May our Freya fill our nights and our days with abundance and plenty.

The Lady, Freyja, Freya: Gidden of Love, Beauty, Fertility, Integrity, Authenticity, Conflict, Magic, Prophecy, Death and Wealth

The Lady Freyja is Queen of the Nordic Witches

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2009

I honor Freya,

    You who teach us

    To fully embrace love, justice, pleasure and beauty.

    You who teach us

    The ways of courage and compassion.

    Freya and Her twin brother Frey were born many eons ago on a beautiful sea shore in the Heart of Vanaland, the home of the Vanir, Mysterious Ones of (among other things) fertility, beauty, sensuality, pleasure, abundance and plenty. The Twins’ mother (Hertha-Nerthus), father (Njord) and all of the Vanirs’ hearth-clan loved the beautiful babies Freya and Frey beyond all reason. The Twins grew up well loved. They were both thoroughly and expertly trained for the roles that They would someday come into. It is hard to imagine a more nurturing and supportive way to grow up than the childhoods of Freya and Frey.

    Freya came into Her womanhood, growing gracefully into Her powers as a Gidden of power, beauty, sex, integrity, fertility and war. She married Od and then lost Him. She fought great battles and engaged in tempestuous love affairs. Freya has always live Her life to the fullest. (Please go to: Freya and Od)

    Currently, Freya is devoted to the growing and the nurturance of the Emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. She tirelessly works to restore the sustainable ways of conscious co-creators daring to fully live in the knowledge that the multiverse is not only born of our dreams, but of our actions, intensional and otherwise. Freya travels through out the worlds with Her dear feres; Hera, Bridget and Kwan Yin, doing whatever they can to bring these cultures further into manifestation.

    No matter how busy Freya is, She always saves a good bit of time to spend with Her beloved Od in their beautiful home in the far north tending and nurturing their love for each other and their clan-hearth. There, they equally enjoy spending time in their vast library researching the newest discoveries emerging through out all of the realms, weeding quietly in one of their many gardens, driving their vintage Saab to the local community theater, cooking up delicacies in their kitchen to be served at an intimate gathering of feres, or making mad passionate love in their luscious bedroom as the late afternoon sun shines across their bodies.

Freya holds a special place in Her heart for:

The aurora borealis

Her hearth-kin

Women’s and girl’s Athletics

Flower arraignments of all kinds, particularly ikebana and children’s bouquets

Exquisitely crafted jewelry especially pieces using gold, amber, garnets, jet, rubies, jade and/or pearls

Everything to do with spinning and weaving

The deep snows and wild blizzards of Winter

The misty rains of Spring

Summer thunderstorms

The singing winds of Autumn

Operas and symphonies

Experimental theater

Ice skating and snowshoeing

Gourmet cooking

Fine wines, meads and ciders

Fresh fruit pies with a perfect crust

Fruit vodkas, especially cherry and raspberry

Well designed dinner service

Comfortable and well designed furniture

Thriving vineyards, orchards, gardens and greenhouses

Grand parties with all night dancing

Quiet dinners with a few intimate feres

Exquisitely designed and well crafted clothing for all occasions


Horse racing and jockeys

Folks who heroically live authentic lives of compassion, sensuality and confidence

Wilderness, wild untamed lands and waters of all kinds

Good sex under a full moon

Thriving and loving polyamorous relationships

Wild and free rivers and streams

Those whom embrace the Mystery of knowing when enough is enough.


Freya is a Friend of the following clans:

The Clan of the Wild Boar

The Cat Clan

The Cherry Clan

The Clan of Vitkar and Vitki

The Clan of the Full Moon

The Rutabaga Clan

The Pine Clan

The Clan of Shield Maidens

The Clan of the Dragon

The Rose Clan

The Goose Clan

The Peony Clan

The Pear Clan

The Clan of the Wild Bee

The Mistletoe Clan

The Swiss Chard Clan

The Tomato Clan

The Horse Clan

The Mushroom Clan

The Dill Clan

The Potato Clan

The Yarrow Clan

The Daffodil Clan

The Clan of Extraordinary Jewelers

The Clan of the Light Elves

The Clan of the Dancing Faggots

The Pie Clan

Winter Witch Camp’s Brisingamen