A Message From Brigid

to Georgia and Susan

Summer 2004

Dear Reclaiming Community,

    We have just returned from Avalon Witch Camp, which was wonderful. This year we worked with the great Goddess Brigid and Her triple aspect of healing, poetry and smith-craft. The camp intention was "to explore devotion to the Great Goddess, to connect with the green Earth, to dive deep into our own magical and priestessing practices and to learn how to live the magic every day".

    We (Georgia Conway and Susan Farley) are priestesses in our community, and on Sunday 15th of August we were asked to go to Chalice Well in Glastonbury and bring back waters from the Red and White Wells - the water to be used in the evening ritual. We arrived at Chalice Well and sat by the well meditating quietly, when the Goddess Brigid appeared and spoke to us. She said that she had an important message that we needed to take back to our Avalon community and the wider Reclaiming community too.

    Her message was that the Waters of the World(1) should be poured into the green earth, to be cleansed, recycled and purified. She also said it was important that we inform the Priestesses of Avalon Witch Camp and that her request was dealt with at the ritual planned for that evening.

    Brigid's message:

    “Priestesses of Avalon, you two are my water bearer priestesses, you must take my water from this well back to your communities and pour it into your rivers and earth. Take back the waters from the red and white wells to your homes and communities and pour it into the living rivers, sea and earth.

    All Waters of the World must be returned back to the earth, where it will be cleansed and purified. You must not keep the Waters of the World because this water has becomes lifeless, it is stagnant, and polluted. The  Waters of the World must stay pure and ever flowing. My gift to you is the waters of the well, but when you take the waters of the well, pour it into the earth and waters immediately, do not keep it.

    You must honour my request tonight. This message is a message for healing and our Earth needs healing at this time.”

    This message was taken back to the teachers and camp community and during the evening ritual, the Waters of the World were poured back into the earth. The experience for Susan and I was so profound that we have made a pledge to Brigid, that we are her water bearers. I would also like to inform you all that because of this experience at the Well, I (Georgia) am going to Ireland this Monday to take some of the Chalice Well water to Kildare (Brigid's holy shrine in Ireland). I am on a mission from the Goddess!

      Blessed be.

          Georgia Conway

          Susan Farley

() Waters of the World - (In the Reclaiming Witch Tradition) Waters gathered from around the world, mingled together with the blessings of the people and Mystery. The Waters of the World are often charged at a Witch Camp with the intention of the magics worked and celebrated during that get together. The Waters of the World have been gathered and been a central part of Witch Camps and the larger Reclaiming communities’ cultures for many years. Portions of the Waters have traditionally been saved from each mingling of the Waters, which are then often poured into the Waters of other Witch Camps, other Reclaiming events and/or other individual uses. Some of us are now storing their Waters, after purifying them completely, in a favorite stream, river and/or lake, from which they can be withdrawn as needed.

The Chalice Well


The Lower Pools at the Chalice Well