A Winter Vision:

On A Late January Evening

Donald L.  Engstrom

© 2000

In the Heart of Winter, in the Ice Palace of the Snow Queen, a banquet of reunion had been prepared. She, who is the Soul of Winter, waited for the return of her dear sister, First Stirring of Spring, who is also named Snowdrop, Pink Winter Dream, Bridget the Bright One. This is a very special time for the two sisters. This next month and a half is the only time of the year that the Snow Queer and Bridget the Bright One dwell together, merging and melding the magics of Winter and Spring, creating the beauty and power unique to this particular season.

The Great Hall of Winter’s Welcome was ready. The tables were ladened with the delights of food, drink, and blossom. The guests waited patiently around the hearth fires of Eternal Change, knowing that Pink Winter Dream  would soon be amongst them. All were ready for her return.

Boom ... Boom ... Boom!

The Ice Giants, sensing the approach of Snowdrop,  beat upon their icy drums a welcoming rhythm.

The guests, knowing that it was time, sent their children out into Winter’s realm to bring Bridget the Bright One to their waiting embraces. “Go, dear children of ice and snow, sleet and frost, go bring the first kiss of spring to us!”

They soon declared, “Listen! It is our children returning! Let the Ice Giants beat their joyful cadence of welcome and well met on their beautiful drums. Let us rejoice, for our children are dancing Pink Dream of Winter into the Great Hall of Winter’s Welcome.”

In a voice as loud as jubilant blizzard song, the Snow Queen sang out, “She is here! My sister dances the dances of the white winter blossoms into my welcoming arms! Welcome, First Stirring of Spring. Welcome, Snowdrop. Welcome, Sweet New Wisdom. Welcome, beloved Bridget the Bright One.”

They embraced; ice and green, living snow and and awakening soil. The sisters reunited for their season of melding old and newly emerging wisdoms and understandings into new ways of waltzing through the thriving lands of Midgard.

The celebration lasted three nights and three days. New threads were woven into the multiversal tapestry. Toasts filled the air with power and promise.  New gardens were planned as ancient meadows were remembered. Ancient poetry was shared amongst the newly forming verses gracing the lips of the joyful throng. Beauty inspired every pulsing heart. Deliciousness infused every being. Blessing filled The Great Hall of Winter’s Welcome, shinning through of its doors and windows, filling all of the worlds with its living light.

And the Good Green Earth continued upon its venerable path around the Sun.

So it is and so it shall ever be.