The Hands’ of Bridget

The Flames of Inspirational Vocalization:

Blue hands emerge from the creative fires of Shaping-With. Purple hearts form in each palm. Purple flames spring up from fingers and thumbs. White spirals form on each finger tip. Music rises up from the pointer fingers and the center of both hearts. A lavender head with a purple halo is above the hands. The rune Perthro blesses the Flames of Inspirational Vocalization.

The Flames of Passionate Creativity:

Red hands emerge from molten silver. Silver hearts form in each palm with the lightning of co-creation shooting to the right and left. Yellow flames spring up from each finger and thumb. Orange spirals form on each finger tip. Two crossed hammers and a golden orange head with an orange halo are above the hands. Two fountain pens form a solid foundation below the hands. The rune Ing blesses the Flames of Passionate Creativity.

The Flames of Compassionate Courage:

Blue hands emerge from a honey comb. Blue flames spring from each finger. Two golden hearts with red spirals and golden honeybees in their centers form in each palm. A base of yellow and blue flames form a strong foundation below the hands. A silver and gold sword points down into the flames between the two hands. A blue head with a yellow halo is above the hands. The rune Ur blesses the Flames of Compassionate Courage.

The Flames of Restorative Touch:

Red hands emerge from a field of red rose petals. Red hearts with green spirals form in the middle of each palm. Green flames spring form above each finger and thumb. Green spirals form on each finger tip. A green head with a red halo is above the hands. Prairie grasses hold the hands in life and endurance from below. A Burr Oak leaf rests between the two hands. The rune Berkano blesses the Flames of Restorative Touch.

Blessed be the Bees.

Blessed be the Bears.

Blessed be the Fires of Bridget.