Pagan Prayer Plaques


Defender of the People

Protector of the Poor

Beloved of the Bees

Made by Donald L. Engstrom-Reese:

For all of my Hearth-kin, feres and friends.


Blessed Be!

Bridget’s hands of Power

Bridget’s Flames of Inspirational Vocalization

Bridget’s Flames of Passionate Creativity

Bridget’s Flames of Compassionate Courage

Bridget’s Flames of Restorative Touch

Bridget’s Flames

Pagan Prayer Plaques dedicated to:

The Four Fires of Brighde

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2014

    In the late autumn of 2002 at the first New York Reclaiming Witch Camp, my dear sister Willow was blessed by Bridget. Willow received the gift of Bridget’s Flames in both of her hands.

    I was no stranger to the Bright One. I had been touched by her. Bridget named my hearth-clan kin years before. I had heard her sing her bee songs. She had been giving me her inspirational kisses freely for many seasons. I had felt her Flames of Power in my own hands. The gift that Willow received was of an intensity new to me.  Each finger and palm were rosy. The heat that emanated from her finger tips and palms could be felt six inches away. One could feel the new power gently pulsate, radiating invisible light(?), touching those all around Willow with bless

ing. It not only changed her life, but the lives of all who loved her as well. It has been fascinating and inspiring to watch Bridget’s gift to Willow fully integrate into Willow’s life. Bridget’s gift, among those gifts given by other Mysterious Ones and those gifts remembered deep within Willow’s own being, have helped to transform Willow into the Woman of Power she is today.

    Not long after Willow received her gift, she told me about what she was experiencing as Bridget’s four flames. I do not remember the exact wording, but Willow named them something like, the flames of voice, the flames of creativity, the flames of courage, and the flames of healing. Over the last ten years or so, the four flames have also become a part of my life. I now call them The Four Fires of Brighde.

    In short, I experience these four flames as:

    The Flames of Inspirational Vocalization are the fires that fill our words, poems, songs, speeches, yoiks, chants, prayers, etc. with power and magic. These fires can inspire the right word, phrase, line to emerge just when it is needed.

    The Flames of Passionate Creativity are the fires that move us to make the best possible craft that we can. They call us to make the perfect pie, the beautiful blanket, the stunning sculpture, the quintessential garden, the powerful painting, the alluring outfit, etc.

    The Flames of Compassionate Courage are the fires that fill us with aware bravery and fearlessness. They call us to protect the poor, to defend the environment, to preserve beauty, etc. These fires move us into action, always remembering the ways of the balanced heart that can restore justice and fair play.

    The Flames of Restorative Touch are the fires of healing. These of the fires of that lead us to health and wellness, be it healing into life or healing into death. the hands of many healers I know are filled with these flames by one name or the other.

    This last month I have been inspired to make four Pagan Prayer Plaques in honor of our Bridget’s four fires for her coming holiday. I encourage you to sit with each one and open to the possibility that these flames have something to offer each of you. I encourage you to embrace the notion that these four fires are foundational to the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance, and Delight.

Blue hands emerge from the creative fires of Shaping-With. Purple hearts form in each palm. Purple flames spring up from fingers and thumbs. White spirals form on each finger tip. Music rises up from the pointer fingers and the center of both hearts. A lavender head with a purple halo is above the hands. The rune Perthro blesses the Flames of Inspirational Vocalization.

Red hands emerge from molten silver. Silver hearts form in each palm with the lightning of co-creation shooting to the right and left. Yellow flames spring up from each finger and thumb. Orange spirals form on each finger tip. Two crossed hammers and a golden orange head with an orange halo are above the hands. Two fountain pens form a solid foundation below the hands. The rune Ing blesses the Flames of Passionate Creativity.

Blue hands emerge from a honey comb. Blue flames spring from each finger. Two golden hearts with red spirals and golden honeybees in their centers form in each palm. A base of yellow and blue flames form a strong foundation below the hands. A silver and gold sword points down into the flames between the two hands. A blue head with a yellow halo is above the hands. The rune Ur blesses the Flames of Compassionate Courage.


Red hands emerge from a field of red rose petals. Red hearts with green spirals form in the middle of each palm. Green flames spring form above each finger and thumb. Green spirals form on each finger tip. A green head with a red halo is above the hands. Prairie grasses hold the hands in life and endurance from below. A Burr Oak leaf rests between the two hands. The rune Berkano blesses the Flames of Restorative Touch.