A Gathering of Hedge Riders

Journey to the Honey Library

December 20

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese


    To begin our journey, we all walk the path running through the seven gardens to our own places of power.

    I find myself sitting, just relaxing, on my deck over looking the southern plains. I hear and then see a cloud of honey bees traveling back to the Honey Library after gathering much information along the Honey Roads.  They are flying about six feet in the air centered in the middle of the lane that goes past the west side of my Spirit House. I had never realized before that this lane is a part of the Honey Roads. What a delightful surprise. I ask them if they would be open to me joining them on their journey. They answered that they would be very happy indeed, to have me join them as a traveling companion.

    I walked with them all the way, my feet barely touching the ground. It was as much skipping, flying, dancing as it was walking. I tried to listen to the bees gossiping with each other, but, they spoke their bee language so fast that I could simply not understand more than ever fifth word. Nevertheless, it was a very pleasant journey. We walked through sleeping orchards and gardens, dreaming wild prairies, deep woods and low mountains wearing snowy caps. The air held the scent of snow soon to visit some lucky ˇlandscape that night.

    Night was just settling in as I spotted a cluster of grand buildings shimmering in the dusk. We had made it to the Great Multiversal Library Complex, home of the Akashic Records. There, nestled in the midst of the buildings, stood my destination, the Honey Library, shining with a pale white/honeyed light emanating from it’s very stones.

    At the front entrance , my traveling companions went their own ways. Each bee returned to it’s own department to file the reports it had gathered along the Honey Roads.

     As I enter the library, I am greeted by a gracious and patient honey bee librarian of quite large proportions that I have worked with many times before. I tell her, ‘I have come without clearly understanding what information I am looking for.’

    She takes me to a set of stairs that I had not noticed before. The steps lead to the Archives of Dark Honey. We walked down many flights of stairs to sub galleries filled with 1,000s of vials of incredibly dark honey. Each vial was filled with it’s own deep wisdom. I was drawn to shelves of shades of the deepest indigo and to shelves filled with vials of shades from the deepest blood red to opaque black burgundy.

    ‘Is this about healing?’ I ask doubtfully.

    I am instantly transported to a room of pale yellow honeys. There sitting on a shelf right in front of me, was the vial from which my healing honey was infused at The  Reclaiming Bridget Camp in Vermont, 2006.

    And again, I am instantly transported back to the gallery of dark honey I was just standing in.

    I stand staring at the vials of honey. The librarian places first a drop of indigo honey on the tip of my tongue. A slow shivering radiates out from my tongue eventually including my whole body as the knowledge settles into my bone and flesh. She next places a drop of the red honey onto the tip of my tongue. It is as if a drop of liquid fire has been placed on my tender flesh. The fire suddenly shoots through out my body, to my finger tips and to the ends of my toes, causing all the hair on my body to stand out straight from my skin.

    I find myself still standing and staring at the honey vials. Only a dim understanding of the new knowledge now stored in my body comes to my conscious mind.

    The indigo honey holds memories of dark transitions, bitter transitions, violent changes, painful transformations.

    The red honey holds a type of blood magic. Within it is stored formulas of balance and rebalance. There are records available of slow recoveries after mass deaths. There are also references to evolution in it’s multiversal sense.

    The librarian tells me, ‘This is all of this knowledge that you can open to at the present. Dreams will help you to more fully open to and understand the information.’

    As I get ready to go, she reminds me that I have all of the dreaming honeys that I need to do this work. The librarian wishes me a sweet trip home.

    I thank the librarian and walk up the stairs to the front door. I meet my previous traveling companions waiting for me. They have finish their work at the library and are ready to again make their rounds on the Honey Roads. They invite me to travel back to my own home with them. I am very grateful for their invitation. It is a quiet trip home as I  wonder about the information that I have just been given.