Walking With Freya

A Story Inspired by the Lives of Od and Freya

Poetry by: Donald Engstrom-Reese

Story by: Donald Engstrom-Reese, Dianne O'Donnell, and Copper Persephone

© 2007



We Walk With Freya

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2007

    We walk with Freya, 

        Step by step,

        Searching for that which is hidden,

        For that which is concealed

        Within ancient memories,

            Within the dreams of all possibility,

            Within the Now.


        Feres walking hand in hand,

            Heart to heart,

        We search for that

            Which is secretly and sensually feeding

                The emerging worlds of healing wonder.


    Courageously entering Dragon Home,

        Built in the heart of Fire and Ice ,

            We consciously choose to journey

                Beyond the realms of duality.  

    We sing songs of invitation,

        Inviting spirit to walk with us,

        Deepening into our shared kiss with the Earth,

        Celebrating all of life,

        Daring to become companions

            With the whole of the Multiverse.

    We walk with Freya.


    Long ago, deep in the heart of Vanaland (1), the girl Freya, lived among her People, the Vanir (2). She grew up deeply loved and cherished by all of the Folk; the Alfar (3), the Red Bloods (4), the Green Bloods (5) and the Mysterious Ones (6). Freya spent endless hours playing with her beloved twin Freyr and golden piglet, Hildisvin. Freya walked along the amber beaches of  the sea learning to sing the songs of magic, love and power. She learned to listen to the singing winds and waters. She explored the  mysteries of co-creation (7) and collaboration. She studied the secret ways of the honey bees and the falcons. Freya studied all of the old ways of Witchcraft, the runes and of the seidhr (8). She trained in the ways of the shield maiden, learning the deep mysteries of the sword and hand to hand combat. Freya learned the dances of life, death and rebirth in the ancient halls of her Grandmothers. And as the timeless time of Mystery flowed over her sacred homeland, Freya, the young Golden One, emerged slowly into her womanhood, becoming a beautiful Gidden (9) of the Arts of Beauty and Sensuality, Abundance and Plenty, Magic and War Craft.

    Many changes came to Freya as her child’s body transformed into a lovely lush, strong, full grown woman’s. Golden Flowers sprang up in each of Freya’s foot steps as she walked across the lands. Her beauty equaled the most beautiful of Giddens, including Sunna herself. Freya was initiated into the Clan of the Sow, the Clan of the Falcon, and the Clan of the Honey Bee. She was named a Wind Rider, a fere (10) of all who fly. She became a Master of Magic, of the Witchy Ways of Wonder, the seidhr and the runes. Any cauldron that Freya touched became a source of never ending nourishment refreshing all who dined on the feast within. Her songs stirred the hearts of all who heard them, filling their loins with desire and delight. Freya  became a Conduit of Spirit as she  grew into her Power. All who made love with her entered into the communion of fully integrated bodies; spirit, bone, flesh and mind embraced in complete awareness. Many of Freya’s lovers were healed of any distress or disease that ailed them. All of her lovers were forever changed by Freya’s very touch. 

    On a clear  evening, in the early days of her womanhood, the Gidden Freya found Herself walking beside a lake near her home. She had never noticed how pure, deep and crystalline its waters were. It truly was a Being of Beauty. She stopped on a green grassy bank over looking the lake’s surface and gazed within its watery depths. Freya saw her own face perfectly reflected on its liquid surface. As she gazed at herself, her image began to glow like gold under a full summer moon. Gradually, another face formed below her own. It slowly came closer and closer to the  water’s surface. Out of the water emerged an incredibly beautiful man, water flowing off of him in clear streams, soaking the earth, creating laughing streams through the wildflowers at Freya's feet.  The God Od stepped directly in front of Freya. Their eyes met. Their hearts began to share a new rhythm.  Their feet began to dance a new dance. Their hands began to reach for the sweet flesh that called them to taste a honey that neither of them had ever known  existed. Their loins filled with desire. The flames of lust burst into being, burning so brightly that its light rivaled the aurora borealis, calling the whole of the multiverse to stop and wonder what new joy had come into the Worlds. Freya and Od made love on the living grass next to the Lake of Beauty. They became feres, lovers, consorts and partners. They became beloved companions who knew that they would always walk the Journey of Being together.

    For a year and a day Od and Freya made Their home in Vanaland. Their love and desire drew all beauty to dwell within and around their halls.  Their orchards bore perfect fruit. The apples and pears glowed like living gems. The cherries and plums dripped blessing onto the tongues of all who put them to their lips. The cloud berries, lingonberries and strawberries were covered with fruit heavy with the promise of sensual delights. The fields were more abundant and lush than ever before. The barley grain were the size of robin eggs, the hops were the size of hen eggs. Honey over flowed from every hive. The garden leeks were rich, tall and delicious. The lettuces, cucumbers, cabbages, radishes and melons inspired a renaissance in the culinary arts. The roses shown like newly minted gold. The lilies filled the air with the rich scents of love. The lives of Od and Freya filled all of Vanaland with contentment and joy. But, Their love did not cut them off from their Folk. Their feres, friends and family were often invited to the couple’s gracious Halls of Hospitality to share in Freya and Od’s abundance and generosity. Truly, peace and plenty ruled in the home of Freya and Od.

    Every evening Freya and Od would walk through Their gardens in the deep contented pleasure that stirs every cell of a person’s body with intense vibrating ecstasy. The simple act of gazing into each others eyes,  Freya’s sapphire blue and Od’s emerald green, still quickened their breath, stirring their blood into a steaming passion. The Lovers would often make love in a pavilion tucked into a grove of willow trees bathed by star and moon light. Their cries of passion and pleasure could be heard reverberating throughout distant icy mountain passes and dark primordial forests, causing all who heard them to long for their own beloved’s arms. The magic of Od and Freya’s love and lust continued to grow and thrive, blessing the winds, the lands, the seas and  the very sun and moon above with the Powers of Healing and Wisdom.


    The rumors of pending war with the new comers, the Aesir (11) and their allies, seemed to not touch Freya and Od. They appeared to lived in a world set apart from all possibility of heart break. They did not noticed the storms brewing in the east. They only thought of the amazing lightning shooting from the mountain tops as special performances created for their own sensual delights.

    Nevertheless, one rainy morning, Freya  awoke early. She felt a stirring deep within her womb. Freya reached out her hand for Od, as was her habit. Freya’s hand touched only emptiness. Her heart froze. Freya’s gift of clear-sight was closed to her. She could not sense Od anywhere in their halls or gardens. Freya could not sense Od any where at all!  Freya’s screams of despair fractured the foundations of their great hall, sending it shattering to the ground. As the walls fell, two voices cried out loudly from within Freya’s belly, ringing in her ears and soul. Thus, in this time of Freya’s greatest loss, came the realization of the new treasures growing from their seeds of love. Freya knew that she was soon to be named ‘The  Mother of Daughters’.

    And within that very hour, a call to arms rang out through all of Vanaland. Freya had no choice but to put on her armor and belt on her sword to begin what proved to be a long and bitter battle between the Vanir and the Aesir.

Foot Notes for Part I

1  The Vanir live in Vanaheimr, also called Vanaland; Snorri Sturluson also calls their realm Tanakvísl or Vanakvísl, etymologizing Vanir as the "Don-people". Vanaheimr, along with Asgard, is the home of the Norse gods in the world tree, Yggdrasil.

2  Vanir - Norse Mysterious Ones corresponding to fertility, abundance, prosperity, eroticism and a perfect balance between the wild and the∏ domestic. They tend on the whole, to be a gentle Folk concerned with all aspects of nature and fertility. Norse Mysterious Ones identified as Vanir are: Nerthus, Ing, Holde, Njord, Freya, Freyr, Od, Hnoss, Aegir, Ran, Ullr, Ulla, Gerdh, Skirnir, Heimdallr, Idunna, Bragi, Siofyn, Gefjon, Skadhi, Erde, the Undines, Svol, Ostara, Gullveig.

3  Alfar - plural of Alf. [pronounced "owl-var"] The Elves, which are divided into three races Ljosalfar, Dokkalfar, and Svartalfar, or Light Elves, Dark Elves and Black Elves. The Dark and Black Elves are also called Dwarves.

4 Red Bloods - All who are a part of the zoological realms.

5 Green Bloods - All who are a part of the botanical realms.

6 Mysterious Ones - This is a term designed to broaden the scope of what is seen as divine. This term includes all Gods and Goddesses, all of the Spirit Powers including the plant, animal, river, mountain, prairie, etc., allies. But, this term is not limited to individuated personalities. It also include∂s that shiver that runs down the back in the midst of numinous events and also that sudden joy that wells up through a person as they smell a summer garden under a full moon. Nor is it limited by gender. Nor is it trapped in an anthropomorphic image. The term ‘Mysterious Ones’ opens up opportunities of an expanded imagining of Mystery.

7  Co-creation - (1) All beings of all kinds; rocks, rivers, plants, animals, planets, stars, Mysterious Ones, ancestors, etc., eternally creating the Multiverse together every instant of every second.  (2) A process where two or more people who are peers, agree on an idea, agree to invest their skills and time to manifest the idea, agree to trust each other’s expectations, judgments, abilities, and contributions and agree to trust in the mystery of creation.

8 Seidhr - A particular form of magic, often associated with women and third gendered people. The seidkona (seid woman) enters a trance state and connects with the spirits, who then give her advice. Seidhr is also a tool used in shamanistic trance journeying.

9 Gidden - New Saxon for Goddess

10 Fere (fir) - Folks who join in mutual support, devotion and delight as they travel the roads of life and mystery together. Those who remember while walking together, that it is the journey, not the destination that is of primary importance. Fere implies a type of relationship that is more than a marriage, hand-fasting or friendship. My feres need not necessarily be my spouses, but I damn well hope that my spouse is one of my feres. The word has the meanings of companion, devotee, fellow disciple, partner, spouse, adventurer, friend, comrade and beloved all woven together within it.

11 Aesir, ("eye-seer") - A plural word meaning "pillars"; or "supports"; and is the collective name of the Old Norse Gods of the family of which Odin was the patriarch. The mysterious ones identified as Aesir are: Odin (Fjolnir), Fjorgyn, Loki›, Thorr, Meili, Frigg, Tyr, Hermodr, Baldr, Hodr, Sif, Thrudh, Nanna, Forseti, Sigyn, Magni, Modi, Vali, Vidar. The Aesir are direct descendants of Odin by way of the father, or are females who have married (male) Aesir.

The Rivers Ran Red

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese



    Freya screamed her battle cry

        As she sliced her way through another season of killing.

    And the rivers ran red.

    The blood of mortals and immortals

        Mingled and mixed in the winds of war.

    And the rivers ran red.

    The scarlet mists condensed as ruby dew

        On the poppies fields of brutal deed and ripped flesh.

    And the rivers ran red.

    The streams flowed with a dead flood of bitter blood.

    The lakes slowly filled with the burgundy poison of rotting fluids.

    The rains showed pink.

    The snows were stained magenta.

    And the rivers ran red.

    The Halls of the Dead were full to overflowing.

    The long lines of the war butchered reached ...

        From the killing fields of battle

            To the river Styx,

        From the death rattle of the mortally wounded,    

            To the Apple Lands,

        From the final screams of the raped and murdered

            To the golden Gates of Heaven.

    And the rivers ran red.

    There is no victory

        When your soul is carpeted with gore and putrefication.

    There is no honor

        When the innocent drown in battle blood

            That flows higher than their spirits can fly.

    There are no winners in worlds gone mad

        With blood lust and betrayal.

    And the rivers ran red.

    Freya stood weeping,

        Her eyes clouded by the scarlet mists

            Inundating all of Yggdrasil.   

    Freya stood weeping,

        Her hands covered with the rotting flesh

            Of young soldiers

                Who should have lived for a 100 years.

    Freya stood weeping,

        Her ears dumb to even the rhythm of her own breath.

    Freya stood weeping,

        Her heart war weary beyond despair.

    And the rivers ran red.

    And the rivers ran red.

    And the rivers ran red.

THE WAR: Part Two

    On the first full moon after the spring equinox a year into the Great War between the Vanir and the Aesir, a deep joy filled all of Vanaland. Od and Freya’s beautiful babies were born. These precious gifts, the blessed twin girls of wonder and abundance, Hnoss, (Treasure) and Gersimi, (Jewel), filled the hearts of their people with hope and determination.  All of Freya’s household celebrated the magical marks each child was born, one eye of green and one of blue.  It was clear to all that two young giddens of beauty and magic, filled with shamanistic potential, had been born to the Vanir.

    Freya and her twin girls were cared for night and day. The shield maidens of Freya’s household watched over and guarded them tirelessly. They were tenderly tended by the nurses of Freya’s blessed household held within the protected sacred walls of her father Njord’s (1) clan hold.

    The Honey Bees, the Falcons, the Wolves, the Bears and the Wild Pigs each brought their blessing to Hnoss and Gersimi. They each brought the babies their clans’ gifts of abundance, far sight, wisdom, healing, strength, endurance and beauty.

    Freya’s brother Freyr (2), brought special foods to enrich her breast milk and strengthen her heart. He brought Freya nurturing broths of bird’s flesh and magical herbs every evening and fresh berries from high in the mountains every morning. Freyr blessed both Hnoss and Gersimi, giving each baby girl a golden ring declaring them his nieces, naming them Friends of the Light Elves.

    Freya’s cousin Idunna (3), brought them the essences of the Golden Apples of Youth. She washed each baby with an infusion of the apple's blossoms in the waters of the Well of Wyrd. She touched each baby’s lips with the juices of the blessed apples filling them with their first taste of their long adventurous lives to come. Idunna baked a special apple pie for Freya which filled her new mother's body with the powers of healing and the endurance that goes beyond exhaustion and weariness. Idunna named the babies Friends of the Orchard.

    Freya’s father Njord, brought the twins a grandfather's blessings. He gently held them as he sang power into each baby girl, filling them both with knowledge and understanding that would awaken as the times were ripe. He thanked his daughter Freya for her courageous and generous gift of giving birth to such magical and beautiful granddaughters. Njord named Hnoss and Gersimi Friends of the Waters and Winds.

    Freya’s mother, Njord’s sister-wife, Hertha-Nerthus (4), brought them a secret recipe to prepare a yogurt that would entice anyone who tasted it into opening their eyes to the beauties of the multiverse. She also kissed each of the twin's foreheads, passing on directly, the secrets of their divine heritage. Hertha-Nerthus blessed her daughter's womb, naming Freya blessed and sacred to all the living worlds and to all who give birth.

    The twins’ great grandparents also brought them their blessings. Ing (5) brought them the gift of the well tended homestead and an internal feel for the balance between the wild and the domestic. Freya’s mother’s mother, Fjörgyn-Nerthus (6) , gave the twins the inherent talents needed by all shield maidens and the secrets of Blood Magic. The rest brought the girls all other magical gifts which were determined to be their natural birthrights.

    And yet a sadness still permeated this family. Od’s absence was never more apparent than at the birth of his daughters.

    Not long after the girls’ birth, Freya’s longing for Od lead her to the home of the Great Grandmothers; Urd, Verdandi and Skuld (7) .

    ‘Why does my longing for Od only grow stronger?’ Freya asked the Great Grandmothers. ‘Why does my desire not lessen, but still wakens me shaking in the middle of the night?’

    ‘Dear Granddaughter,’ they answered gently, "You and Od are still held in your sacred pledges. You are married beyond the ability of death, disappearance and separation to dissolve your bonds of love. You are beloved feres and partners for as far as we can see. We know not when the two of you will be reunited, perhaps not till the end of this age. Granddaughter, it would be a good thing for you to open your heart to this mixed blessing, for no power in the multiverse can alter your situation."

    Freya left her Great Grandmothers’ home laughing and weeping, for she clearly understood that this information was both a blessing and a curse. She did not know when in the distant future she would see her Od again. Freya only knew that in some hidden way, this information greatly strengthened her choice to continue to fulfill her joyful obligations to her own folk and the whole of Yggdrasil with all of her heart, spirit and mind. Freya remained committed to the Vanir’s visions of beauty, justice, and abundance for all beings. Od, remained her beloved husband wherever he dwelt, even if it be the Halls of the fiDead.

    As the years went by, Freya continually found solace in the loving arms of her intimate companions; a household of shield maidens and healers. It was not an unusual night, that after the children were sound asleep, the women of Freya’s household would come together to passionately make love with each other under the blessings of the full moon or surrounded by the songs of a stormy night filled with lightning and their wild cries of pleasure. Freya dared to claim the magics of sex as part of her own growth and healing.

    Njord’s clan hold never stopped their constant and relentless support for the healing and grieving of Freya. Each in their own way, stood by Freya as she continued to grow into her full giddenhood and the terrible powers of the Widow. Freyr and Freya stood side by side as they sliced their way through battle after battle. Idunna invented apples dishes just for her beloved cousin, Freya. Her father held Freya in his arms and gently sang the songs of a father's love for his daughter. The honey bees brought special bits of honey comb to Freya that filled her blood with the fires of life. Freya was never forgotten by her family and feres.

    The Great War continued to rage up and down the branches of Yggdrasil (8). No place was left untouched by the waves of violence that flowed up and down, in and out, round and about all of the realms and realities. At times it seemed as if the very seams of the cosmos were about to rip, destroying all. The war had devolved into a struggle between two camps. One camp believed that control by the wise and strong over all others, the less wise and less strong, was the safest and best way to ensure the safety of the multiverse. The other camp felt in their very cores that the multiverse was a collaborative project co-created equally by all beings.  Each camp became more and more intolerant of the other's world views and working paradigms. The war appeared to be spiraling out of control.

    There wfiere many unexpected results caused by this war that violated the boarders of all worlds and realms. Strange alliances were built and destroyed on a daily basis. But, some of these alliances of mysterious ones developed into deep partnerships. Mysterious ones from completely different realms became beloved feres. Their unbreakable commitments to one another were sealed deep in the centers of their shining beings. This is how the giddens Freya, Bridgit (9) , and Hera (10)  first met in the red poppy fields of Thera (11) , where they dared to made a blood oath to each other to never forget their commitments to each other and to beauty, justice and abundance for all. Hera, Bridgit and Freya swore to never loose contact with each other. And they never have.

    Freya used her powers of Witchcraft, rune magic and the seidhr to aid her folk in the war. She fearlessly waded through rivers of dying blood, searched deep in hidden caves of terror and stormed ruined cities sinking into despair. Freya was always a warrior of integrity and spirit even when hope was at its lowest ebb. Freya was an inspiration that fed the Vanir’s determination to never bow down to the Aesir.

    One dark night in the depth of the war, a vision came to Freya while she tossed and turned on her wedding bed. She saw herself flying above a freshly blooded battle ground choosing a portion of the valiant dead  for a special work in a war in the far far future. She heard Od’s voice say, ‘Bring these brave hearts to dwell in our halls until the time of renewal has come.’

    Freya awoke with a start. She knew immediately that this had been a sending and that very day began this great work given to her. Freya carefully looked at each warrior as he died, looking for any sign of Od’s presence in the fallen’s face. Freya never spotted any mark of Od on the faces of the dead, but she never doubted the vision she had received. Freya continued to bring home the valiant dead to dwell in her halls of ›blessing and delight through out the Great War.

    Meanwhile, in every part of the multiverse, the domestic gardens began to fade as the wild became a rampant wilderness choking out any possibility of sustainable balance. The waters no longer refreshed. The winds no longer restored. The soils no longer fed the new seed or budding blossom. The suns, stars and moons began to shine with a tarnished light.

    After ages and eons of war, the  Vanir and Aesir realized that neither side had the power to subdue the other. A great war weariness sweep through the ranks of both armies. All knew in their blood and bone that some solution must  be found if the multiverse was ever to find balance again. It was time for a truce.

    A parley (12) seeking peace and wisdom was brought into being. The Aesir and Vanir came together and laid down their arms. Together they built and lit the nyd-fire (13). Together they brought out and purified the ancient glimmering golden Bowls of Peace.  Each member of the parley released their own nectar into the bowls by spitting into the bowls' sacred spiraling centers. The bees came from every realm and reality to also release their honeys into the bowls. Sacred herbs were gathered and added to the brew. Moonlight and sunlight, thunder and dew along with the prayers of the folk were also mixed thoroughly into the concoction. The golden bowls were breathed upon by the whole gathering as their contents were poured back and forth for many days, transforming the nectars, honeys and other ingredients into a shimmering potent drink. Thus was birthed the sacred Mead of Poetry, Kvasir’s blood  and the wise Kvasir (14) himself. 

    The  parley came together under the light of the first new moon after the mead’s completion.  They stood shoulder to shoulder as they sent a call through out the whole of the multiverse inviting all to join a Grand Alting (15).  Throughout the long night as the nyd-fires were continually fed, the mysterious ones› danced, shimmed and shook to the rhythms of the voices of truth as they sang out their calls for peace and wisdom.

    Before first light, myriad of beings from every part of Yggdrasil had come, swelling the ranks gathered for the alting. As the sun’s first rays touched the tree tops, the formal beginning of the Great Alting was declared. Jugs of the Mead of Poetry were passed through the crowd for each to taste. The gathering began to shimmy and shake anew as they danced the dances of peace. Hearts, minds and spirits opened. It became clear to all that the time to make the pledges of peace had come. It was time for the two opposing camps to exchange  hostages (16). It was time for a mingling of all of the clans in order that peace could be found and nourished.

    The Vanir asked for four volunteers.  Freya, her  brother Freyr,  their father, Njord and their cousin, Idunna all stepped forward.  Njord’s  whole clan hold (Njord, Freyr, Idunna, Freya and their households) prepared to  move to Asgard (11)  to join the Aesir.

    From the Aesir, four volunteers came forth, the magic textile makers family, those who spin, weave and embroider and those that hold a fruitful, fertile garden above any  victory in competitive combat. Vefari  (Weaver), Utsaumur (Embroidery), Spónn (Spinner) and Jartharber (Wild  Strawberry) choose to dwell with the Vanir.  Hoenir, the holder of knowledge and Mimir the wise, also joined them in the exchange.

    The whole of the alting witnessed the formal pledges given by both sides. A treaty of peace between the Aesir and Vanir was declared. The celebrations lasted many weeks as great joy and hope flooded the cosmos.

Foot Notes for Part II

1  Njord or Njordr is one of the Vanir,  the god of  the Pleasant Lands (the winds,  waters and fertile lands along all seacoasts, large lakes and rivers) as well as seamanship, sailing and fishing. He has the power to calm the waters or the fires. Njord is a mysterious one of abundance and plenty who holds the secret of mysteries of truly knowing when enough is enough.

2  Freyr is a mysterious one of sun and rain, and a patron of bountiful harvests. He is often called upon to grant a fertile marriage. Freyr is both a god of peace and a brave warrior. He is a clan leader of the light elves. He is the most beautiful of the male members of the Vanir. Freyr is a phallic god, ecstatic and sensual, holding all queer people as sacred. He has always been a dedicant to beauty and pleasure.

3  Idunna is a Vanir gidden of innocence, fertility, and death. She is the caretaker of the Orchard of the Golden Apples of Youth. Idunna is an excellent cook, creator of many dishes that are celebrated through out the worlds to this very day. Some say it was Idunna who first thought of the idea of putting fruit between two layers of crust. She is one of the first of the mysterious ones to become dedicated to the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

4  Hertha-Nerthus is a gidden of cattle, plows and birth. It is a good thing to remember to invite Hertha-Nerthus to help at any birthing time. She claims all farmers who honor the living earth as sacred as her heroes. She always finds them a place of healing delight and beauty in the Land of the Dead.

5  Ing is a mysterious one who holds sacred all things to do with sustainable homesteads and clan homes of beauty and peace. He cherishes all aspects horticulture and the raising of domestic animals. Ing delights in all sensual pleasures as sacred to a balanced life. Ing is honored as one of the Great-Queer Uncles of the queer spirit folks of Midgard. He is one of the first of the mysterious ones to have become a devotee of the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Ing is the father of Njord and the progenitor of the Yngling Lineage, the first dynasty of Swedish Kings.

6 Fjorgyn-Nerthus (Hlodyn, Jord) is a gidden of the wilderness and primitive Earth. She holds the mysteries of all blood magics and knows that the taste of salt in sea or blood is identical. Some say that Fjorgyn-Nerthus is the Earth itself. She is one of the original progenitors of Midgard.

7  Literal translations of their names are; Urd "destiny, fate, wyrd", Verdandi "becoming, what is emerging / the present moment") and Skuld ("guilt, debt, necessity"), not past, present and future. It is also good to remember that there is great debate around the concept of predestination as concerns the old Nordic world view. There are strong arguments for and against the idea that the Norns had complete control of the fates of all beings; the Gods, humans and all of life. There is also many who read the surviving materials as a whole, as indicating that the ancients thought of our human choices as continually changing the quality/nature of the weft threads that the multiversal tapestry is woven from, in other words, an early understanding of the mystery that we are all co-create of the cosmos.

8  The World Tree, also called The Multiversal Tree, whose branches and roots are and/or lead to all the realms, realities, worlds and universes in the cosmos.

9  Bridget, (Brigantia, Brigit, Bhride, Bride, Brid), is a beloved Celtic gidden called, among other things, the "Triple Bridget". One of her aspects ruled poetry, writing, and inspiration, another one ruled healing, herbolgy, and midwifery, and the third aspect ruled the fires of the hearth, and of the smith, and the arts of smith-craft. Bridget is also know as a gidden of fertility, the arts and crafts, the waters, the fires and the martial arts. Other titles given to Bridget are; Flaming Arrow, Interconnecting Circles of Light, Three-tongued Flame, Defender of the People, Protector of the Poor, Golden One, She who holds the Mysteries of the endless Spiralic Nature of Being. She holds sacred the ever changing moon. Bridget is a Friend of the Honey Bee, Bovine, Swine and Sheep clans.

10  Hera is a gidden of the home and marriage. She is one of the mysterious ones who are responsible for every aspect of existence, including the seasons and the weather. Hera is one of the great beauties of all times. She is a devotee to beauty, luxury, abundance and plenty. Hera is a Friend of the Bovine, Peacock, Rose, Lotus, Hawk and Lily clans. All precious gems are a window for her to see through into any of the realms and realities. Hera is one of original progenitors of Midgard. After her divorce from Zeus, Hera reclaiming her powers and place in the multiverse as hers alone. Hera is one of the first of the mysterious ones to have openly nurtured the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.

11  Now called Santorini.

12  parley (The New Century Dictionary, 1927) - a conference for discussing terms, or matters in dispute; specifically., an informal conference with an enemy, under a truce,as concerning an exchange of prisoners or a cessation of hostilities.

13  nyd-fire (need-fire) - In ancient  times when troubles beset the land, and the community seemed to be in peril, the folk turned to a practice known as the need-fire. One story is that the fire represented the spirit of the land, which gave life and purpose to everything in the culture as a whole. Therefore when troubles arose within the community, it was a sign that the fire had been contaminated and the spirit of the land had grown ill and required renewed vitality. The custom of lighting a need-fire called for specific types of sacred wood to be used to feed the fire: birch, elm, hazel, holly, oak, pine, rowan, willow and yew. Each  of these sacred woods served to pass desired qualities and blessings into the need-fire. Through this practice  the people were able to refocus their spiritual values, generating a new vitality with which to enliven the spirit of the land. The ancient need-fire was kindled by friction and then fed with the logs of the sacred wood. Torches were then lit from the bonfire and carried to each home to relight the hearth fire. In this way the renewed spirit  of the  land passed into each home  within the community.

14  Kvasir [kvah-seer] - A very wise human person created by the mysterious ones from their spit in a truce between the Æsir and Vanir. He knew the answer to any question asked of him. He traveled far and wide over the world to teach his wisdom. According to some stories, on one visit to some Dwarves, Kvasir was killed by two of them, Fjalar and Galar, who brewed his blood with honey and made the Mead of Poetry. This mead eventually became the property of the giant Suttung and drunk by Odin.

15   Old Norse - An assembly of assemblies.

16  In those days it was the tradition, that all hostages exchanged as the result of peace treaties were to be considered a part of their new clan and could even become rightful leaders within their new group. But, on the other hand, these hostages were never free to move the households away from their new community, this ensured the mutual interests of the peace treaty.

She Remembers

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese


    She awakens,

        The light of a winter’s full moon,

        Reflecting off of new fallen snow,

        Stirs ancient memories long sleeping

        Within the deepest halls of Her heart.

    Freya again tastes the tears

        blown back into Her frozen face

        Filled with the bitter grief of love lost.

    Freya again feels the velvet touch

         Of the beloveds thighs, belly and breasts

        Slowly riding the waves of Her passions.

    Freya again inhales the scents of love and lust,

        Of Her longing and calling,

        Her demand

            For the satiation of divine desire,

                Will not be denied.

    She fully awakens,

        Moaning lowly in Her lost love and desire,

        Tears slowly filling the hollows of Her empty heart,

        Freya’s Unspeakable prayers shake

            The very roots of Yggdrasil,

                The home of all potentiality.

    Reaching out Her hands

        into the spaces between the worlds,

        The Multiverse gently holds Freya

        In It’s compassionate arms of eternal change.

    And Freya,

        Begins another day,

        Another epoch,

        Another age begins.


    The last actions that Njord’s clan hold performed before stepping into their new Halls in Asgard, was to thoroughly cleanse and purify themselves.  All of the households of Njord’s clan hold shimmied and shook themselves clean of the habits of war, greed, oath breaking, and all other disreputable behaviors.  They purified themselves in the sacred saunas prepared for them by their great grandmothers, the Norns. They wove beauty and honor into their hair and dressed themselves in the garments of peace. To a person, they pledged to never again collude with anyone whose life way paradigms were grounded in violence and injustice. Njord, Freyr, Idunna, Freya and their households were now ready for their new homes in Asgard and to begin their work in Midgard anew with restored vigor and vitality.

    Njord’s clan hold focused on the healing of the hearth and heath, the orchards and wild woods, the walled gardens and the windy grasslands, the hearts of humans and the hearts of oceans. They worked with each breath they took to keep balance maintained between all worlds and realms. Their sharpest focus was always on the task they claimed as a clan hold on their very first day in Asgard. That was, to constantly and tirelessly work for a healthy balance between the Halls of the Aesir and the Halls of all the other Realms of Mystery. Njord’s clan hold was determined that another multiversal war would never have a chance to rage through out the cosmos again.

    Time continue to flow endlessly through out the great cosmic tree nurturing the only eternal constant, change. The storms of war and misunderstanding still found their seasons as did times of peace and plenty. Drought and famine, fire and flood still raved beings through out the multiverse.  Though rich harvest, comfort and contentment also eventually found their ways into every realm and reality appearing suddenly like spring ephemerals after a long bitter winter. Dreams of blessing and abundance continued to lead the great hearted to broaden their understandings of the possible. It became clearer and clearer to all, as the eons flew by, that there was much balance to still be achieved through out Yggdrasil.

    After two great wars came back to back almost shattering human civilization on Midgard followed by the Age of Waste, spawning the beginnings of the Great Warming, the ancestral heroes of Freya’s hall called all of Njord’s clan hold to a ting (1) focused on the full restoration of the balances of old while also exploring new possibilities and understandings of peace and plenty.

    At the ting, the ancestors addressed the mysterious ones saying,

    “We have come to the gates of the war we were chosen out for at the moments of our deaths. A struggle between vastly different ideas and paradigms, not merely a struggle of sword and shield is upon us. Great changes are blowing wildly through the air.

    We, the valiant dead and ancestral heroes of old, still hold the wisdom of choosing abundance and plenty, beauty and delight, dance and rhythm deep in our ancient memories and ghostly hearts. We, the powerful dead, call for the teaching anew of the dances of life, death and rebirth and the songs of co-creation and collaboration in not just Midgard but, in all of the worlds of Yggdrasil. We call for the renewal of the alliances of old as we return to the rich soils, waters and airs of the Good Green Earth and her siblings to help replant the seeds, spoors and acorns of new Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight (2).

    A new world view is possible. A new understanding is emerging. It is time to declare that we are all Co-creators of the Multiverse and act accordingly!”

    The whole ting cried out in one voice,

    “Yes, let us begin now!”

    All of Njord’s clan hold choose to first focus on Midgard. They immediately began to  nurture deeper relationships with the green bloods and the red bloods, the lands and  the seas, the winds and the soils, all of the peoples living under the Earth’s living Sun.

    Njord’s clan hold also began to spread the news of their decisions to every mysterious one they knew or met on the Crossroads of Change. Soon, a great host of folks were committed to the idea of newly emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Their great excitement road the winds and waves, vibrating with joyful expectation to the very leaf tips and root lets of Yggdrasil. Folks wondered out loud, “Has the time come? Is a new way possible? Can justice and beauty be truly co-created?” Many could simply feel new understandings and transformations forming in Yggdrasil itself. That was enough in and of itself to move them to action. Others choose to quietly work for the new cultures regardless of their doubts, for these dreams of change were awakening hope deep within their hearts.

    A call for a great alting to examine this new understanding of all beingness as co-creators of the multiverse slowly made it’s way from the stars of the heavens and the icy caves of the underworlds, eventually finding the ear of every mysterious one in the cosmos. Folks wanted to talk about this possible emergence of new cultures of beauty, balance and delight. A central questions were, “Just what do these new cultures mean to us? Will no one be in authority over the multiverse and the fires of life?”

    Talk of a grand gathering was beginning to be heard wherever mysterious ones gathered.  Persistent pervasive rumors quickly spread about how ‘very interested’ the Original Progenitors (3) were in attending such an alting. Yet, no one individual was ready to began to openly organize such a gathering of the Clans of Mystery. The talk of such an alting was stirring as strong of a reaction against it as for it. Many said that nothing but trouble would come from such a gathering. Nevertheless, the months ahead saw many small groups forming to take on tasks that they thought would feed the emerging cultures and perhaps encourage a Grand Alting of Mystery sometime in the future.

    Idunna joined The Melissa (4), Grandmother Bear (5), Potnia Theron (6), Aristaeus (7) and many others in the restoration of the honey hives, the orchards and the blooming fields. They spent much of their time brewing the magical honey drinks that open and heal the eyes and hearts of those who are steeped in despair and that bring courage and joy to those who are willing to be willing to take the next step into life, death and rebirth.

    Njord joined Poseidon (8), Mississippi (9), the Suijin (10), Yemayja (11) and all mysterious ones concerned with the waters in the crafting spells of healing and songs of change to free and purify all of the waters of Earth; ocean, aquifer, well and spring.

    Hnoss and Gersimi joined Utsaumur, White Buffalo Calf Woman (12), Vishwakarma (13), Fee Fee (14), Kathor (15), Veles (16) Dionysus (17) and other mysterious ones and ancestors devoted to beauty in the preservation of all thing beautiful on the Good Green Earth. They spent much of their energy concocting powerful spells of inspiration to infuse and nurture the wood workers and weavers, writers and poets, painters and potters, dancers and singers, chefs and vintners, architects and tailors, all who bring beauty into manifestation through out Midgard.

    Freyr, having decided to put his whole self into these new possibilities and potentials, joined his old war buddies in laying a solid foundation for the proposed massive new Halls for the Multiversal Study of Peace and Prosperity in the upper branches of Yggdrasil. Their loud laughter could be heard ringing through out the cosmos as they joyfully made these dreams into solid realities.

    Freya joined Bridget, Hera, Grandmother Spider (18) and Aradia (19) in teaching Witch skills, the arts of divination and the magics needed to protect the folk in these transitional years  to all who were ready to commit to the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. They saw great power emerge from the hands of humans devoted to wonder and change. They saw amazing changes in the confidence and skills of these new Witches that now were a part of these giddens’ daily lives. Freya, Bridget, Hera and Aradia were filled with delight and pride in their new Witchy feres.

    As folks’ choices more vigorously stirred ™the cauldron of change, bringing blessing and hope to all devotees of the emerging cultures,  Freya’s longing for Od got stronger and stronger. Finally, she could no longer ignore her desires. Freya could no longer put off her search for Od. She knew that it was time for her again to go out into all of the worlds, realms and realities searching for her beloved fere and husband.

    Freya told her dear feres, Bridget and Hera, that it was time for her to renew her long search for Od. She asked them to please send her any messages, stories or gossip that could possibly aid her in this search.  Bridget and Hera blessed Freya with many blessings kissing her from head to toe.

    “Here is a jar of a honey elixir of hope and endurance that we have gathered and brewed just for you. Never forget that we three are joined by pledge and blood, love and honor. Sing our names to the winds and they will lead us to you no matter where in the cosmos you may be.”

    Freya put on her green traveling gown and pig skin walking boots. She clasped Brisingamen (20) around her neck. She strapped Voldugr (21) around her waist and strapped her packed traveling bag onto her back. Finally, Freya threw Valrverja (22) over her shoulders transforming into a falcon and flew off into the first night of her renewed search for her beloved Od.

    Freya searched every realm, world and reality in the cosmos. She searched every leaf, branch and root of Yggdrasil. Freya start her search at the site she and Od first knew love, the shores of the Lake of Beauty. She then moved outward, systematically spiraling though out all of  Vanaland. She next searched every square inch of Asgard. She then search Alfheim, world of the light elves Freya then hunted for any trace of Od in Jotunheim, the land of the giants. Hope still burned brightly in her heart as Freya searched Svartalfheim, the homeland of the dark and black elves, Niflheim, the primordial home of ice and Muspelheim, the primordial home of fire. But hope began to waver as Freya finished her search through Hel, the world of the dead, without even hearing a whisper about Od. No one any where had either heard or seen him since the night he first disappeared.

    Finally, Freya’s  search lead her to Midgard, the Middle Garden, home of the Good Green Earth. This realm was her last and only hope left.

    Freya looked carefully behind every mountain, through every forest and prairie. She search the bottoms of every ocean and lake. She walked the streets of every city and hamlet. Freya was on the brink of despair when her two dear feres, Hera and Bridget, asked her to join them once again on Thera. They had heard a rumor that they thought may be connected to the where a bouts of Od. Freya tighten Valrverja around her and immediately took off flying for the Aegean.

    Thera lay like a white jewel in the Aegean Sea under the blue light of a autumnal full moon. Freya’s heart leaped for joy upon spotting a table laid out for a lush picnic dinner on a black sand beach on the west side of the island. Beside the table she saw her friends standing with someone she did not know, all of them waving welcomingly to her, drawing Freya down to them.

    The sight of each other brought loud laughs of sheer pleasure to Hera, Bridget and Freya’s lips. What gladness and joy filled the giddens’ hearts as the three of them held each other in their arms kissing each others cheeks again and again.

    Almost out of breath from joy, Hera said, “Wait, we must introduce you to our dear friend Kwan Yin (23). She has heard rumors from the dragon people that some one, whose energy reminded them of Od, may have been spotted at the tip of South America.”

    “My dear new friend,” Freya said to Kwan Yin as she gently took her hands into her own. “ I am so happy and honored to meet you. I have heard nothing but the highest praise associated with the name Kwan Yin. I know you are a woman of great integrity and compassion. Please, tell me all that you have heard.”

    “The dragons have told me this,” Kwan Yin replied as her healing touch permeated Freya’s body, “ A strange golden aura has been shinning through the ancient ices of Antarctica. This aura has reminded some of my dragon feres, who were childhood playmates of your missing husband, of how Od would shine and glow as he danced in the icy rivers of the far north so many eons ago. They were first told of this strange golden aura by their friend, Auchimalgen (24). I suspect that it would be a good thing to visit with her. I know that Auchimalgen would delighted to meet and help you in any way that she can.”

     Bridget sat down at the table inviting the others to join her. “Let us eat and drink together as our spell of finding forms, surrounding our Freya with good fortune.”

    This midnight picnic on the black beach of Thera was the source of much  wyrd delightful laughter and strange beautiful spiraling lights shooting out into the sky. All who saw and heard this sight on the beach, told their friends of the most amazing dreams that had filled their sleep that night. They told everyone that they had awakened the next morning feeling more refreshed than they had in years with a new intense hope flowing through their veins. A new joy had seemed to make it’s home on Thera.

    Freya left her dear feres with the rising of the sun. She went in search of Auchimalgen and the ancient ices of Antarctica and their strange golden glow.

    Auchimalgen and Freya stood silently on the tip of Cape Horn (25) gazing across the cold waters of the Drake Passage. Far to the south the glint of old ice caught their eye. It was plainly shaded by a golden glow that drew Freya’s heart to it.

    “Look deeper. Use your Witches eyes, Freya.” Auchimalgen said as she pointed  to the mountains of Antarctica causing the glow to focus and brighten as if a lighthouse was suddenly pointing directly at the two giddens. “ See the translucent shapes. It seems to me as if they are dancing. Do what do they look like to you?”

    “It reminds me of a golden aura borealis. It reminds me of when Od and I would dance the dances of love and lust together directly under the revontulet (26). I can feel it pull at my bones and blood, my mind and soul. My spirit is tells me that this is what I have been looking for. I am leaving to search this ancient ice of strange golden auras.”

    Freya slowly made her way to the heart of the golden glow, through ice, snow and deep cold. And though this journey was the hardest one she had ever taken, Freya felt her own icy walls around the pain of Od’s long absence melt away with each step of her feet, with each beat of her wings. She felt her pain and joy remerge in full strength. Freya’s hope was at it’s highest point in all the long years of her search.

    After crossing thousands of miles of ice and stone, Freya finally found the center of this strange light coming up into the night sky out of a huge crack in the Black Glacier nestled in the Freyberg Mountains. Freya followed the light deep beneath the glacier into an old labyrinth cave deep under the roots of the mountains filled with ancient geological memories of an infant Earth. Ancient layers of ice covered the labyrinth’s walls. Freya could see odd markings through the ice, appearing to be the source of the golden glow.

    “What is this place? Are those images moving? Is that music I hear? Who built this labyrinth? Why am I so tired?” Freya asked herself.

    At the heart of the labyrinth under a crystal canopy beside a frozen lake, Frey came to a bed covered with beautiful lichen blankets and pillows. Tired with the fresh grief and longing that was welling up anew in her heart, Freya decided to lie down and  rest for a while. Freya removed her cloak, her sword, her traveling bag and made herself comfortable on the bed.  And in no time at all, Freya is fast asleep and entering the Dreamtime.

Freya’s Dreamtime Journey

    Freya, felt herself move with great effort through the bitter cold winds raging through sharp walled canyons of ice. She noticed that her breath is forming intricate ice crystals in the air leaving a trail of beauty behind her. Not far ahead she spotted a cave that could possible offer her shelter from the wind. Freya slowly entered the cave’s glittering maw. There on a floor of ice stood the same bed of soft lichen blankets in which she had just fallen asleep inviting her to rest her weary body, mind and soul. Freya carefully laid Valrverja and her traveling bag at one end of the bed. She then simply sat on the bed to close her eyes for just a moment of rest.


    The word floated on the breeze filtering in from the outside. Freya opened her eyes and listened carefully.


    “Surely it is the wind breathing through the hollows of the cave, breathing through the hollows of my own decimated heart,” Freya thought.


    Freya rose from the lichen bed to follow this seductive call. Slowly, stopping now and again to listen, she silently stepped around the corners of the dimly glowing ice walls. In the distance  ahead, she finally saw a white fog bank of glowing mist blocking any further vision of what lay beyond.


    Freya moved closer, her eyes fiercely determined to pierce the icy cloud before her.


    “What is it that I see?” Freya asked herself. “Is that movement within the fog bank!”

    Freya stepped into the mist. She carefully drew Voldugr while she silently continued to approach the now clearly visible swaying shadows. Freya moved ever deeper and deeper into the cloud. Her eyes were now able to pierce the fog bank clearly perceiving two tall figures standing close together curtained within their own private world unaware that anyone is watching them. Freya looks down to see her own gold-shot wedding cloak upon the ice at the feet of one of the figures. She quickly looks up to see wh®at appears to be her own self in the arms of a strangely familiar beautiful golden man.

    Freya watched in confusion as she feels their lips devour each other, their hands soak up the feel of each others’ naked skin and the warm hollows of their living sensual flesh. She tastes their tongues entwine. She feels their teeth nibble ear lobes and nipples. She feels their fingers begin to probe the sensitive openings of each other's bodies.  The familiar scents of the juices of love and lust fill the frozen yet fiery air of this amazing ice cave.

    Inexorably drawn toward the lovers, Freya slowly propped her sword safely against the cave’s wall. She then quietly moved behind the image of herself and simply stood there for a few moments in wonder. Freya could not help herself as she felt herself quickly meld into this image of herself.

    Freya could only gasp as she was looked into Od’s emerald eyes.

    Freya felt Od’s sweet gaze upon her face. She found her hands automatically reaching out for his sweet flesh as Od’s arms enclosed her in an embrace that she had feared she would never experience again. Freya’s tongue tasted the honey that had for so long been a just memory. Ancient lusts again filled her limbs and belly. Od and Freya’s passion erupted anew into the fires of life. The heat emanating from their enjoined bodies could not but begin to melt the cave’s ice forming a deep clear lake at their feet.

    Frey and Od found themselves standing beside the lichen covered bed. Suddenly, in a burst of white and red light, the lichen coverlet transformed into a green quilt of sweet smelling grasses.  They laughed out loud as they again made love, this time on a blanket of living grasses next to the fully restored Lake of Beauty. Freya's heart could not but joyously sing out the name of her beloved Od over an\d over again!

    The pain of such joy wrenched Freya from the Dreamtime back into the Antarctica night.

Foot Notes for Part III

1  Old Norse - an  assembly

2 The Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight are the emerging cultures that, among other things;

  1. focus on transforming the relationships between the human made worlds and the natural realms into loving, sustainable, joyful partnerships,

  2. choose to live life fully awake, aware and co-creatively,

  3. are dedicated to pleasure and beauty,

  4. embrace an ethics of justice and fair play,

  5. delight in the authentic lives of it’s individuals and communities,

  6. are willing to accept the consequences of their choices, learning from them and moving on,

   7. remember that there is always a choice,

  8. are spinning cosmologies clearly naming love and compassion as foundational underpinnings of the multiverse.

3  Those who first conceived life in the multiverse.

4  The Melissa, an ancient Honey Bee gidden, also named Honey Mother, said to have originated on one of the Aegean islands.

5 Grandmother Bear, an ancient gidden as old as the earliest of the bear people, one of the original progenitors. She holds all lands that bears have ever dwelt in as sacred. She is the mysterious one who commands us to eat more pie so that when we die, we will be all that much more the sweeter.

6 Potnia Theron, also called the Mistress of the Animals, is an Aegean gidden of animal life.

7  Aristaeus is a mysterious one who holds cattle, fruit trees, hunting, husbandry, honeybees and bee-keeping as sacred.

8  Poseidon is Greek mysterious one of the waters, earthquakes, horses and fa$ir play.

9  Mississippi is a mysterious one who holds the Mississippi River water shed as sacred.

10  Suijin or "Water-kami," is a general term for the Shinto mysterious ones of water. Suijin are connected with the water used in agriculture. Water-kami are also found enshrined at sources of water used in everyday life, such as household wells, springs, and streams.

11 Yemayja is an ancient African mysterious one who is a matron of women in general, but especially pregnant women. She also holds all of the waters of the worlds as sacred.

12 White Buffalo Calf Woman is the giver of the the Lakota Pipe of Truth. She holds the Mystery of the Beauty Way.

13 Vishwakarma is a mysterious one who holds all craftsmen and architects precious. Son of Brahma, he is one of the divine draftsman working through out the whole multiverse. Vishwakarma is the official builder of all the Hindu gods' palaces. He is also the designer of many of the flying chariots of the gods and all their weapons.

14 Fee Fee, Great Drag Queen of Heaven is one of the third gendered Queer mysterious ones. He is the protectors of all beautiful things. Fee Fee holds the Mysteries of Glamor and is a master of the arts of direct confrontation.

15 Kathor is the Ugaritic god of architects, artisans and weapon-makers. He is the designer and builder of the palace of Baal and many other magnificent structures through out the cosmos.

16 Veles is the horned Slavic god of sheep, death, the underworld, music, wealth and sorcery.

17 Dionysus is a Greek mysterious one of, among other things,  wine, poetry, dance and divine madness.

18  Grandmother Spider is one of original progenitors, a great teacher, protector and weaver. She holds the mystery that all things are connected and are an essential part of the multiversal tapestry of being.

19  Aradia is a mysterious one whom incarnates most often in times of slavery and oppression, to bring, teach and empower the peoples with the co-creative tools of Freedom and Beauty.

20  Freya’s magical necklace made of gold, pearls, amber, jet and garnets.

21  Old Norse - authoritative, mighty, powerful. One of the names of Freya magical sword.

22  Old Norse - falcon cloak. Freya’s magical cloak made of Falcon skins and feathers.

23  Kuan Yin, also known as Quan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), is a gidden of compassion, abundance and mercy. She is an embodiment of loving kindness who hears the cries of all beings. Kuan Yin holds the mysteries of knowingπ when enough is enough and the precious Pearls of Illumination.

24 Auchimalgen is a moon gidden from the ancient lands of Chile, who adores the human peoples. She is  always on guard protecting the human peoples from sickness, hunger and poverty. It is said she turns red to warn folks when someone important to the welfare of the people is about to die.

25  Cape Horn (Dutch: Kaap Hoorn; Spanish: Cabo de Hornos) is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile. It marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage.

26 “fox fires” - the Finnish name for the aura borealis.

They Dance

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2007

    They stand,

         Facing golden face to golden face.

    Golden Gidden and Golden Dragon

        Shiver and shake as They recognize

        This kindred spirit smiling in Their sacred steaming breath,

        This kindred spirit mirrored in Their glistening eyes,

         This kindred spirit reverberating with the pulse of pleasure,

            Beating heart to beating heart.

    Their feet begin to move to the rhythmic vibrations

        That fill the Multiverse,

        That inform every dance of beingness

            In every realm,

            In every world,

            In every sacred coming together of Fire and Ice.

    They slowly touch,

        Finger to finger,

        Breast to breast,

        Lips to lips,

        Loin to loin,

        Tongue to tongue.

    They shudder a shake

        That signals the renewal of

            The Spell Dance of Abundance and Plenty.

    Their liquid lusts mingle,

        Forming fountains which shower

            Amber and golden gifts

            On every one under sun and moon.


    Soon sinking into every crack and crevice of Midgard,

        Slowly filling the sacred wells of Urd, Verdandi and Skuld,

        These holy treasures are to be freely shared

            With all who dare to taste the All Mystery.

    And the hearth of the folk

        Fill with all good things;

            Honey and  Apple,

            A full larder of deep love,

            An understanding of when enough is Enough,

            A song of thriving blood and bone,

            Jar after jar of preserved sunlight and moon glow.

    The love and passion of Freya and  the Golden Dragon,

        Satiate not only Their own divine desires,

            But Feeds all of the worlds,

                In all of the realms through out the Multiverse.


    Freya awoke to a gigantic Golden Dragon, gleaming and terrifying, looming above her. Fire and steam gently streamed out his mouth and nostrils.  Terrified, she struck out without thinking. Voldugr sang out a killing song as it sliced through the air. The dragon danced aside. She struck again and again. The dragon calmly swayed away from the blade. Freya struck faster, creating a deadly rhythm in the space between her and the dragon. The golden one continued to easily step out of Voldugr’s way. Soon gidden and dragon found themselves in a sensuous dance twirling and leaping through this deep labyrinth under Antarctica.

    Finally, Freya fully looked the dragon in the eye.  She saw the emerald green that she knew so well. It was he whom she had been longing and searching for. It was Od.

    “ Od! Where have you been?” Freya cried out in a ragged voice as she plunged her sword deep into the caves’ icy floor. “Why have you not come to me? Why did you not send word? Did your love for me not stir your heart and loins? Have you no regard for my broken heart and bitter sleepless nights?”

    Freya stood exhausted and spent, her arms slack and head bowed as she helplessly wept tears of mingled relief, grief, anger and joy.

    “Oh, how I have longed to hold you again.” she whispered.

    “My love, my life, my fere, my wife ...

     My love, my life, my fere, my wife ...

     My love, my life, my fere, my wife ...”

    Od softly chanted as he slowly transformed into the man that first held Freya in his arms on the shores of the Lake of Beauty.

    “You, my dear Freya, have filled my dreams for more than a 1,000 ages.. It is your love that has kept me sane through my long hibernation.

    I had no choice but to hide deep within these icy caves far from our northern home in Vanaland. Freya, the only way for me to protect you, my family and Folk  was for me to leave you without word or warning.

    I had learned that the Aesir had successfully raided the hidden stacks of forbidden knowledge in the lowest halls of the Multiversal Libraries (1) . There they learned how to strip me of my golden dragon scales to create a shield that would protect any warrior from any weapon. There they discovered that my blood was a powerful magical tool of transformation and transmutation. There they discovered that a chain made of my bones worn around the neck could be used to enchant the dragon peoples into following its wearer any where at any time and to mindlessly do their bidding.

    The night that I disappeared, the bee librarians (2) came to me with a warning. They told me that if I did not leave then and there, the likelihood of my capture and murder at the hands of the Aesir was assured. Blood would run through the halls of  my home, flooding the Lake of Beauty with horror. If such a thing were to happen, the Aesir and their allies rule of Yggdrasil would become complete. All that I loved and held dear would be enthralled by spells and paradigms of blind power, fear and greed. Balance would be lost to the cosmos. The bees, the Norns and the Fates (3) could see only a slim possibility to the end of such a rule of hopelessness if I should not choose to flee.

    I could not let that happen. I followed the bees to this frozen labyrinth deep within this ancient ice. There the bees offered me a honey brew which would bring me a deep sleep, dimming my aura and energy to a level undetectable by the Aesir and their allies. The bees told me that I would sleep in this protected place until the next great nexus of change came to the cosmos. One of the signs of that change would be when the old ices of the Good Green Earth began to melt, flooding the seas. We must now be in such a time, for I am awake, you are in my arms my love, and the ices are melting.”

    Freya and Od stood silently, each thinking their own thoughts, each breathing in the presence of the other. After a long stillness, they began to hear a buzzing coming towards them. Soon they found themselves surrounded by a great swarm of bees orbiting them while dancing in intricate circles and spirals. The bees’ dance slowly began to take shape. Their dance formed into a spirit map of probability.

    “Look at this map  first made on the night of Od’s departure,” chanted a choir of honey bees. “Notice how the majority of possibilities flow into rivers of despair or into seas of stagnation. We could not stay still and do nothing. The Norns told us to go to Od. The Fates (3) told us to go to Od. We went to Od. He was to be warned.”   

    The bees’ flight path changed creating a new spirit map of probability.

     “ Look at this map of the now, this minute, this nexus of change and potential. Notice the choice, the path, the way that Od chose. It’s golden line leads to great potential for multiversal transformation. The two of you stand at the center of this spiral of promise. Notice the joy that bursts out from the place that now you stand. Notice the healing that sweeps through every realm, reality and world. Notice that balance has a good chance to be restored in Yggdrasil. Notice that all beings are awakening and remembering to the fact that we are all co-creators of the multiverse. Notice the hope, delight and desire that is growing in your hearts ”

    With that, the bees flew off leaving Freya and Od standing alone, hand in hand with hearts aflame for each other. Understanding blossomed in each of their beings. They made love, both of them shape shifting through human and dragon forms while using all manner of sex and rune magic and the myriad arts of the seidhr to heal each hurt and wound that stood between them. Od and Freya became fully one again as their orgasms took them to heights and depths they had never known before. The life force they created filled Midgard to over flowing, streaming throughout all of the cosmos as golden winds and waves.

    Green eyes and blue eyes slowly closed. They slept soundly holding each other in arms that knew they would never be parted again.

    Freya and Od awoke laying on the same grassy bed they had fallen asleep on. But this time there was no ceiling of ice over their heads. Instead, there was a crystal clear star studded night sky.

    Freya and Od heard a beat coming up from deep with in the earth. A brilliant aurora began to form a curtain around the far horizons. They noticed that the floor of ice was now a springtime meadow. They noticed the smell of apple and cherry blossoms on the breeze. They noticed a full moon coming over the horizon. Od and Freya noticed that they were not alone.

    Their bed slowly sank into the blossoming field. Od and Freya stood up to find themselves standing in the middle of a gathering ground of power. Out of a great crowd encircling the meadow, eight beings walked out into the open space, placing themselves evenly around Freya and Od. They clapped their hands loudly once above their heads and four huge bonfires instantly sprang into being in each of the four farthings of the gathered circle. Hnoss and Gersimi came to their father with shining eyes and kissed his cheeks as Od held them in his arms weeping for joy. Violins began to sing. The strings were joined by drums, woodwinds and brass. The voices of the crowd sang out  a song of exaltation. The eight began to dance the ancient Dances of Life, Death and Rebirth (4).

    Ganesha (5)  and Singing Bear (6)  began to stomp out the patterns of infinity on the holy ground. Jesus (7) grabbed Od’s hands in his own and the two began to laugh and twirl around the fires dancing a dance of joy and pleasure. Nit (8), Tyr (9)  Gersimi, Hnoss and Kwan Yin began to dance a snake dance of restoration. Bridget, Idunna and Freya were joined by millions of honey bees as they began to shake and shimmy while dancing the bee dance of life. The orchestra found new energy and power as Hera began to call out from amongst the crowd the dance steps of the Dances of Eternal Change. Soon, the whole meadow was filled with dancing ecstatic ancestors and Mysterious Ones. This gathering danced the dances for four full nights and four full days.

    After this joyful magical celebration of reunion, many transformations and healings came to countless communities throughout the multiverse. The honey bees again sang their healing songs along every honey road and in the heart of every hive. The waters again refreshed. The winds again restored. The soils again fed the new seed or budding blossom. The wild and the domestic again grew in healthy balance.  The gardens again thrived in abundance and beauty. The orchards again bore perfect fruit. Hunger became a distant memory. The suns, stars and moons again shown with an untarnished light. Old enemies sat down to dinner together to actually converse and listen to each other. Justice and compassion again walked hand in hand. Fire and Ice once again sang in perfect ever-changing harmonies. Freya and Od again made each other their home.

    Balance had returned to Yggdrasil for another season.

Foot Notes for Part IV

1   The Multiversal Libraries, also called the Akashic Records, hold all knowledge and information in the cosmos.

2  The bee librarians are the librarians of the Honey Library, which are part of the Multiversal Libraries.

3  The Fates are surrounded by mystery. Some say that they determine when a life begins, when it dies, and what happens to it in between. Some say they measure what is predestined. Others say that they dye and spin the thread made form the choices a person makes throughout their life time. The three sisters are;

    Clotho , who spins the thread of life. Her name means The Spinner.

    Lachesis, who measures the thread of life. She is the Caster of lots

    Atropos, who cuts the thread of life. Her name means, Unbending. She is often perceived as the most terrible.

4  The Dances of Life, Death and Rebirth are a set of dances danced usually in conjunction with Halloween, Samhain and other  such holidays, that renew the balance between death, life and rebirth. They are also the dances that weaves the very fabric of the multiverse.

5  Ganesha is a mysterious one of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

6  Singing Bear is a queer gendered grandchild of Grandmother Bear. He delights in all authentic acts of love and pleasure. She is a guarding of the wild fruits of lust and desire. Singing Bear is a powerful healer who heals with just the sound of his songs.

7  Jesus Son of Mary is a loving mysterious one of joy, compassion, restoration and justice.

8  Nit (Neith) is a gidden of Weaving, War, Hunting and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. She can also present herself as an androgynous demiurge - a creation deity - who has both male and female attributes. All of the cosmos recognize her to be an ancient and wise gidden, to whom the other mysterious ones come if they cannot resolve their own differences.

9  Tyr, (Tiu, Tiwaz, Tiw, Ziu) - ("The One-Handed"), a mysterious one of defense and victory, the bravest of the gods. Giver of victory in battle against all odds; he is never deceitful. He presides over law, legal contracts, assemblies of the people for judicial matters.  Tyr is one of the original progenitors, older than either the Vanir or the Aesir.  He recently choose to leave Asgard after claiming healing and the restoration  of his arm and heart, tSo live with  Fenrir the Wolf. They have chosen to work together to renew the balance of the wild and the domestic.

We Are the Radiant Flesh of Wonder

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese


    We walk with Freyja.

    We dance with Mystery.

    We sing with the Ancestors.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    Our shining imaginations create worlds and realms of beauty.

    Our secret thoughts touch dream and make it matter.

    Our hidden desires birth physical pleasures and delights.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    We plant the seeds of hope.

    We water the gardens of renewal.

    We harvest the fruits of rebirth.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    We embroider the fields of the cosmos.

    We spin the weft of manifestation.

    We weave the tapestry of being.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    We dare to live openly, courageously, and joyously.

    We dare to live fully alive and awake.

    We dare to embrace our own glory and brilliance.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    We choose to learn the ways of compassion.

    We choose to learn the ways of balance.

    We choose to learn the ways of love.

    We are the living leaves of Yggdrasil.

    We are the radiant flesh of Wonder.

    We are co-creators of the multiverse.

    We walk with Freyja.