A Group Trance Journey

To the Earth Conclave’s Astral Clan-House

Spring, April 2010

Many voices speak.

Notes from our Journey

Our Ritual intention is to deepen and personalize

our relationship with the Bear People.

We swim and boat across the Spirit Mississippi River together.

Something is tickling the bottom of our feet ... (river fish?)

The fish are laughing at and teasing us.

We come to a low, shallow, muddy Mississippi beach.

Some of us need help getting out of the river.

New Spring greens cover the landscape. The trees are budding out. New shoots are dotting the awakening Earth. The Hepatica and Spring Beauties are blooming.

The Green sings,

‘I’ll go with you, I’ll go.’

Bald Eagles are flying circles over the Astral Clan-House.

We begin to clean up the front yard to prepare for our gathering with the Bears.

‘We’ll scrub the large stone table.’

‘I’ll set up the honey tea.’

‘I want to put the table cloth down first.’

Honey cakes are set out in large glass domed trays. Large pitchers and jugs of ice-tea, mead, red wine and pink lemonade have also been placed on the table.

Gigantic lemon pies are set upon the table. Other pies appear.

Bears like really big ones (pies, honey cakes, flavored ice cubes, mugs, goblets, tankards, dishes, napkins, spoons...).

A huge bouquet of lilies is placed at the center of the table. The honey bees are dancing around the blossoms.

We notice, someone is watching us from up above, high up on the side of the river bluff ... It is writing something down.

Platters of cold salmon, bowls of mixed berries, ewers of hard cider and plates of sweet violets have been added to the treats on the stone table. There are 15 bear sized tankards/mugs on the table.

The Bears join us.

A few cubs, (short bears?) are very excited by the food and drink on the stone table. The other Bears (big, grownup bears?) do not approve. Walking slowly they sniff all that is on the table. They like what they smell. The Bears have a taste of the food and drink.

The First piece of Pie is eaten.

Who made the pies for Grandmother Bear? Good!

Grandmother Bear, a gigantic Giant Flat Faced Bear, growls with delight and eats more pie. She is happy. She is glad that her people have come to join the feast.

The honey cakes are scattered as folks devour their deliciousness.

Michael is wrestling with the children (cubs).

The Bears are curious about where our children are?

‘I am a 4 year old and I want to play with the cubs.’

A Black Bear is gobbling up the salmon.

Someone laughs,

‘Don’t eat the carved wooden salmon on the door. If we run out of salmon, I’ll catch some more!’

We decide to get out the Strauss records and play them outside on the old Victrola. We want to waltz with the Bears to the ‘Blue Mississippi’ (a long lost tune that is almost the same tune as the ‘Blue Danube’).

‘I am going to get the Victrola.’

‘I am cranking it up.’

‘Please turn the horn toward the table (the horn is a giant blue morning glory)

‘I am not good at the waltz. I am leaning up against my Bear partner (long luxurious thick fur).’

‘I am with one of the old bears.’

The young people (Humans and Bears) begin to chase each other around and through the dancing folk.

‘I am scratching the back of my Bear friend.’

The Bear cubs are in the honey jars!

Where is that Fruit of Wisdom? In the Black Raspberry Pie?

‘I need a big slice!’

I am sitting with Sky Bear. He is silvered furred. He may have once been black? One eye is blue, one eye is brown. He wears a Crystal. Sky Bear has an herbal smell. He is a storyteller. He has been listening to our stories after he got the invitation to come. He came late. He lives way up in the ‘Sky’.

Grandmother Bear is gossiping with folks.

‘Yes, he is a wild young man. He got my attention.

I didn’t kiss her ass!

They are so careless, at least by bear standards.

But, we always have the Monkey People.’

Sky Bear said we could invite Artemis.

‘Is she a translator?’ (bear to human, human to bear?)

‘Is she repaying a debt?’

‘Which one?’

‘Ask Sky Bear.’

‘How do we (humans) make it so long without sleep?

‘Coffee? Yes!’ A lot of laughing fills the whole front yard.

Red Bear?

Coming by the willows?

Sorrel colored eyes?

The stars are very bright tonight.

Red Bear is a human/bear chimera?

Red Bear is accompanying someone new to the party.

Overlapping images.

‘Out of the corner of my eye, I see young women coming, a bear woman and another.’

One transforms into a bear. She is a human being. She is a Mysterious One, an ancient Goddess. She is all this and more.

We welcome her. She welcomes us?

‘I do not understand.’

‘Is she speaking ancient Greek?’

She is speaking many different languages at the same time.

Very Mysterious.

She is also a ‘Grandmother’ to the Bears.

Her eyes are filled with the depths, galaxies, nebulas and stars of outer space.

It is Artemis.

Artemis is from the same place that the stars come from.

She is a ‘Great Soul’.

We invite Artemis to share a piece of sacred pie.

She is in a shimmering gown, or perhaps it is shimmering fur?

She maybe a go-between for the monkey people and the bear people?

She is willing to bring us messages, dreams and pictures.

No sense of sorrow.

Someone says,

‘She reminds me of Kuan Yin.’

She is open, multicultural, and speaks in many voices.

She says many things.

Artemis tells us,

‘Turn the records upside down, read between the lines and on the margins. Look for the hidden in plain sight.’

‘Learn to speak with more than just your tongue.’

‘Dance through the transformations into the lights of the full moon and setting sun.’

Someone says,

‘We shouldn’t stare at the New Girl.’

We all (Bears, Humans and Mysterious Ones) laugh out loud with joy and delight.

I am gossiping in the corner with a Grizzly Bear, call him Gene.

Gene says,

‘The Polar Bears will come next time. They are too busy with other events at the moment.’

‘Remember, the Polar Bears are the most carnivorous of us all.’

‘What kind of pie will you serve them?’

Thunder, a Sloth Bear with a lightning bolt shaped white blaze on her chest, says,

‘Our intention is to grow long lasting friendships with the monkey people.’

Someone says,

‘A bear is leaning on me with steady pressure, while looking deep within my eyes.’

‘Is it possible that Bears could have more contact with people now?’

‘Artemis has come to the gathering. Is this a new (renewed) opportunity?’

Someone else says,

‘A bear helped me out of the boat and is still with me. He is escorting me. I feel his support in me. Am I going to eventually see him wherever I go? In the corner of my eye?

Another says,

‘A Grizzly Bear is explaining a picture (family portrait?) to me. He thinks of himself as part of my family.’

Michael is still with his bear (who joined him at his birth?).

Bonita’s bear is invisible. Maybe it will let itself be seen next time we meet.

Tankers begin to float through the crowd, bringing fresh drinks to one and all.

Beautiful shinning crystal globes begin to float above our heads.

The Bears, at this get together, are here to be with only the Human individuals who are currently present. When other humans come, the next time bears and humans gather at the Conclave’s Astral Clan-House, Sky Bear will be there. Other Bears will come to be with the new human peoples who show up. These times will be times to develop deep personal friendships.

      Grandmother Bear will be there.

Be careful.

Mind your manners.

Be good hostesses.

How do the (She-Bears?) Bears chose us?

Look for the sister of Digger, Polonia. She is dark, light shines from her chest. She may appear more delicate than brother.

Diana says,

‘Singing Bear has not given me his real name. That’s good enough for now. Perhaps he will tell me when we go to the bar?’

Michael says,

‘I am not hearing bear voices. I am seeing pictures.  I hear breathing. I hear music. I am shy and he is so handsome. Please don’t tell him. Oh! You did already!’

Grandmother Bear fills the Wisdom Bowl with Black Raspberries.

They are so good to eat.

Thank you.

What an unusual flavor! Sweet. Tart. They would make a great pie.

They are maybe just a little over ripe. It is time to make something with them right soon!

Grandmother Bear wants to borrow our afternoons. She would also like to borrow our Victrola and our Waltz.

We give her the Victrola and the keys to a beautiful neo-classical garden filled with grapes, marble benches, fountains, statures, olive trees and gracious, watchful fauns.

It is time to go home.

We sit side by side with our Bear friends.

We promise to meet with them again, (at the Earth Conclave Astral Clan-Home?)

Who signed up for cleanup?

We all cleanup the table and the lawn.

We thank and bless each other.

The Bears lick our ears.

The Humans kiss Bear noses.

Artemis fills our hearts with a sweet honey light.

We all give each other final bear hugs.

Grandmother Bear says to us all,

‘If when you die, you get confused, simply go to the Bear Mounds. I will be there, holding the Door (Portal) open for you. I will only shut it after you go through.’

The Bears and Artemis leave.

The humans sing as we float across the Spirit Mississippi and back up into the Main Hall of our Wyalusing Camp.

‘Spirits of the Bear, carry me,

Spirits of the Bear, carry me,

Spirits of the Bear carry me home to myself.’