Fee Fee


Donald L. Engstrom, © 1995

Fee Fee,  Great Drag Queen of Heaven

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008

I honor Fee Fee,

            Great Drag Queen of Heaven,

            You who teach us the Mysteries of Glamor,

            You who teach us the Mysteries of Direct Confrontation,

            You who teach us the powers of Healing Love,

            You who claim Queer People as your own.

    Fee Fee, Great Drag Queen of Heaven, has ancient roots growing back into the midsts of time. He traces current Her travels through the streets of Imperial Rome, Medieval Paris and Renaissance London. Fee Fee remembers Her days wandering through the cities, towns and villages of Europe and North America during the 1800’s disturbing the narrow visions of terrified sex starved dedicants of the one true way. He remembers the wonders of early twentieth century Berlin. She remembers the horrors handed out by the Nazi. Fee Fee remembers the walking with great hope through the cities of New York, San Francisco and Chicago in the 1950’s as Queer Spirit began to again emerge into Her peoples consciousness. Fee Fee remembers dancing in a tattered golden gown as He blessed the drag queens of Stonewall who had been newly blessed by the full moon and the summer solstice.

    Fee Fee has always been devoted to the emerging cultures of beauty, balance and delight. She is the Mistress of Glamor. He can transform trash into treasure, despair into confidence, loneliness into reunion. Fee Fee is a master of direct confrontation. She is never afraid to name the truth. Though often, He uses great humor and style to share what She sees. Fee Fee is also a powerful champion and protector of Queer People. She knows how to use a purse as a weapon of defense. He can run a four mile minute in a pair of spiked heals. Fee Fee knows how to use Her nails as well as any tigress whose young are being threatened.

    Fee Fee along with some of His beloved feres (Cybele, The Three Queer Brothers, Willow Women, Singing Bear, Kwan Yin, Kali and others) are fierce protectors of all queer folks. They have been stirring the cauldron of change ceaselessly, brewing queer spells of compassion based upon the deep transformative love of embracing authentic desire.

    Fee Fee also often works with Grandmother Spider stringing webs of power and connection throughout all queer meeting places. She also works with Grandmother Bear laying down layers of fertile spirit compost which enriches the balance between the domestic and the wild, which in turn nourishes the emerging cultures of beauty, balance and delight and therefore, all of the multiverse. Fee Fee has been dedicated to the emerging cultures of beauty, balance and delight from time She first dreamed of them.

    Fee Fee can be found at the most primitive Fairie Gathering to the most posh faggot sit down dinner. She wears what ever He wills. But rest assured, Fee Fee’s outfits are never the standard wear of any gender. It is often a mixture of faded high drag, functional drag, girl drag and boy drag. He does have a fondness for rich colors. She adores indigo and lavender. Fee Fee adores all costume jewelry. She loves to wear  His dark turquoise silk outfits while driving Her 1950 yellow Cadillac convertible.

Fee Fee holds a special place in His heart for:

    Faded grandeur

    All queer gendered human beings

    Actions supporting sexual freedom

    Gender confusion

    Libraries, museums and concert halls

    Radical Fairie gatherings

    All places where queer gendered folks meet

    Delicious foods and drinks



    Junk and secondhand stores

    The revolutionary fashions of compassion, power and magic


    Urban gardening

    Sensual sex

    Dancing from dusk till dawn

    Undermining the over-culture with acts of random kindness and public affection

    Dinner Parties


    Long walks on the beach under a stormy autumnal sky

    Skinny dipping on a hot Summer’s night

    The dark of the moon

    Excellently crafted beautiful objects

    A well decorated home

    Open hearted love and desire

Fee Fee is a Friend of the following clans:

The Datura Clan

The Clan of the Columbine

The Rose Clan

The Clan of Love Lies Bleeding

The Swan Clan

The Dragon Clan

The Peony Clan

The Dame’s Rocket Clan

The Black Tulip Clan

The Clan of the Bleeding Heart

The Poodle Clan

The Orchid Clan

The Lily Clan

The Clan of the Dancing Faggots

Clan of the Lunar Moth