Grandmother Bear


Grandmother Bear

I honor Grandmother Bear,

You who first called me deep into the Realms of Mystery,

You who delight in the lands of wildness and wonder,

You who command us all to eat more pie.

Grandmother Bear is one of the Original Progenitors of life as we know it. She has had many lives in many forms on many worlds throughout the multiverse. Here in our solar system, she has been a Bear Mysterious One sense bears first began to dwell on Eartha. Grandmother Bear usually appears to me as a giant short faced bear (Arctodus simus), but also occasionally as a cave bear (Ursus speleaus) or a grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilisor). She has never been human, nor has She ever been interested in being human. Grandmother Bear is committed to bears and everything to do with bears. She is only concerned with the species, Homo sapiens sapiens, as far as we come into contact with bears and their interests.

Grandmother Bear is a guardian of the gates between realities. She always tells me (in bear language) that if someone gets lost just after their death, that they only need to make their way to Her mounds and She will gladly guide them on to the boat awaiting them at the River.

Grandmother Bear is a protector of the Wild. She notices as each square foot of wildness becomes (for a time) domesticated. Her spells feed the powers that crack sidewalks, feed the power of pot holes and scatter wild weeds into every crevice in the civilized world of human kind.

Grandmother Bear is a powerful Healer. She knows the powers of balance. She plainly sees the paths of choice that will keep a being in the pink of health. But it is good to remember, She does not see Death as an enemy, but as one of the Greatest Healers. One of Grandmother Bear’s greatest joys is working with Her dear fere, the Red Dragon. Together They delight in working on the cutting edges of a wide variety of radically new methods of sustainable healing, particularly the Blood Magics.

Grandmother Bear has no mercy for those who choose to undermine the Balance of Life, Death and Rebirth. It has been said that She is known to simply sit and witness as one receives the results of one’s choices, be they conscious or unconscious.

Grandmother Bear and Grandmother Spider name Themselves Sisters (1). They seem to be currently spending much of their energy maintaining the health of Yggdrasil and the Webs of Connection Between All Worlds.

One of Grandmother Bear’s central declarations to the human peoples is:

“Eat more pie,

So that when you die,

You will be all that much more the sweeter!”

I first met Grandmother Bear while on pilgrimage to the Iowa Effigy Mounds with my husband Rick Graf, late in the Autumn of 1987. As I first entered the Marching Bear site (eight bear effigies, three red-tailed hawk effigies, and two lozenge effigies) I could feel a strong presence. It seemed to follow us as we wandered around the site, simply observing us, not interfering with our visit in any way. After awhile, I felt that it would be a good idea to lay down on the heart of the bear effigy close by the entrance. Not long after I closed my eyes, Grandmother Bear came to me and marked me as a ‘bear person’ with a claw mark on the left side of my forehead. I can still see the faded scare when I really look into a mirror. She welcomed me to Her site, this Portal to All Worlds Above the Mississippi River. She called me Her cub, Her chosen, Her Bit of Honey. She scared the shit out of me. I could feel the breath of a giant bear ruffling my hair. I could feel blood slowly dripping down the left side of my face. Who was this bear and what did it want with me? She softly growled to me to call Her Grandmother Bear, and that She had had Her eye on me for some time. Grandmother Bear told me that I was always welcomed at this sacred site. She then growled to me to go in strength and beauty. I remember getting up a little dazed and disoriented. I walked around looking for Rick, finally finding him sitting in the center of a Red-tailed Hawk effigy. We both walked the mile or so back to our car in silence.

This site and Grandmother Bear became central to our lives. Rick and I made love in this sacred site under the cold clouds of deep Winter, in the arms of the Young Sun of Spring’s awakening, in the shade of oaks wildly drinking the Summer Sun’s nectar, amongst the newly fallen leaves of Autumn. Grandmother Bear always welcomed us to the Effigy Mounds. Rick’s ashes, not that many years later, were first fed to the Earth at this holy place.

Grandmother Bear is also part of a group of Mysterious Ones who are determined to nurture the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. This group is especially interested in the creation and preservation of flourishing homes for wildness. They are working the work in such a way that wildness will not only find a home on planet Earth, but wherever life emerges in the multiverse.

This same group of Mysterious Ones is central in the spiralic spell work called, ‘Marking of the Door Steps of Power’. As I understand it, this is a prayer/spell working to enrich, empower, nurture and tend the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Marking spirals on door steps and crossroads helps keep the energy flowing freely, not unlike a wild untamed river of blessing.

1 As far as I hear, many of the Original Progenitors name Themselves siblings/hearth-kin. The family trees of the Mysterious Ones are incredibly rich and tangled. They are simply beyond my current comprehension. It appears (at least to the Mysterious Ones) that just because someone is living in a particular world, dimension and/or realm, doesn’t mean that person’s hearth connections are severed from those who dwell in other realms/realities.

Polar Bear Tracks

Grandmother Bear holds a special Place in Her heart for:

Bears and everything to do with bears

Humans who are devoted to bears



Folks who dare to know the rhythms of existence

Folks who dare to dance alone


The clean cold rushing Waters of Transformation

The stars


The sweet taste of Death

The Deep Dreams of Winter

The songs of babies

Primordial forests

Garbage dumps

The dark rivers between the solar systems

Queer shamans

Honey and Honey Bees

The Clan of the Dancing Faggots

The Clan of the Wild Woods

Grandmother Bear’s Pie Blessing

Grandmother Bear is a Friend of the following clans:

The Clan of the Honeybee

The Pie Clan

The Dragon Clan

The Clan of the Caduceus

Grandmother Bear’s Pie Blessing

All Hail the Bears!

Let Us Dance With the Bears!

Bless the Bears!