We have have had heavy rains most of this month of june. This not friendly weather for peonies. Many of our own at hector House, have lost their petals in the hard driving rains and strong winds. We expected the fields to be wet, and they were. One of the good things about visiting the Field after such weather is seeing which varieties held up throughout our heavy weather. Mark and I planned to use our observations on who was still shinning bright in deciding who to adopt next and bring to our home gardens.

Here are some of our favorites that met many of our criteria.

    And of course, it rained. It was exhilarating to stand under the canvas pavilions listen to the rain drum,  the wind blow and the Rain wildly dance through the Peonies.

    After the rain let up, we went back out into the muddy field. We still had not found whom we would be bringing back to our own gardens this year. More beauties awaited us.

Nick Shaylor

Lottie Dawson Rea

Nippon Gold


Cora Louise

Elsa Sass

Pom Pom

Candy Stripe

    There were also a number of unnamed new hybrids growing in the field. Here are two of our favorites. I am showing two blossoms of each of both new varieties. I do hope that they will available to bring to our garden in the relatively near future.

Bridal Shower

Edward F. Flynn

Pink Cameo

Better Times

    So who is coming with us to live? We have chosen Edward F. Flynn. It stands hard rain. it is compact and will fit perfectly in the space we have in mind. Its scent is lovely. Its color delights us. We will all be a good fit and I am sure we will all flourish together.

All Hail the Peony Clan!

All Hail their divine beauty!

All Hail the powers of life!

Edward F. Flynn