of her life, the beautiful poet Bragi. From their first kiss under a apple tree filled with the ripe Fruit of Promise, they knew that they would intricately weave their lives together. Right then and there they named themselves beloved spouses, devoted feres and adventurous partners of beauty and abundance. Idunn and Bragi eventually decided to set up their primary home and gardens within the walls of Asgard. Though Bragi and Iduna have moved beyond their original home and gardens, their great love for each other continues to flourish wherever they choose to name home. Their love fills all of the Worlds with horticultural blessings, with lush abundance and plenty, with deeply stirring song and poetry, with exuberant beauty and rampant joy.

    Idunna and Bragi have long ago come to terms with their troubles with Loki.

    Yes, Loki did set up Idun’s kidnapping by Thjazi. Yes, it was a betrayal of the clan. Yes, it did cause Iduna great emotional and physical pain. Nevertheless, Idhunna now truly fathoms the deep teaching that she received during that horrific experience. Idun came to clearly understand that all beings (Mysterious Ones and otherwise) must change, grow and die, must continue on the cyclic path of life, death and rebirth, to remain vital and fully engaged with the whole of the multiverse. Idun now understands that her sacred pomes are fruit of healing and restoration. She fully understands that her apples are not tools to be used in the feeding of an endless hunger for immortality. Ydun joyfully and totally embraces this central mystery, ‘The only constant of the Multiverse is Change.’

    Both Bragi and Iduna have come together in their current understanding of Loki’s rude behaviors throughout his years of association with Asgard. They have come to see Loki’s behavior as a wake up call for the whole of the People, (Mysterious Ones and otherwise). No matter how noble, how clever, how creative, how honorable, how right thinking a group is, when that group becomes totally self-referential, the group simply devolves into a standard cult, disconnecting itself from the heart of loving compassion and the simple delights of living fully engaged with the whole of the cosmos. Such a group soon petrifies into a sad parody of itself.

    Idun and Bragi both wish Loki well in his new studies in the Halls of Healing. They pray that as he learns to heal others, Loki will dare to also choose deep healing for himself.

    Idunna spends much of her time these days inspecting and nurturing the wild and domestic pomes (apples, pears, quince, etc.) growing throughout Midgard. She has been seen walking through farmers’ markets around the world, secretly blessing apples, quinces and pears, and all other types of fruit and it’s growers. I have heard that if one looks at a display of fruit with one’s Witch’s Eye, one can see Idun’s glowing mark on the skin of those filled with her blessing. It is said that if a human takes even one bite of Idunn’s blessed fruit, healing will flood throughout its body.

    On a personal note, I strongly suspect that I have tasted Iduna’s blessed fruit at least three times in my life. These blessed fruits came into my life the first two times when I was quite ill. They came to me once in a bowl of homemade sauce made of freshly picked Yellow Transparent apples. The second time was a slice of a fresh tart made of perfect yellow pears. Both times, after just tasting the pome flesh, I felt my whole body tingle and fill with a living light. Both times, I was soon on my feet again, feeling fully alive and glowing with vim and vigor. The last time I ate Idunna’s blessed fruit, it was in a fresh baked apple pie that I baked for Mark not long after our handfasting. That apple gift of lust filled love still thrives within us, permeating every aspect of our life together.

    Ydun is another of the Mysterious Ones who are quite devoted to the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. She keeps apace with all horticultural aspects of this new culture, inspiring and encouraging all devotees of the Green-bloods and permaculture with sprouting innovation and sweet scented dreams.

    Idunna is also a devotee of motorcycles. There is no aspect of the machines that do not delight her. Idun can often be seen traveling along the lonely back roads of Midgard inspecting the wild and the domestic pears, quinces and apples while riding her vintage 1960 Harley Davidson.

Idun holds a special place in Her heart for:

        Apples, quinces and pears

         Ancient, well maintained orchards

        Lush, rich gardens of lavish bounty

        Beautiful, well designed functional tools


        All pollinators

        Beautiful, lovingly tended homesteads

        The arts of fine cooking and brewing


        Emeralds, chrysoprase, pearls, gold, jet, amber, brown diamonds, yellow topaz and green sapphires

        Gentle weather, a perfect balance of wind, water, sun and moon

        Poetry readings

Motorcycles and work trucks

        Healthy, vital beings who dare to fully and shamelessly live their own authentic lives

        The fabric arts, particularly embroidery

        Comfortable, well designed beautiful clothing

        Sensible shoes

        Dancing through the night till the break of dawn

        Human communities who cherish and actively nourish compassion and beauty

        Abundance and plenty for all

Idunna is a Friend of the following clans:

The Ancient Order of Orchardists

The Flight of the Butterfly

The Rose Clan

The Clan of the Healing Drums

The Clan of the Honeybee

The Apple Clan

The Clan of the Caduceus

The Hummingbird Clan

The Quince Clan

The Pie Clan

The Pear Clan

The Clan of the Human Being

The Clan of the Dark Elves

The Lodge of the Living Dirt

The Lute Guild

The Horse Clan

The Needleworkers’ Guild

The Pride of Poetry

Other Important Information About Idunna.


Bragi throws a hugh birthday party for Idunna on the second full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Idun and Bragi renew their vows on the second first quarter moon after the Autumnal Equinox.

When the first apples, pears or quinces bloom in your region, it is a good time to celebrate the Apple Blessing, offering a cup of hard cider and a slice of apple cake to Idun and all of the Apple Peoples.

In the middle of your region’s apple harvest, it is time to host an Apple Harvest Feast featuring as many apple dishes as you can manage.

The Clan of the Open Road