Thursday evening, April 10, was the last evening ritual at the 2008 Avalon Spring Witch Camp. Our intent was focused on the nyds of the meta-community. I stated my nyd simply. I nyd all family members (humans, ancestors, green bloods, red bloods, Mysterious Ones, etc.) to be cherished and active participants in our family’s day to day life.

    On my trance journey that night, I found myself at a huge spring fete at the Roadhouse of the Dead. It was beautifully decorated with floral spring wreaths, runners and bouquets everywhere. A large crowd of Mysterious Ones and ancestors were mingling together sharing their tales of the long winter nights and days they had just emerged from. It was a black tie affair that was nevertheless, relaxed and welcoming. I wandered around tasting a few treats that have only been available to me at the Roadhouse. I saw Ing waving to me across the room. We were delighted to see each other.

    Ing asked me with surprised curiosity, ‘Just how did you get here tonight? We don’t get many of the living at these spring get togethers. Living folks usually only make it too the Halloween gatherings.’

    I told Ing that I was at the Avalon Spring Witch Camp and that we were on a journey to meet MOs whom we haven’t met before. We thought that new voices might help us meet our nyds around meta-community.

    ‘Forget that. Let’s go out to the pool and tease Ganesha,’ Ing said.

    So, we wandered out to the olympic sized swimming pool in the gardens to find our dear boyfriend. Standing along side a table piled with amazing treats stood the Queer God, the Purple Wolf, Singing Bear and other Queer Ones laughing and joking. Under a wisteria draped gazebo, we spotted Ganesha lounging in a deep pile of cushions eating fresh strawberries and drinking champaign. Ing and I joined Him. We started to tease Him about eating all of the strawberries, leaving none for us. We told Him that there was already plenty of lush flesh to tickle. And we began to tickle Him till Ganesha roared with laughter. Ganesha, by the way, loves to tickle and be tickled. He had His trunk up the back of my shirt and His hands down Ing’s slacks. Our tuxes were a mess.

    We noticed a young god standing quietly close by us giving us the eye. He had golden hair and a stunning smile. He was really quite handsome. He looked like he had just step out of the pages of GQ magazine.

    ‘Too young,’ Ing whispered.

    ‘Under ripe,’ Ganesha agreed. ‘Let’s move to the other side of the pool.’

    The three of us slowly strolled over to three lounge chairs arraigned side by side within easy reach of another refreshment table that had a bubbling fountain of ambrosia as it’s central feature. We started to chat with fresh drinks in hand.

    After not too long of a time, we spotted the young god spying on us from behind the potted palms. We tried to ignore Him the best that we could. We continued to catch up on what we had been up to in the last few months. But try as I would, I felt the young god’s eyes on the back of my neck. I was about to go over and ask Him who He was and what He wanted from us, when I was called back to the circle of Witches in the Epping Forest.

A Spring Fete at the Roadhouse of the Dead

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008