May Our Good Luck Thrive and Flourish.

Good Luck to One and All!

The Flying Pigs of Propitious Possibility

Feed On the Blessed Acorns of Good Luck.

May the Blossoms of Good Luck Fill Our Lives

With Restorative Dreams and Healing Kisses.

We shamelessly stir Sweet Fortune & Delicious Strength into our Good Luck.

Let Us Feed Our Good Luck Sweet Treats and Honey Songs.

Wealth and Wisdom shall freely ramble

Throughout every garden of our Lives.

Hail to our Good Luck!

Plenty and Enough are filling our Hearth-Homes.

Abundance dwells within our hearts and our homes.

Good Luck is one of our kith and kin.

May the Powers of the Wild Weeds and Untamable Bears

Strengthen and Sustain our Feral Good Luck.