An Spring Equinox Astral Party


An Astral Party at Hector House

The Vernal Equinox

March 20, 2011

A group of us decided to meet on the astral at our place, Hector House in the Twin Cities, for the Spring Equinox. Here is my report back to the group and to you folk.

Going into the Astral Hector House

After a light dinner, I prepared myself for the journey. I slipped into old baggy comfortable clothes; black beach pants, a big black sweater, my old black house slippers and my red stripped shawl. I poured myself a nice glass of port and then looked for a way to slip through into the Astral Hector. I looked and then looked again ... and then I was able to slip smoothly through with a step to my right and into the astral kitchen.

A Party was Going On

They first thing I did in this suddenly shining version of Hector’s kitchen, was to offer a welcoming toast to the newly returned Ostara and all of her awakening kin. It just felt like the right thing to do.

I noticed that this version of Hector House was not only reflecting light, but had a light of its own shining from deep within, as if the molecules in this world shone with a visible light all their own. Everything and everybody gently glowed with pale colors. I think each thing glowed with its signature shade/s. I also noticed that my old comfy clothes had changed into luxurious black and charcoal raw silk robes embroidered with dark red dragon and that my wedding ring now shone with a new intensity.

There was a party going on in this lovely glowing Hector. Honestly, I couldn’t tell who was actually there on the planned astral journey and who just happened to be there. I saw groups of folks eating, drinking and talking with each other through out the house and gardens. I saw Sharon, Saga and Star quietly talking intently with someone I didn’t recognize. I saw Jen, Matt, Jason, Angela and Mark laughing loudly at some comment that Sister Clara had just made to some handsome ‘being’ trying to make his way through them and out the French doors to the back yard.

I suddenly heard Shirley Bassey singing ‘Get the Party Started’. Wow! I never realized that recorded sound could be so life like. Then, I noticed that Shirley was actually set up on the back deck with her small band of musical trolls and elves... And that just about three feet up in the air above the back gardens, Ostara and some of her folk were dancing a circle dance of Awakening Life sending shinning streamers of living breath throughout the air. I soon realized that one of the folks spinning madly while orbiting the dance was Greg dancing with the Spider Queen herself.

When I looked out to the shelter on the side of the garage next to the just awakening vegetable garden and newly stirring cherry tree, I noticed Hera, Ing, Bridget, Freya and Kwan Yin quietly talking together. It looked as if they were planning something. When they noticed that I was looking at them, they all sweetly smiled and began to loudly talk about what they were putting into the new spring gardens. That looked very suspicious to me. Anyway ...

I found myself wandering to the front yard to look at the emerging Spring Beauties. I began to listen to Grady talk about how beautiful the Moon was and that he had a date with her next weekend. I heard Bryd, Cian and Alex evilly cackling in response.

I remember wandering around simply enjoying this glowing world. It was very sweet. Perhaps, I would even call it healing.

At one point I became very tired. I made my way to my bedroom to just rest my eyes for a moment. The next thing I know, I quake up hours later back in Midgard, in my own beloved Hector House, needing to take a pee right this moment. So I did. I got up took a pee, brushed my teeth, checked the doors, fed the fish, turned off all of the lights and went back up to bed for a good nights sleep.

A Few Comments

I suspect that something is going on with Mysterious Ones and all of the changes/transformations currently going on in and around the world (and I suspect will be going on for quite some time to come). I suspect that the Mysterious Ones and the Ancestors are weaving a new probability that they will be showing to us in the very near future.

I also kept feeling that the party was being held on the edge of a great struggle/upheaval/change/catastrophe? It wasn’t the kind of party that is held to deny what is happening, but rather in the sense that living in shameless joy is the most revolutionary act one can engage in. That feeling is even more intense this morning.

For me this great party was a clear indicator that this coming season will be filled with yet more surprises, here in Midgard and in other select places throughout the Multiverse. I am dedicating myself anew to living in joy and preparing myself for a very interesting Spring and early Summer.