An October Dream

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

October 22, 2011

The Central Message of This Sending Dream:

It is now time to imagine clearly what you will be manifesting into the Living Worlds of Midgard. Fore what you choose to imagine and act upon, will be fully manifested into all of the Good Green Earth for many years to come.

A few hundred of us (Witches, Pagans, Heathens from throughout the Good Green Earth? From all Time? The Imaginary and Real Realms of Midgard? Human and Otherwise?

The Living and The Dead?) had gathered in a large lodge in the middle of an Upper Mississippi Valley Woods. We had come together to celebrate Life, to Feast the Wonder of It All and to look at our next steps in the current Transformations. The high ceilinged rustic hall was filled with good natured opened heartedness with all attendants fully aware, awake and alert. The buffet tables were piled with all good things to eat and drink. Everyone was dressed in their best ritual finery. Lively discussion and vibrant debate filled the atmosphere. Colorful charts showing ‘The Lines of Possibility, Potentiality and Probability of Choice, 2012’ lined the walls.

At one point in the celebration, Sharon Jackson stood up and raised her glass to loudly toast, “To the Thriving Life of Pleasure and Joyful Obligation!”

The crowd loudly repeated, “To the Thriving Life of Pleasure and Joyful Obligation!”

Others followed, raising their glasses with other declarations and responses.

Saga called out, “To a Rich and Abundant Hearth!”

Mark called out, “To a Life Lived in Honor and Trustworthiness!”

Oak called out, “To Clear Eyes and Open Hearts!”

Diana Bee called out, “To the Red Living Blood!”

Kent called out, “To the Ways of Enduring Beauty!”

Larry called out, “To the Powers of Risk and the Blessings of Chance!”

Teri called out, “To the Living Waters of the Mississippi River!”

Cian called out, “To Wise Choices, Brilliant Decisions and Heartfelt Actions!”

Dawn called out, “To the Dances of Life, Death and Rebirth!”

I called out, “To Shameless Love and Desire!”

There were many more toasts offered that I do not remember. I do recall that as more and more toasts were made, the Energy and Power of the Mysteries filled the room. Everything became clearer, more 3D, more intensely present. It was as if all of our senses had been dialed up ten fold. New images (Spirit maps and charts?) of probability began to form in the air. New rhythms began to beat leading us to clear floor space to begin a circle dance that wove in and out of the newly formed images. This went on for quite some time.

At one point of peaking power, Starhawk called out, “This is a Time to Make Healing Choices. This is a Time to Feed the Transformations with Fearless Courage! This is a Time to Plant the Living Soil with Seeds of Jubilation!”

The Four Girl-Friends (Hera, Freyja, Bridget and Kwan Yin) holding hands, stepped into the middle of the circle. Still holding hands, they formed a circle within the circle, facing out, looking us all in the eye as they slowly rotated to the left.

The Girl-Friends began to sing us a song over and over, slowly weaving the Spirit Maps into a tighter and tighter structure (basket, vessel, cauldron?):

“Now is the Time of Choice!

Now is the Time of Wonder!

Now is the Time of Manifestation!”

I noticed that there were now many more Mysterious Ones joining the gathering: Grandmother Bear, Ing, the Three Queer Brothers, the Red, Blue, Black, White, Green and Gold Dragons, Ganesha, Kali, Fee Fee, Eponia, Wolf Brother, the Honey Bees, the Ghost Whales, Anubis and many more. It also appeared that many more of the Ancestors had joined the gathering.

When the hall was fairly bristling with static energy, electricity, power;

Freya called out, “Now is the Time to Clearly Name the Emerging Realities Incubating in your hearts, minds and hearth-halls.”

Bridget called out, ‘Sing them into Manifestation. Do not be shy. Be Brave! What you plant shall spring forth to feed all of the Peoples!”

Kwan Yin called out, “Dare to open your hearts to compassionate dreams. Dare to love yourselves fully! Embrace your Power!”

Hera called out, “Do not be deceived! The choices you choose over the next Four Seasons shall become manifest expressions growing in your gardens, filling your hearth-holds, draping about your shoulders, forming under the guidance of your wise fingers.”

Freyja called out, “These imaginings are no longer merely potentialities or possibilities. They are high probabilities only needing your active choices fueled by your physical actions to become fully present in the Good Green Earth!”

Bridget called out, “You are not alone. We all do this together. All Life holds the Mysteries. We are all essential to a World of Sustainable Beauty and Delight!”

Hera called out, “We have the courage to Walk this Singing Road together.”

Kwan Yin called out, “Together, we have the wisdom to love with our eyes wide open!”

A wild roar of cheering approval arose throughout the whole of the crowd.

I woke up with the Four Girl-Friends loudly declaring in unison,

“What we choose now will feed us all for another thousand years.

What we choose now will become our choices made manifest.

Do not be shy!

Do not hesitate to dream large and full!

Do not timidly hide your brilliance under a smothering blanket of insecurity!

It is our rightful, joyful obligation to choose wisely!

It is our calling to live magnificent lives!”