First Astral Journey to the Earth Conclave’s Astral Meeting Site


A Trance Journey to a Sacred Site Affiliated with the Earth Conclave

The Earth Conclave’s Spring Community Altar

The Saturday Night Ritual:

A Trance Journey to a Sacred Site

Affiliated With Earth Conclave

Clan: Kith & Kin

The Earth Conclave

April 18, The First Year of the Obama Presidency



Donald, Dianne, Mary and Mark

Forming the Ritual Circle


    As Circle gathers, facilitators anoint each person with blessed Mississippi River water with a finger while saying something like, ‘May all that no longer serves you, be washed away by the Blessed Mississippi River’.

Casting the Circle:

First person says,

    “My name is _________.”

The rest of the Circle responds,

    “Welcome _________, Co-creator of Earth Conclave.”

We go around the circle. Each person says their name and is welcomed by the group.

Elements are welcomed:

Ask folks to invite an element before the Ritual starts?

The Committee of Mystery is welcomed:

The Committee of Mystery Prayer is read out loud by the four facilitators

The Body of the Work:

Explanations about the why and what we are doing. Talk about going on a spirit journey with the Committee of Mystery to look for a place sacred to and affiliated with the Earth Conclave (The Earth Conclave’s Clan House along the astral Mississippi River).

We begin:

Dianne begins to drum, carrying us into the journey.

Mark and Donald lead us on our journey along the spirit Mississippi River.

We find our place.

Drumming ends.

Donald declares, ‘We are here!’

Everyone shares their vision as it is happening. (See the notes below)

This is a place where we will be able to meet each other and all those who hold the Earth Conclave dear.

We connect to the place.

We connect the household blessing beads to the astral clan-house.

Drumming begins.

We return back to the hall.

Drumming ends.

Mary tell us that in the center of the circle is a bowl of Mississippi River stones.

Mary invites each of us to choose a stone from the bowl to connect to our spirit site.

Each person is invited to bring the stone back to their own home.

The circle is opened.

We thank the Committee.

We thank the Elements.

We thank each other.

Notes From the Saturday Night Ritual:

A Trance Journey to a Sacred Site

Affiliated with the Earth Conclave

(We search along the banks of the astral Mississippi River)

9:00 PM, April 18, the First Year of Obama Presidency

The Intention of the Ritual:

Our intention is to find the Earth Conclave‘s astral clan meeting site.

Scribe: Lynda

There’s birch trees, lots of slender birch trees

Flat table rock

Cliff behind us

Stream, waterfall

Old bear cave in cliff behind

More than two bear caves

Swim to get to the cave

little caves for weasels and stoats and bats

an otter plays in the stream

I smell strawberries

I smell fuschia flowers

There is a tall grandmother oak

There is a place to the North East? Deeper dirt in the South East?

On top of bluff can look directly west into sun, thick grass, buffalo

The table rock is a carved rock.

Ancestor knew we were coming.

A line branches in two on the rock

Niche in the rock. Rock in colored layers.

Touch the rock, I feel love.

Putting tongue on rock - tastes alive

Can smell river

Can smell pie

The sun is warm

We are on the west side of the river

We’ll be able to find anything we need here.

There’s an old green bottle in niche, message inside about abundance

“Crying, so much feeling”

Our people are coming to visit,

    Hollis, Angela, Alberta with Dutch?

    David bringing champagne, Bridget making a fire - I don’t know ...

Feels like there is a domestic place

Is there a place by the foot of the cliff?

What is that?

A Thatched Cottage ...

Something the ancestors or we made?

It’s bigger than I thought

There is carving of a fish on door swimming up stream to the heavens

There is a bee hive in a cave

There’s a great big maple in the front

I’m seeing a dragonfly

I don’t see door as square on top (rounded), runes around edges


She says open the door

An oven within, she’s baking bread.

An old Viking stove with two ovens

Big table, very inviting

See an old woman put pie on the table

Gives me a kiss

It’s cherry pie

Open space on the way to kitchen with window that looks onto maple

{missed a bit}

Big sitting room off that

It just keeps going on and on, there’s room after room

In sitting room there is a glass fronted cabinet with owls carved on it.

There is a closet filled with fabric

Door at back goes into the cliff

Walk thru door, can go further back on stone steps up (400 feet) to gardens on top of bluff.

It is chilly on the steps.

There are black footed ferrets playing on the steps.

If you go out and circle around the maple there are stairs that go up and lead to a terrace which faces north, bits below that feel like a basement.

On lower level in cave there is food hanging ‘cos’ cold.

Back of terrace is like a quarter circle, not regular and opened up a bit

(Big enough fro a dance party)

There is a door at back of terrace that leads in and connects to stairs inside.

Door is plain, round at top, lovely hinges, everything made with love

There’s a landing - look down to spiral stairs - complicated

Stairs come up to right

“Shall we go up or down?”

Up to gardens - don’t trip over ferrets - hear the bumble bees, smell fresh herbs; lavender, sage, mint

The mosquito people are singing to us.

“I’m puzzled, I know our clan house is accessible?”

Some people are floating, some walking up the stairs

Someone is whispering, There is swimming in river and a weight room.

Message in the old bottle was that, “We have prepared everything we like.”

I am feeling overwhelmed, so much new

Let’s go to the garden.

Hedges of herbs

Also windswept

425 feet above river

Formal French knot

Backed by a building for meditation

Observatory on a promontory

Sunlight in garden stretching to North

Tomatoes, corn, roses, sunflowers in a straight line

Pink roses, tinge of red

Smell lilac

All seasons exist at once?

Winter is in evenings, watching the Northern Lights.

When look East see skeins of geese and crisp Fall smell.

Look at catfish dancing in river. Big. Saucy.

Ferret dragged pit bottle

Weasels ... pie ...?

Let’s stay together

Go back to terrace down stairs

{complicated directions}

So, we are at table (was it a table or the table rock?)

Taste the pie. Has rose-water like Donald’s

It appears the pie is pumpkin with maple

The maple is a beg deal here. Lots scattered around. Big one is a  guardian maple. It helps hold the sweetness of life here. It’s a protector spirit.

There’s a nice nook to sit at base of tree.

How make a mark to return? ... we will be able to do that.

Piece of magnetite (magnetized hematite) in nook by door, find way back.

I’m happy here.

So many spirit animals.

So many bird - next time.

Anchor a place in your body and anchor it to this ancestral home.

Take your beads up to stone by door and touch the hematite. From hi to low.

Silver chiming

Resonate home with you all.

Scribe: Kent

Birch trees

A flat table rock

A cliff, we are at the bottom

A waterfall

A bear cave, more than one

My way to the bear cave, (?) beneath the river

There are some bats, an otter playing in the stream

Smell strawberries (?)

Tall Grandmother Oak

A place NE of here (?) deeper soil.

SE long view

Grass thick

Buffalo as far as can be seen

I smell wet charred wood

Marks, ancestral people leave, made marks on the table rock

Line branches in two

Notch - I can taste, feel it.

Place tongue on the moss of the table rock

Smell the river, pie, field of red poppies

On the west side of the River

We can find whatever we need here.

Abundance in a bottle, greenish

So much feeling, tears come.

Our people are coming to meet us:

Hollis, David, Angela

Alberta with a deck of cards

David brings bottles of cold champaign

There is bread, a domestic place

Something there that the ancestors made, a Big Door.

Salmon on the door swimming up

The beauty rune (berkano)

A beehive near

Around the door, around, rounded on top, runes

We knock

There’s a window we can see in

Open the door

Wood burning ovens, bread, lovely china, Viking Stove with two ovens, they both work

Pantry full

Candle on the table

Old woman sets the cherry pie on the table

Large entry room before kitchen

Maple tree

Table in the kitchen, plums

Big sitting room, more rooms


Glass fronted cabinet with owls

plates, cuckoo clock

Stone carved steps into the cliff, steps 400 feet to the gardens.

Chilly on the steps.

Ferrets playing, Weasels in the watch.

The Black-footed weasel will get the green bottle.

Terrace faces north, big, carved into the stone.

Cave cool here, hooks with food stuffs.

Spiral stairs down, back of

Irregular terrace, one quarter circle, large enough for a dance party.

Plane round-topped door

Beautiful hinges

All made well with love.

(Lost on floor plan.)

Up to the gardens, long walk

Lavender,tomatoes, dragonflies.

Sun bathers

Floating up the stairs

Walking to plane to swim.

“We brought everything we thought you might like.”

Going to garden, herbs

Labyrinth, folly, hedge


Rose arbor with bench

bright full corn

Sun Flowers, a line of them

Roses, Old Roses, five petaled dark pink


All seasons except winter - at night northern lights

Geese flying north

Catfish in the river dancing

Back down to terrace to table rock

Large terrace (?)

Found table-rock, weathering.

Pie with rose water, cherry pie.

Pumpkin pie with maple

More maples near the house

Helps hold the sweetness of life here.

Guardian Maple tree with seat.

Hematite niche by front door

I am happy here

I am too

Spirit beings and birds near by

We aline our hematite beads (?) to the one by the door.

We can always return.

We can connect our homes to this place.

Bees go to hive.

The night winds sing songs to us we know.

Michael‘s Note

the Clan House is given to us.

Mystery created a container for us, as we have created a container for them.

The Maple in the yard (in the west yard of the Wyalusing and in the front yard of the Conclave Meeting Place);

    How they find us ...

    How we find them ...

Scribe: Paul

There’s birch trees

A flat table rock

Not too far away from a cliff at the back

There’s an old, old bear cave

There’s more than one cave

The catfish are singing

There’s more than two caves

And there’s some bats

Smell strawberries

Smell fuschia flowers

There’s a tall grandmother oak

There’s (?) here to the NE where the dirt goes deeper

On top of the limestone bluff, you can see the setting sun and buffalo as far as the eye can see

Ancestors, someone who knew we were coming

I see a line that branches in two on the table rock.

When I touch the rock, I feel love

When I close my eyes, I can taste and smell the rock.

It tastes slime.

Can smell the river - smell pine

The sun is warm - there is field of poppies

I think it’s the west side of the river.

You can find anything you need here

There’s something in the bottle - more than you need

Our people are coming to visit us.

There is Hollis. She’s bringing a bottle of champaign

Bridget’s making a fire for us?

Smell bread?

Is there a bat (?)?

Salmon swimming up to the heavens

Cave with a beehive

There’s a big maple in the front of the door.

I keep seeing a dragonfly.

Around the door it’s rounded, runes

How about we knock?

There’s window we can see inside.

I can't see the door, just the maple

Open the door! Nice kitchen.

Wood-burning oven with sourdough bread

O see a great big table with lots of chairs

The pantry is full. Look at that freezer!

Really big inside. I see an old woman with cherry pie.

Was there a big space before the kitchen?

The table is in the kitchen.

A big sitting room off of that?

It keeps going on and on.

In the sitting room there’s a glass front cabinet with owls carved into the wood.

There’s a cuckoo  clock on the wall.

This goes into the cliff.

We can go further in or take stone steps 400 feet up in the bluff.

There are ferrets playing on the stairs.

If we ask one of the ferrets nicely it’ll get the bottle for us.

There are steps in back and a terrace facing N.

Back in the cave it’s cool.

There are things hanging - food that needs to be cool.

Stay put for awhile, I’m going to the terrace.

It’s big, quarter circle, big enough to dance on.

There’s a door connecting to the stairway leading to the garden.

The door is round on top and with beautiful hinges.

Feels like it was made with love.

Let’s go up to the garden.

Don’t trip over the ferrets.

I smell fresh herbs - lavender

Hear bumble bees

I feel puzzled by all of the stairs, our clan house should be accessible.

I don’t know if you are walking, I’m floating.

At the bottom of the stairs, there’s a place to swim.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by so much new.

Let’s go to the garden.

Hedge of herbs, backed by a labyrinth.

425 feet above the river.

An observatory promontory.

We’re up on the irregularities of the cliff

Bright full sun.


Roses,old roses, 5 petaled pink roses

I can smell lilac.

All seasons at once?

Looking east to river, can smell autumn air and see geese flying

Are we done in the garden? Let’s stay together.

Go back down the stairs to the terrace.

We are all here at the table rock.

Eating pie. Give some to the weasels and ferrets.

The guardian maple is a really big deal here.

There are more maples to the N

There are willows and birches

It helps hold the sweetness of life here

Definitely a protector spirit.

There is a nice place to sit.

I’d like to make a mark to return to in dreaming

By the door there’s a piece of magnetite to help us find our way back

I’m happy here

Too many birds to count now.

Scribe: Bonita

There’s birch trees, lots of slender birch trees

Flat table rock

Not too far away a cliff with a rock bottom

Flame, Waterfall

Bear Cave

More than one

Catfish singing song of welcome

Small caves with nooks and crannies ... for weasels

There are bats

Smell strawberries

Smell fuchsia flowers

Tall Grandmother Oak

Some place near here, where the soil goes deeper, dirt goes deep

South ... goes a long ways

Top of limestone bluff, can look directly into the setting sun

Evergreen tree

Wet charred wood

Along the table rock, something carved here, ancestor marks

Someone knew we were coming

Lines on the table rock

A notch in the rocks - where the dirt, the rock is in colored layers

When I touch the rock I feel love

When I close my eyes I can smell it

I am taking a chance and putting my tongue on the rock, coppery

Can smell the breeze

Can smell the river too

The pollen

The sun is warm

Do we have a sense of what side of the river we’re on?


I feel we can find whatever we need here

Old green bottle in the rocks bluff, in a niche, with a message we need

Not sure why I’m crying, there’s so much feeling

Look - our people are coming to visit

Here’s Hollis, who else is here?

Angela’s here.

Alberta’s coming

David’s coming

It’s cold, ice cold

Bridget is lighting a fire for us - promising to light a fire for us? I don’t know.

I smell bread

I feel there’s a domestic place

Why don’t we knock?

Knocked - three times

I can sense the door but I can see the maple

I can see someone baking, things in her hands

Open the door, smells good

Great big table, inviting

Old Viking stove, blue and white enamel

Pantry is full, look at freezer

Pie on the table, cherry

There’s fresh sweet juicy plums

Big open space before we get to kitchen

Partial wall then kitchen, dinning room and table in kitchen

Sitting at table, fires warm backside

Rooms and rooms, bookhoarde, bead room ...

In sitting room past kitchen a cabinet painted with owls and a closet filled with fabric, some of it embroidered

Plates in the cabinet and a cuckoo clock

Doors into the cliff?

Stone steps

Walk through the door

Further back, 400 feet or more, walk to the steps

Chilly on steps till you get to the top

Ferrets playing on steps, weasels in the caves

If we ask nice, one of the black-footed ferrets will get the bottle for us if we let him play with it afterward

Maple, a (cliff) terrace facing the North, carved into the stone or made of stone

Back of cave, very cold, things hanging on hooks, foodstuffs that need preserving

Back of caves, stairs spiraling down

Stay on the terrace

Quarter of a circle, big enough to dance

Shape of a quarter circle opened up

A door there that connects to the stairway, round at the top, really well-made door, really beautiful hinges, some kind of brass

Made for us

Really feels welcoming

Through door ... room

Can’t place?

Through back I think, down spiral steps

Go right to go up, left to go down

Lets go up to the garden

Don’t trip on the ferrets

I smell fresh herbs, lavender, tomatoes


The mosquito people are singing a song


I’m puzzled by the stairs because I’m sure the house is accessible

Maybe we can all walk

I don’t know why your walking ... I’m floating

Someone’s whispering that there’s a place down by the river for swimming

That’s the message in the bottle - ‘there’s everything you might like’

Feeling quite overwhelmed by everything now

Feeling directionally challenged

I want to stay together

Should we go to the garden?

Mixed images of herbs and wild swept things

Backed by a labyrinth ... holly

425 feet to the river

Observatory, promontory

Heigh enough ... off ... we’re up in the irregularities of the cliff

Sunlight in the garden facing north

Roses, five petal roses, on a hedge, dark pink with a tinge of red

Can smell lilac

The Winter is in the evening - watching the Northern Lights

When we look East we can look toward the river

We can see the geese flying

The ferret dragged out that bottle and is rolling it around - the wisdom of giving it glass? Should we take it back?

Should we eat pie?

Just want to be together

We could have a great party on the terrace

A way down around the table rock, go across the terrace to the outer edge of the quarter circle out from the house - 8 feet?

And go down East from the North end of the house

All at the table rock, can you taste the pie?

It has rose-water like Donald’s

Give the weasel some and the ferret

Any kind of pie you want

the Maple (tree) is a really big deal here

The Maple in front of the house is a Guardian Maple.

Spirit of the Maple helps hold the sweetness here

Protector Spirit

There’s a place to sit at the base of the tree, curved to fit

Like to make a mark to return

Nook by the side of the door with magnetized (stone? Hematite?)

Like on our stings (Household Blessing Beads)

(Is) one way we can return

I’m happy here ... me too

Space hypnotic and warm, I think

So many spirit beings and allies everywhere

So many birds and trees ... to see it all

Moss and tree sap

Pies tasting of honey

Can always follow the silver thread

Take my beads up to the stone in the door

Let the energy touch

And align these beads

Feel it resonate through the sound of the silver chiming

Now I can see it all!

Donald’s Notes

The marks decorating the edge of the Table Rock are the rune elhaz. Between each rune is a spiral.

Two large runes (berkano) are carved back to back above the cottage door.

The Old Woman in the kitchen is Grandmother Bear.

She whispers, “I am a were-human.”

The door on the back kitchen wall leads directly into the bluff. It’s threshold is carved with spirals.

The library in the cottage connects directly to the Multiversal Libraries (Akashic Records).

We each have our own set of rooms in the Conclave Gathering Place cottage.

The labyrinth on top of the bluff connects to every labyrinth that has been or will ever be created. It is a gateway to any of the realms throughout the multiverse.

All of the fruit trees in the orchard are magical trees; apple, cherry, pear, plum, etc.

There is a taste of every season always available at the Earth Conclave Astral Meeting Place. Yet, the Meeting Place receive each Season in its time with open arms.

Dragons dwell in the caves deep deep below the bluff.

Roses from the Family Altar

Donald’s cherry/rose-water pie.