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    Hera is a gidden(1) of the hearth, marriage, handfastings and clan troths. She has access to all formal pledges and promises, legal under Hearth-kin, clannic, local, national, multiversal, and otherwise. As a side note, one day, when I was worried about loosing my birth certificate, Hera told me that all such documents are stored in the Multiversal Libraries. She assured me that we all have access to any promise and/or pledge that has anything to do with us. I must say though, I have still not figured out how to get copies of such documents physically sent to my house.

    Hera is one of the Original Progenitors of Midgard. I am told that the old saying “As Above, So Below.” is true on every level. It seems that the Mysterious Ones also die and are reborn. Hera, in a much older incarnation, was part of a team of Mysterious Ones (the Sisters Nammu, Pāpā, Gaia, Nerthus, Mat Zemlya, Tiamat and many more) who first brought forth life born of fire and water in the seas of planet Earth,  who is also their mother. Hera was later born to Her sister/mother, Rhea. According to both of them, Hera’s birth was in a time long before the Pony People(2) even dreamed of coming west.

    Hera is one of the Mysterious Ones who are responsible for many aspects of human existence, including the seasons and the weather. Some of Her most cherished titles are The Mistress of Thunder, The Guardian of the Pantry and The Protector of the Hearth Fire. She is a Friend of the Arts, including all of the Kitchen and House Blessing (Housekeeping) Arts. Hera is a devotee of beauty, luxury, abundance, plenty, quality, excellence, fare play, and justice. When I have asked Hera about her alleged vindictiveness and cruelties to others, Hera will only say, ‘Mistakes were made.’ 

    Hera is one the loveliest giddens throughout all times and realms.  All precious gems are windows through which she can see into any of the realms and realities throughout the multiverse. Hera is a Keeper of the Mystery of Beauty. She always reminds all who will listen, that Beauty is their inherent birthright. Hera gets, shall we say, quite impatient with anyone who tries to commodify Beauty in anyway.

    After her divorce from Zeus, Hera reclaimed her own powers and her own place in the multiverse. Hera talks about this experience as a time of rebirth and renewal. Hera is now blossoming anew. Hera has committed herself with new vigor to the Mysteries of Life, Death and Rebirth.

    Hera, along with Her mother-sister Rhea, Her sister Juno and Her feres Bridget, Freya and Kwan Yin,  is one of the first of the Mysterious Ones to have openly embraced and nurtured the emerging human Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. She is committed to personally reminding Homo sapiens daily of all of our forgotten immanent birthrights. Hera is also among the Mysterious Ones currently calling all of the human peoples back into conscious co-creation.

    Hera is also a member of a group focused on nurturing the healthy flow of power, helping to keep it fresh, sweet and nourishing. This is the group of Mysterious Ones who is central to the spiralic spell work called, ‘Marking of the Door Steps of Power’. As I understand it, this is a prayer/spell working to enrich, empower, nurture and tend the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Marking spirals on door steps and cross roads helps keep the energy flowing freely, not unlike a wild untamed river of blessing.

Hera Holds a Special Place in Her heart for:

The Milky Way Galaxy

Her Hearth-Kin and Hearth-Hold

The Life of the Sol System

The Full Cycle of an Earthly Year

Art Museums and Galleries

Spas, Hot Springs and Bath Houses

Horticultural Gardens and Arboretums

Beautiful well designed and maintained homes and gardens

Libraries, archives and depositories of knowledge

Kitchen Stores, Used Book Stores, Smart Shops with the latest fashions or curious goods

Farmer’s Markets, Food Coops, Elegant Floral Markets

Interesting Bazaars, Good Antique Stores

Elegant Five Star Restaurants, Roadside Root-beer Drive-Ins, A marvelous piece of Homemade Pie

A quiet evening at home with dear feres

Family reunions

Solitary retreats

Late night dancing

A really hot date

A great Champaign and a good martini

Camel Straights

Lush colors, particularly the rich reds, the coppery oranges, all the whites, the royal blues, the deep purples, the dark greens, the blacks, and the grays

Rich fabrics and leathers

Excellently designed and crafted clothing, shoes and accessories

Jewelry of all kinds; diadems, earrings, broaches, bracelets, rings: particular pieces which include at least one of the following gems and metals; pearls, garnet, ruby, citrine, amber, diamond, and star sapphire, platinum, silver and gold

Any beautiful well engineered well made machine; Hera drives a 1957 Thunderbird and has just acquired a 2008 Fisker Karma.

The Poppy Clan

The Lily Clan

The Rose Clan

The Water Lily Clan

The Iris Clan

The Pomegranate Clan

The Apple Clan

The Cypress Clan

The Willow Clan

The Maple Clan

The Peacock Clan

The Bovine Clan

The Eagle Clan

The Crab Clan

The Butterfly Clan

The Spider Clan

The Lion Clan

The Goose Clan

The Dragon Clan

The Horse Clan

Hera is a Friend of the following clans:


a Queen of the Multiverse

The Lotus Clan

The Red Tailed Hawk Clan

gidden - A Neo-Saxon term for goddess. If the Old English term for goddess had survived, it is likely that the term would have morphed into the word ‘gidden’.

The Pony Peoples- These are the folks who first began to migrate into Eastern Europe and the Western Aegean sometime in the Neolithic.

The Pie Clan

Clan of the Dancing Faggots

I honor Hera,

    You who hold the Mysteries of Storm and Thunder,

    You who delight is the thriving marriage a well tended hearth-hold,

    You who fearlessly nurture justice and fair play,

    You who shamelessly embrace beauty and pleasure.

    You who first claimed me as Her own.

All Hail Hera,

A Queen of Beauty and Blessing!

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