Here are five visions from over the last few weeks. They were presented to me as ‘Honey Visions’.

1. Old Maps

    Go to the old maps.

    Go to the old dreams and visions.

    Remember what was once common knowledge, even though now it is hidden.

    Nothing is forgotten.

    All is recorded and preserved at the Honey Library (the Multiversal Library).

    I found myself (in the Honey Library) sitting at a heavy old oak library table on which scrolls were piled high on my left side. A librarian (?) spread map after map of the Upper Mississippi Valley in front of me. The maps started with a rectangular tanned animal hide covered with painted symbols representing the effigy mound sites. Next was an old hand drawn French language map. Next camp a map from the 1820’s. Then from sometime right after the American Civil War. Then a touring map from the early 1900s. Followed by a 1950s road map and then a map from the year 2000. Finally the librarian laid down a 3D holographic map as if it were as ancient as the oldest maps in the library.

2. Fall Yard Work

    Larry, Kent, Mark and I were cleaning up the yard, gardens, pastures  and barns of someone’s new place in the rolling hills some where in North America (Eastern Iowa?) on a windy cold, cloudy, dark blue and gray autumn day. Greg, Philip and many others (?) were cleaning up inside a large house. Some folks were making us a mid-morning meal.

    The lawn was un-mowed. The grass was knee high, scattered with assorted rusted garbage; car parts, old buckets, clothes, cans, farm tools, etc. The fields, orchards and gardens were totally over grown. The barn needed painted badly. The hinges to it’s doors were in grave disrepair. We were all happy and content in our hard work.

    Suddenly, I heard a high whining sound coming from high up in the air. I recognized a sound that I had only heard before in movies. An airplane was falling from the sky. It’s nose pointed straight to the ground. It exploded in flames on impact. We knew that no one could have survived the crash.

    I instantly saw visions of planes falling out of the air around the world. Some planes crumbled in the air. Some blew up into balls of fire. Some simply fell. They all rained death and disaster on the land and water below them.

    I saw the bellies of cargo planes splitting open, disgorging modern bronze sculptures of women (goddesses?). Each piece a master work, each piece shattering as it hit buildings, pavements, swarms of living bodies. I heard a great wail go up as if the sculptures had been killed, not that they were only objects (though they were of great beauty and cultural value), but rather greatly loved living beings that had been destroyed.

    Grief permeated every wind, zephyr and breath of the Good Green Earth.

A Mysterious One standing just behind me,quietly told me (I didn’t recognize the voice) to pay attention and not to travel by air this coming autumn until at least the first snows had fallen (in Minnesota?).

Even with this warning, I knew (some how or the other) that there were other meanings in this vision hidden in plan sight, waiting to be slowly revealed when the time was right. The meanings are resting in the stacks of the Honey Library.

3.Hera, Vesta, Vera, Vespa

Hera, dressed in a dark gray tweed skirt, white blouse, pale green sweater and black sensible shoes, took me, in black slacks, jacket, white shirt, tie and my dark green suede hush puppies, into a large library room (in the Multiversal Library?) with huge open windows through which a sun was shinning and a pleasant breeze was blowing. On the heavy long tables circling∏ the room, large piles of books and journals sat next to dark computers.

She said to me, “Collect your words and images on paper. Do not trust electronic preservation for your work alone.”

Hera then turned around to introduced me to three women dressed in stereotypical librarian outfits, that suddenly were standing just behind her.

“This is Vesta, Vera and Vespa. They will always help you find what you need.”

4. Bridget’s Recommendations

Bridget came over to my house for a cup of morning tea. She was simply dressed in a cream colored skirt and blouse, her red painted toe nails shined through her open toed brown sandals. Bridget was also wearing deep red garnets in her ears that flashed out from beneath her strawberry blond hair.

After a bit of settling in, she gave me this to do list, asking me to pass it on to the other Witches that I know.

1. Feed the Sun honey-cakes.

2. Feed the bees. Plant gardens and orchards filled with bee delights.

3. Eat out doors on a regular basis. Celebrate each other’s company with delicious foods and drinks.

4. Visit the waters.

5. Feed the cycles of life. Compost. Nurture the soils. Nurture yourselves.

6. Keep your kitchens clean and your hearts open.

7. Eat honey filled with wisdom to preserve Midgard's knowledge.

8. Offer mead to the Moon.

5. Wedding Ring

I must be truly married now. In all of my visions and dreams I am always wearing my wedding ring. The gold band and brown sapphire always catch my eye and I feel stronger, more sure and confident no matter what the situation is that I find myself.

Honey Visions

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

August 19, 2006