Walking the Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth, or as some say the Chakra Walk, is a very interesting and informative way to journey along a seven circuit labyrinth’s paths. As with most ritual and/or ceremonial work, it is good to craft a clear intention. The more explicit you can be with your intention, the more likely that coherent information will come your way. A clear and focused intention is a particularly smart thing to do when walking a Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth.

Each of the seven circuits of the Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth is given a color. It has been common in my experience to start with red for the first circuit and then to work one’s way into the center (see illustration above). When you are ready, set your intention in your mind. Be prepared and willing to open your senses to all that comes to you as you walk through the colors. What do you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear? As you enter each color, ask its question:

When you are ready, it is time to leave the labyrinth. On your way out review each of the questions in its own color. Take your time. Breath. Be patient. When you exit, it is good to remember to turn towards the center, to offer a little bow, and to thank the labyrinth for its graciousness and blessings. Do not forget to give yourself plenty of time to journal after you leave the labyrinth.

Of course, another way to walk the Rainbow Bridge, is to simply walk through the labyrinth with no intention, sensing each color as fully as you dare. It is a very good thing to remember when walking the labyrinth in this manner in particular, to give yourself the sweet gift of an abundance of time. And ... it is always a good idea to journal after any labyrinth adventure.

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Red: What do I Feel about this intention?

Orange: What do I Think about this intention?

Yellow: How does this intention relate to the larger world?

Green: How doe this intention relate to my spouse, hearth-kin, and feres?

Blue: How does this intention relate to the Mysteries?

Indigo: How does this intention relate to my hopes and fears?

Purple: Am I open to all Possibilities?

Black: Am I ready?

a Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth

Bless the Bees!

Bless the Bears!

Bless the Cherry Trees!

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