I have felt a pull, a call, a longing to visit with Ing at His house for sometime now. I felt that Midsummer’s day would be the perfect time to spend some quality time together.

    I made my way to Ing’s pleasantly wandering through the wild prairies, forests and wetlands surrounding His place. These slowly gave way to Ing’s bee pastures just outside of His hearth-hold fences and walls. The front gate, framed by a trellis of pink blooming roses, was wide open. That was unusual. But, as I stood just inside on the walk to the main door of his cottage, I heard the sounds of a party going on out back. I decided to find out what was going on. It sounded like a damn good time to me was happening and I wanted to be a part of it.

    I followed the path through Ing’s lush abundant gardens: beds of roses and peonies, potatoes and eggplant, pole beans and summer squash, borage and dill, lilies and hollyhocks, tomatoes and peppers. His gardens are truly amazing. I noticed as i walked that Ing’s huge honey bees were happily busy. The bees zoomed and buzzed back and forth through the blossoms, sometimes alarmingly close to my ears as they went about their joyful work. It looked like this year’s honey harvest will be full to over flowing once again.

    I began to recognize folks voices before I could see their faces. I heard Ing and Enke laughing loudly about something of other. I heard Ganesha singing a very seductive and sensual song. It made my blood run with sexual longing to just hear it.

    I heard folks splashing in the the Jacuzzi. As I finally came to the back yard and its terrace and other amenities, I spotted a Midsummer gathering of Queer Ones in full swing. The Queer Ones were adorned only in their exquisite nakedness. Trust me on this, such beauty and lush flesh shining in it’s full divine manifestation is quite overwhelming. I stood there with my mouth opened. Suddenly folks noticed me. They all burst out laughing at once. Ing and Enke came to me with Their arms opened wide. They hugged me tightly while whispering into my ears, “Let’s get you ready for this party. Let us help you out of those old things.”

    Ing and Enke quickly took off each article of my clothing, looked at it and said calmly, “This simply has to go.” They shook the article of clothing into the air, and it simply dissolved and disappeared.

    ‘Don’t worry,” Enke said. “We have new clothes much more suited to your journeys that these tired old things.”

    “There, doesn’t that feel better. You look great!” Ing said with clear invitation in His voice. “Come sit with us for a drink or two.”

    I joined Enke and Ing on a very comfortable outdoor sofa where we lounged on each other as much as on the sofa while drinking some of the best beer I have ever tasted in my life. We didn’t talk much at first, we slowly stroked each other’s flesh as we watched the party surrounding us.

    I noticed that Ganesha was serenading an enthralled group of beauties. Queer God, Pan, Dionysus and Fairie God were obviously all shamelessly aroused by His songs. I could hardly drag my eyes away.

    Nevertheless, the sound of splashing water drew my attention to the Jacuzzi. There I saw Ganymedes, Faggot God and Singing Bear wrestling in the water. They too were obviously aroused by Their activities.

    Over to one side a group of folks I did not know were taking the sun. Some were laying on plush towels as the others sensually rubbed Their divine flesh with oils that filled the air with a sharp, yet sexy scent.

    Suddenly I noticed the young god that was following us at the Spring Fete at the Roadhouse of the Dead. “Who is that?” I asked with some suspicion in my voice.

    “Oh for fuck sake Donald,” Enke declared. “Relax. He is a new guy. He is taking on the mysteries of building of the sustainable village and hearth-stead. He is calling Himself Dan, or is it Douglas, or was it David. I can’t remember at the moment. He’s fine. He came with Faggot God and They seem to be developing a rather entertaining intimacy. It’s a good thing.”

    “To what do we owe the honor of your visit, Donald?” Ing asked. “We are so happy that you made it to the party. We were hoping that you would come.”

    “I don’t remember being invited,” I replied.

    “What in the hell do you think all of your longing to visit Ing was?” Enke asked. “It was your invitation, for goodness sake. You know Donald, you would be much better off if you paid more attention to what is going on around you.”

    “Anyway, why did you think you were coming to visit me?” Ing asked.

    “It’s Midsummer Day and I wanted to see you.” They both just looked at me waiting patiently. “OK, OK, I also wanted to ask you Ing, how do I best prepare for the transitions that are coming?”

    “Weren’t you listening to Enke?! Pay attention! Pay attention to everything that surrounds you. The information, the techniques, the arts and crafts that are needed to continue to nurture the emerging Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight permeate the  whole of Midgard. They are in the wind, the water, the earth, the sun’s fire and the dreams and hopes of your people. None of this is secret or a hidden mystery. Listen up! Look with clear eyes! Taste with an aware palate! Smell the wisdom! Feel the knowledge growing under your feet!”

    “Pay attention, Donald. Can you do that little thing for us?” Enke tenderly asked me.

    They both laughed out loud and began to tickle me. This soon turned into very intimate petting and stroking. I suddenly noticed that we were suddenly in a naked and fully aroused mass of Divine Fags deliciously pleasuring each other and themselves.

    “Sweet Heart, this is the real reason that you came to join us on Midsummer Day,” Ing softly said to me in His lust filled voice as He ran His hands down my chest and around my waist to tenderly hold my ass.

    “Pay attention Donald, pay attention,” Enke chuckled as His lips slowly made His way to my cock.

    What a wonderful surprise filled holiday. I suspect that I touched and was touched by every one of the Mysterious Ones at Ing’s party this afternoon. I am still deep in the wonder that such sexual satiation and contentment can bring.

    But not to worry, I have not forgotten Ing and Enke’s words. I am determined to pay more attention.

    And yes, I was given a brand new set of traveling togs before I came back home.

A Midsummer’s Visit to Ing’s House

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese

© 2008