Human Animals Transforming Culture

A Vision on Lammas, 2008

    Many Pagans say that we are a part of nature, one with the soil, wind, water and fire. We think of ourselves as kindred to the other realms of life on our planet. We call ourselves relatives to the mountains, forests, rivers and seas. We name ourselves siblings of the bear, the wolf, the oak, the whale, the chimpanzee, the galaxies, etc. How does this notion of ourselves actually play out in our day to day lives?

    On my Lammas journey, August 2, 2008, I traveled with Ing through the nonhuman realms of Midgard (Earth and other living planets?). I walked through forests and prairies, mountains and deserts. I waded through swamps and shallow streams. I swam in wide rivers and cold oceans covered in ice and snow. I wallowed in primordial ooze. Wherever I found myself, I felt the deep connection of family, of feres and hearth-clan.

    These green bloods, the red bloods, the fungi and the others who dwell in these realms in which I found myself traveling, seemed to all be undeniably related to not only myself, but to all other biological life throughout Midgard. I began to notice glowing webs of connection weaving together not only individuals, but also species. I also began to notice that the mineral realms, the water realms, the air realms and the fire realms were also interwoven into this beautiful shining web of living relationship. Suddenly my perspective widened to hold the whole of the multiverse interconnected by this same amazing web.

    Ing whispered into my ear,

    “Donald, you have seen all of this before.”

    I suddenly found myself standing in the middle of a meadow. I noticed a deer eating the grass, a fox eating a rabbit, a hawk eating a robin, a snake eating a mouse, a dragonfly eating a mosquito, an earthworm eating dirt, maggots eating a human corpse, wolves eating a horse, a trout eating a mayfly, bees eating pollen, a badger eating a squirrel, a stream eating a hill and the grass eating the sunshine. It all appeared to be part of the glowing web of beingness. I was not horrified nor delighted by what I was witnessing. It simply was what was, is and shall be, an expression of the eternal now in the Heart of Midgard.

    Ing again whispered,

    “You know this too.”

    Ing held me tenderly and kisses me gently on the lips. He looked me directly in the eye and said,

    “Just remember that a truly transformative human life is dependent on choosing to compassionately live wide awake and fully aware while embracing your inherent animal wisdom.  You are an animal, a living, breathing, dying member of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. You are as much the living flesh of a living planet as anyone else who names Midgard their home. Know this with your heart and bone, your brain and mind, your flesh and blood.

    It is good to always remember that you eat the stars and that the stars eat you.”

    We stood in my backyard arm in arm encompassed by blossoms and heavy dew looking up into the Milky Way. We knew that Beauty truly surrounded us as our breaths intermingled in the humid dark summer breeze.

    I blinked. I found myself sitting in my comfy chair. I was back. My whole self filled with wonder and gratitude.

    I went outside with a large glass of fresh lemonade to sit on my back deck. I drank the sugar canes’ and lemons’ flesh and juices with deep thankfulness. I knew with each drink that I took, I deepen my joyful obligations to life. I was grateful that some day it would be my turn to feed the blessed Spiral of Life.

    May we all dare to dwell in Beauty, Balance and Delight.