Some of the Traits and Customs of the

Hedge Witch, Heathen Witch,

Hedge Rider & Hagzissa

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2013

    Here is a list of traits and customs I have noticed over the years that pertain to many Hedge Witches, Heathen Witches, Hedge Riders & Hagzissas:

        We are grounded in a multiversal worldview: All things in the cosmos are in ever growing and transforming relationships with each other. There is no one ultimate reality. There is no single source of creation. The only constant in a multiversal world view is change.

        We actively dare to be conscious intentional shapers-with (co-creators/makers-with) of the multiverse.

        We embrace shaping-with: All beings of all kinds; rocks, rivers, plants, animals, planets, stars, Mysterious Ones, ancestors, etc., are always (as a group), engaged in eternally shaping the Multiverse every instant of every second. The substance of the multiverse eternally changes form and expression. But, no one can create something out of nothing. All beingness and all things (who by their very natures are in deep relationship) together eternally grow and change the multiverse, influencing, affecting, and working with each other consciously and/or unconsciously. This is one of the Great Works: ‘All beings of the cosmos together form and grow the stuff of the multiverse.’ This Great Work can be called, shaping-with.

        We recognize that the only constant in the multiverse is change.

        We embrace this ancient declaration, “Neither master nor servant be!”

        The Mysterious Ones, ancestors and other spirit folk are our potential allies, not our sovereigns or masters, nor our servants or slaves.

        We do not recognize the authority of those who put themselves in power over us or our folk.

        We are accountable for all of our choices; to ourselves, our peers, our feres, our hearth-kin, and our hearth-clans.

        We are fully committed to the nurturance and well being of our hearth-holds and hearth-clans.

        A healthy hearth-hold is composed of many different kinds of beings; living beings of Midgard (human and otherwise), ancestors, nature wights, giddens, gods and other spirit folk.

        We practice working as peers with each other and with all others in the whole of the multiverse.

        We are experienced based, not faith based. Our magical/spiritual life is based on our own personal experience. Yet, we are also deeply informed by the experience of our peers (living or dead). We depend on our folk to tell us when we have gone a bit too far afield and are simply cackling by ourselves in a corner.

        We hold all of nature as our allies; moon, sun and stars, green-bloods, red-bloods, stone, fire, water, wind, and all expressions of manifestation throughout the Cosmos.

        We may be primarily solitary practitioners, nevertheless, we delight in the gatherings of our feres, our hearth-kin, our hearth-clans and all great convocations of import.

        We know that hedge witchery is not a religion, but rather, a way of life.

        We embrace Kitchen Magic.

        Our kitchen brooms are our allies and feres.

        We do our work with whatever is at hand. Everything is our potential tool and/or ally. We are prepared to do a bit of improvisational magic and/or spell working at a moment’s notice.

        We are practitioners of first sight and second thoughts.

        We are healers. When we notice an unbalance, we strive to rebalance the situation, person or thing.

        Our every intentional act is a magical act.

        We embrace the Thews; the virtues, good qualities, principles, and practices that make sustainable, thriving lives of beauty, balance and delight possible.

        We do not hold a difference between the sacred and the mundane. We recognize that all places, things and beings are sacred and are of great significance within everyday and extraordinary existence.

        We recognize that everything is consciously or unconsciously in relationship to everything else.

        We work in the  magical and/or liminal spaces between two or more realms such as; chaos and order, human and non-human, the wild, the devastated and the domestic, the known, the suspected  and the unknowable, the living, the dead and the unborn. We have noticed that these spaces are often marked by hedges, gates, crossroads, borders, ideas, edges, thresholds, graveyards, dreams, orchards, gardens, genders, cultural constructs, etc.

        We explore chaos magic; including change, fractal formation and the multiverse’s tendency to develop patterns in formless primordial spaces.

        We are committed to the nurturance of the cyclic, never-ending, ever-changing nature of the cosmos.

Hedge Witches

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Bless the Bears!

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