Bridget and the Bees

Inspired by

The 2006 Vermont Witch Camp Teaching Team

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese


© 2006

    Our story is a living story.

    Our story is a never ending story of Brigid and the bees.


    Our story is a poem, a song, an image

        that we all co-create throughout our lives

            with every act we take,

            every dream we dream,

            every spell we make.

       Our story is a beautiful lush orchard

        in a mountain meadow

        in a magical place --

            deeply rooted in this continent,

                       in this place,

                       in this land

                       and in each of our own homes. 

    Our story is in that mythic place,

        behind the mists,

        called Avalon.

    Our story is in a place deep within us.

    Our story is in every sacred orchard,

        in every garden of delight.

     Our story is in the here and now,

        throughout all time and possibility.

    Our story sings a song of hope and potentiality.

    Listen deep.

    Hear the music,

        the poetry,

        the buzzing of bees.

    We begin our story in an orchard kept by Brighid;

        Flaming Arrow,

        Interconnecting Circles of Light,

        Sacred Flame,

        Three-tongued Flame,

        Defender of the People,

        Protector of the Poor,

        Friend of Bees,

        Triple Gidden of healing, forge and poetry,

        Golden One,

        Holy Well,

        Healing Spring,

        She who holds the Mysteries

            of the endless Spiralic Nature of Being.

    The land of this orchard is held in sovereignty by Bridgit.

    We join Her in nurturing this Good Green Earth. 

       This story is of this land,

                this orchard,

                this mountain,

                this continent,

                this planet --

    This story is of all covered

        by the mantle of Her magic.

    Breathe deep and send your roots down.

    This story is of the waters.

    Bridgit holds sacred each spring and well,

                    river and stream,

                    lake and pond.

    She holds them sacred to healing,

                   sacred to dreaming,

                   sacred to life.

    Bridgit delights in embodied water.

    She embraces our wet flesh.

    She licks our lush moist lips

        calling forth the juices of our loins,

                         our thighs,

                         our sighs.

    She infuses the red rivers running

        through out our muscle and bone,

                      our nerve and gland,

                      our organs of animal flesh,

        with the eternal vitality spiraling throughout the multiverse.

    This story is of the waters.

    Drink deep and be well.

       This story is of the honey roads

        that run back and forth

            between the cardinal directions

                and Biddy’s orchard,

         the honey roads that star burst

            into every known and unknown,

                seen and unseen direction,

                into every realm and reality.

    This story is of the honey roads

        that lead between every beating heart.

    Stand still and feel

        these spirit maps on the tips of your fingers.

    This story is of the bees

        that are drawn to deliver the sweetness

            of this orchard throughout the multiverse.

      This story is of the honey

         that the bees deliver along every road,


            and highway,

        taking the sweetness and nourishment,

        transporting the blessings and gifts,

        carrying their cargo of compassion to where it is needed. 

    It is good to know

        that the goodness of this honey

            is spread upon every good thing that we eat.

    It is good t√o declare our dedication

        to this multiversal sweetness.

    It is good to savor these mysteries;

    No matter the shape of the comb

        the honey is always wholesome and sweet.

    It's blessings informs all beauty,

        all delights,

        all delicious experiences of wonder.

    This golden treasure prepares our hearts

        for the sweet changes that radical understanding brings.

    The bees follow their hearts’ calling.

    Hear them hum and whisper

        as they joyfully travel their trade routes.

    Deeply taste this honey.

    Dare to take in it's essence.       

    This story is the hammer and anvil

        ringing on the forge

        with our Earth partnerships,

                      our poetry,

            our healing,

            singing out our pledges

            as they fly sparking in every direction. 

    Sing your pledges out loud.

      This story is of the flame of courage, compassion and  justice,

                the flame of transformation, desire and direction,

                the flame of manifestation, the making and the unmaking.

      This story is inside the flame.   

    Feel the light of Bridget's flame inside you,

        inside us,

        inside each other. 

    Be with the heat,

        the light,

        the glow that surrounds all beings.

    This story is of the hearth,

        the heart of family, clan and community.

    The power of the honey pot

        on the pantry shelf

        permeates all that is prepared

        in our kitchens of love.

    The spring waters of delight

        infuse our sacramental teas,

        our healing broths,

        our saucy beauty.

    The cooking stove's holy companion

        sautes the leeks and mushrooms,

        bakes the breads and pies,

        it's flame a true friend

            of all who dwell

            within the arms of Bride.

    This story is of connection. 

    Reach out.

    Brighid is reaching to us,

        Her hands longing

            to bring our hands

            To Her lips.

    She touches our lives in the most real of real ways. 

    Touch the Earth and each other.


    Let us all,

        human, Mysterious One and otherwise,

        claim our own sweet lives,

        awake, aware, with clear intention,

        choosing to fully immerse ourselves

        in the rich loving possibilities offered

        to each and every one of us.

    Let us follow the honey roads,

        delivering golden transformation

        to every realm and reality.

    Let us dare to heal with each touch,

        finger to finger,

        heart to heart,

        spirit to spirit,

        as we remember who we are

            and our potential for living in glory and wonder.

    Let us cook each course

        with love and compassion,

        creating feasts of companionship

        each time we touch skillet or cauldron.

    Our story is a living story.

    Our story is a never ending story of Brigid and the bees.


    Our story is a poem, a song, an image

        that we all co-create throughout our lives

            with every act we take,

            every dream we dream,

            every spell we make.

    Blessed Be.

       Tá gairdín mín milis ag Bidín taobh thall den sliabh

       Fásann úllaí ar chrann ann a bhaintear faoi dhá sa mblian

       Tá na ródannaí meala ag na beach in ins gach aird den sliabh

       'S tá siúcra donn craitche ar a mblaiseann mo ghrá den bhia.


       Biddy has a fine, sweet garden on the other side of the mountain

       Apples grow on trees there which are harvested twice a year

       The bees have honey roads in every cardinal direction from the mountain

       And there is sugar sprinkled on everything my love eats.

                From the song, "Brid Thomais Mhurchu"