Fee Fee’s To Do List

October 4

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2006

    Fee Fee, the Great Drag Queen of Heaven, asked me to meet Her at Vera’s, a sweet little queer coffee house in Minneapolis. Fee Fee wanted  to check in around a few points of relevance in regard to effective political action.

    I arrived early and took it upon myself to choose a table for us. I was just sitting down with my double mocha at my favorite window seat when our Fee Fee swept into the place bringing the sunshine with Her on a windy, cold and cloudy day. She was wearing a lovely flowing ivory silk suit type thing with matching broad brimmed hat and leather boots. Fee Fee made His way to our table and sat down to an instantly appearing mocha of Her own.

    I remember thinking, ‘I wish I could get that trick down.’

    Fee Fee was all business. She had a very full schedule and yes, did want quality time with me, but now, He needed to be on Her way in less than an hour. Fee Fee, reached into His pocket and withdrew a long narrow strip of lavender paper, (a to do list?). She slowly moved Her finger down the paper.

    Meanwhile, I thought to myself, ‘Godds, has She been talking to Bridget? Is everyone starting to use these damn lists? Give me a break!’

     Fee Fee said, ‘ Ah ... here it is, The Importance of Fashion in the Heart of a Revolutionary Evolution;

    1. Midnight purple and/or Indigo are always appropriate for any action.

    2. If you cannot manage to learn to run swiftly in spikes, sensible shoes in colors that enhance your over all image are acceptable. (When choosing combat boots, look for solid colors that reflect your energy signature.)

    3. Wear a scent that will stir the deep sexual desires of those who imagine that they ar⁄e against the emerging cultures of Delightism.

    4. Never ever forget the power of a well placed sensual kiss.

    5. Fill your smile with secret promise.

    6. Scowl with seductive intent.

    7. Keep your nails well filed, sharp and painted in your allied color of the day.

    8. Never forget your finely woven scarf, there just may be a breeze of distressful gas as the transformations take place.

    9. Remember to always invite everyone to the celebration dinners.

    Did you get all that? It will make much more sense as time goes by.’

    Fee Fee put the list back in His pocket, took a long drink of Her mocha and ask, ‘How are you and Mark doing? Any plans for your anniversary? Have you scheduled you trip to Crete? Are you meeting more fag friends?’

    ‘Well,’ I began, ‘We are doing quite well. By the way, thank you for all of your support and helpful notes. As for our anniversary, we are planning on a simple celebration and then joining others for Halloween rituals about town. We are going to the Aegean in April. And no we have not met any ‘new’ fags. Are some coming our way?’

    ‘Maybe yes, maybe no. I am simply not saying a thing,’ Fee Fee laughed in that way that always makes me a bit nervous with unclear expectation and/or warning.

    ‘Time for me to go. I’ll stop by soon. Love you, mean it!’ And Fee Fee was up and out the door.

    I sat there for a while sipping my mocha wondering how I had ever been lucky enough to have such amazing friends.