Breo-Saighit, Brigit, Brighid, Brighde, Bhride, Bride, Brid


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   Bridget is a beloved Celtic gidden who is often called the "Triple Bridget". Brigit is delights in poetry, writing, and inspiration.  Brighid is devoted to healing, herbolgy, and midwifery. Brid is committed to the fires of the hearth, the smith and the arts of smith-craft. Bridget is also know as a gidden of fertility, the hearth, the clan-hold, the farmstead, the arts and crafts, the waters, the fires and the arts of community and self defense. Other titles given to Bridget are; Flaming Arrow, Interconnecting Circles of Light, Three-tongued Flame, Defender of the People, Protector of the Poor, Golden One, She who holds the Mysteries of the endless Spiralic Nature of Being.

    Brid has made homes for Herself everywhere that the human people have invited Her to dwell. Brigit now has a dwelling place on every continent on planet Earth. It is not that uncommon to find Her statues on hearth altars throughout North America, Australia, and Europe.

    As of old, Brigid does not exult or glorify war and conflict. She tirelessly works to protect all who call on Her from the ravages of warfare. Bride has recently said that She considers warfare to be the last resort of weak minds and of those who lack the courage to face their own fears. Bridget has been known to stand keening for hours with Her feres at the grave sites of those killed in battle. She is not a friend to those who feed the war machines of any country. Brighid was one of the first of the Mysterious Ones to fully support the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight. Brid and Her three best girlfriends; Freya, Hera and Kwan Yin have dedicated themselves to the nurturance and maintenance of the Mysteries of Peace and Plenty.

    One of Bridget’s great delights is a peaceful and productive homestead that supports and nurtures all of it’s relations and that contributes great abundance and beauty to whole of Midgard. Brighid cherishes the loving household. She honors all heath-clans that choose to live in beauty no matter what situation they find themselves in. Bride loves the children of Midgard. She keeps all pregnant women in Her attention. Bridget will come to any birth that She is asked to attend, freely offering the powers of health and healing to the new mother and her child.

    Another of Breo-Saighit great loves is the arts as a whole. She equally cherishes the blacksmith, the goldsmith, the poet and the singer. Bridget loves all who choose to step into the creative worlds of the studio, the smithy and the halls of writing. Brid delights in motivating and inspiring all artists to great feats of creativity. She often enters folks waking and sleeping dreams, whispering into their ears secrets and mysteries, which if listened to, will lead them to amazing creative wonders.

    Bridget is often seen dressed sensibly in clothing appropriate to the job She is currently engaged in. Though their is often a bit of decoration on any outfit She chooses to wear. Brid’s beekeeping out fit is stunning. For instance, Her white bee veil is embroidered with hundreds of golden bees. Our Bhride also always keeps a small collection of gowns at hand for those special nights out to the opera or theater. Brid delights in the reds, pinks, yellow, oranges, ivories and blues of spring. But, She also has plenty of dark outfits one may need for a number of those special occasions. Brid delights in honey colored jewels; amber, topaz, diamonds, sapphires, etc. She adores all metals, particularly all well crafted objects of steel. Bridget often wears plain kaki work clothes as She drives through the countryside in Her vintage 1980 Land Rover pickup truck.

Brigit holds a special place in Her heart for:

     Her hearth-kin

    Poets and wordsmiths

    Halls of Justice, Compassion and Right Action

    The ever changing Moon


    A well kept kitchen and an active studio/smithy

    Museums and libraries

    A well tended beautiful apiary

    Fine cooking, brewing and distillation


    Healers of all kinds

    Herbal knot gardens

    Well designed, lovely and sensible clothing

    A sexy evening gowns

    Live theater

    Operas and symphonies

    Well designed and beautiful functional tools

    Wild stormy thunderstorms that sing throughout the night

    Making love in the warm rains of Spring

    Abundance and Plenty for All

    Blacksmiths, goldsmiths, silversmiths, smithies of all kinds

The Bovine Clan

The Flax Clan

The Clan of the Oak

The Clan of the Honey Bee

The Clan of the Hawthorn

The Clan of the Nettle

The Rose Clan

The Wild Horse Clan

The Elder Clan

The Mugwort Clan

The Clan of the Wild Boar

The Fire Clan

The Cherry Clan.

The Garlic Clan

The Clan of the Mistletoe

The Sheep Clan

The Fennel Clan

The Blackberry Clan

Bridget is a Friend of:

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

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I honor Bridget

    Sacred Flame,

    Defender of the People,

    Protector of the Poor,

    You who sing with the Bees

    While dancing the Honey Roads.

The Clan of the Swan

The Clan of the Grasses

The Alfalfa Clan

The Pie Clan

The Clan of the Dandelion

The Pride of Poets

The Clan of the Caduceus

The Guild of Smithies

Bridget’s 1980 Land Rover